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WalkerMaimer's Review on " 30 Days without an Accident "
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From the Maimer


Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is here again to give my Review on The Walking Dead season Four's first episode, 30 Days without an Accident ,Before I begin with my third review since joining the Wiki.

Here are some few things that all of you should keep in mind:

  • I am sometimes NOT grammatically correct so pardon me.
  • Off-Topic is allowed
  • No violence within the blog (Offenders shall be reported to the Admins).
  • Do not hesitate to express your thoughts, let it all out.
  • Enjoy! =D


First, here is the link of my expectations for the episode that I made nearly a month ago: "30 Days Without an Accident Blog"

The Survivors

Newbie Section


Prison vs Walkers

- They're all f-ing scary now, Kudos to you Nicotero!.


From a viewer's perspective it's actually an excellent ( not the best ) episode I've watched, it's not easy to savor but I like it. The only reason why almost everyone is in the episode it's because of the back log of Character Development the previous show runner failed to comply. Now, the current management of the show suffers these back logs at the same time sticking in the story lines and introducing upcoming characters, other than that liked the episode.

The Episode is cool there is a farm, gardens, library, customized rooms, showers, electricity, and computers. That's all I can say.....Wait, I forgot Hershel's Peg leg.

The Story is not as good as the previous episodes Gimple wrote but he did write the episode as fresh as possible, a perfect way to start the Season.

And I love the Big-Spot scene there were walker guts and blood splattering. It's "Raining Walkers" because of the Roof's weakened state due to an aerial vehicle on top of it. Gravelord would finally be at Peace. Speaking of Big Spot, Let's go to Ty and Bob. I love how Ty became developed.....in shooting walkers and having a romantic relationship with Karen. As for Bob, I won't give anything I have in mind about him only that by judging his look on how he stares at the bottle of wine he seems troubled either before or during the outbreak, is he TG's underling that would take revenge against our Survivors?. I'm looking at you Stookey.

The Acting was good, Rick is being a Poker Face again, Clara's acting is weird and kind of deep, Sasha is shining, Zach and Patrick nailed it, and everyone is starting to shine. I like how Gimple gave time for every main or minor character to improve a wee bit to tend these character development back logs.

But of course, In every Review I make there is always the disappointed part and these are:

  • Beth had this time skip development again
  • Patrick died
  • Zach died
  • Daryl is disgusting again
  • Did not see Dr. Stevens, Noah, and Rowan allowing me to conclude that they died, especially Noah.

In Memoriam

Today, We honor those who died:

Tombs Lori Grave

Red-Shirt or not, Thank You for being a part of The Walking Dead.

Critics' Grade

"30 Days without an Accident"
Story Acting Total
4.5 4 8.5

Next Episode

In the next episode I am expecting that someone kills Patrick ( which is inevitable ) to ease my pain, and the Epic Walkers in the Cell Block scene.


I am Closing this blog with unending gratitude in reading this for "30 Days without an Accident". Next week I'll be doing another review for the next episode on October 22, 2013 (UTC) to give way for other Contributors to give their review. Please do not hesitate to leave your comments down below, You have my assurance that it will be respected.

This is WalkerMaimer telling you to have a Great Day and Stay Cool.

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