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From the Maimer


Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my review on " A "

Here are some few things that all of you should keep in mind:

  • I am sometimes NOT grammatically correct so pardon me.
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  • Enjoy! =D


Last Episode Recap:

Glenn is still hopeful that he could find Maggie and with the help of Eugene and co. The couple is reunited after being separated during "Too Far Gone". They settled in for the night and the next day headed to Terminus to which they have arrived and was greeted by a woman named Mary. Daryl in the other hand is having struggle with his new group mates in the end he was able to adjust by their rules and continues on to hunt the person his new group was looking for, Unknown to him it was Rick.

Not the best finale but it is definitely far more better than "Welcome to the Tombs"! I think that this episode is truly SAVAGE and a game changer. When I first saw "Us" I had the feeling that the finale would not have a main character death and it would change pace a bit. I think that this is a very good episode and I applaud Riggs, Lincoln, and West in this one because they've somehow made me connect with them even more especially West whose character, Gareth, was just introduced. I do have a problem with this episode and it is the flashback and the months of waiting for the next season but The Walking Dead is still my show and I anticipate for it's return. I would like to commend Gimple, Nicotero, McLaren, and Kang for making this episode an unforgettable one. Loving Terminus btw.

Now, Let's begin the review.

The Road


The whole road scene/skirmish with Joe's group is SAVAGE indeed just like what the creator, Robert Kirkman, said. I love how Gimple and Kang adapted that part of the comics where Rick, Abe, and Carl encountered the bandits into TV. I whol

Riggs portraying as a victim of a pedophile is well done and it made me feel pity Carl though I find it a bit weaker from his dialogue scene in "After" but for me this one is quite strong despite the fact that he haven't spoke much. Michonne is ok around this part of the season finale, her dialogues with Rick is just average but I do like how she killed Tony (#Suavèmoves). Now let's go to DARYL DIXON,,,,,,,,I wouldn't say that he is redeemed from my hatred to him from being a large invincible squirrel, I still hate him BUT (hold it fangirls and boys) admittedly I am finding him more and more interesting, let's just see what does the writers have in store for him next season. And as for Rick, Damn! that was something new for him to do but I expected it. Him taking out Joe's flesh is a delight and I enjoyed it while eating lunch same goes for him stabbing Dan multiple times. Andrew Lincoln never ceased to impress me in every way this season. Kudos!

Joe could've made it to my favorites list if he had more time but drat! Joe is amazing and very interesting thanks to Jeff Kober! His scenes are just speechless and a bit terrifying, I mean imagine yourself in a road during the night during a Zombie Apocalypse and a group of men suddenly came out of nowhere and points his gun at you and wants to seek revenge! Isn't that scary? Anyways, aside from Jeff Kober's superb portrayal. The others did their well quite decent well except for Dan who's sweaty fatty physique stenches on Carl..........For short, He is a damn Pedo -_- glad he is dead along with the others (except Joe).


A Surrounded

Let's go with here first, before Michonne reaches Terminus she talked with Carl about Andrè. That was very emotional and touched my heart in a way that I couldn't explain. I commend Ms. Danai for doing that.....until now I am puzzled why I felt that.

Now, Terminus time! The whole scene is Insanely intense with a little hope in the end ruined by the cliffhanger.

I love the place but not the people....except Gareth. Andrew J West's portrayal of Gareth is convincing for me and is very well done. Though I did not expect Terminus to be that huge I still like it and it would be a perfect battleground for Season 5 and damn their command center is so damn neat and awesome for an outpost of one of the last pockets of humanity. On the other hand, the room full of candles and names made me very uneasy. I assume that it could be either their "In Memoriam" room or their sacrifice temple. (shivers) Speaking of shivers and sacrifice, The Human ribs

Now back to the characters, Mary is ûberly creepy ever since she appeared last episode and I must say that I can see her more of an Antagonist than Gareth and she could flip out to crazy mode any moment. Alex gave me the impression of another pedophile the first time he appeared but then I suspend that judgement when I noticed (obviously) that he is a bit mentally unstable, it's too bad though because he is very interesting then he was killed. We can say that the residents are "civilized smart cannibals" they know how to trap people by any method, an example would be when Rick and co. runs through Terminus to escape while they were being shot at by snipers in the rooftops....have you guys noticed that they don't intend to kill them but to keep them away from any possible escape routes? Watch out Rick you might be "fucking with the wrong people" as well.

Rick still haven't lost his observing mind despite of what happened to them the night before. Good thing he was able to notice the watch, riot gear, and the mystical poncho. LOL. But seriously, if it wasn't for it they would have eaten tainted meat.

Oh and by the way, Glenn, Maggie, Bob, Sasha, Eugene, Abraham, Rosita, and Tara (Uh-Oh) are shown in the end. Nuff said.

Special Mentions

Rick Hershel Beth Judith Carl on the prison field

Flashbacks, I don't see anything wrong with it but in this episode it is. I mean this is the finale and the "FBs" consumes time like 10 mins. of it. On a lighter note, I do love seeing Hershel Greene with crotches....I mean crutches again and so does Patrick and his bricks. LOL. So yeah that is just my problem in the finale because 10 mins. could show the fate of Carol, Tyreese, Judith, and Beth!

Like what happened to Joe's group, it is so nice to see that unnamed character from the comics being adapted for the show. The whole scene may have not been too much of a help since there was no car full of foodies but hey, It's a Gimple episode so expect a comic adaptation with twists in every episode.

In the name of Rosita's ass where is Carol, Ty, Judy, and Beth?

Next Season: More development and gruesome deaths and oh, plot twists!

In Memoriam

Today, We honor those who died:

Tombs Lori Grave

Critics' Grade

Story Acting: Total
4.5 4.5 9

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I am Closing this blog with unending gratitude in reading my review: "A", Please do not hesitate to leave your comments down below, You have my assurance that it will be respected.

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