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From the Maimer


Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my review on " Alone "

Here are some few things that all of you should keep in mind:

  • I am sometimes NOT grammatically correct so pardon me.
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  • Enjoy! =D


Last Episode Recap:

Beth and Daryl tries everything to survive. Both ended up having a drinking game, which really made Daryl snap, Both continued drinking until they have decided to burn a house down in the middle of the woods and continue on with their journey in hopes to find a safe haven for them to live "happily".

This episode made me forget the last episode! I love how the writer, Curtis Gwinn, focus on both Bob and Sasha even more. I also like how Gwinn wrote some interesting things on B&D for this episode, though some scenes were flat, I can still say that the rest is pretty decent. Lauren Cohan is still hot in this episode and her acting blends well with Lawrence and Sonequa's. The episode left us a bit spooked like the scenes in the funeral parlor and the fog. There are also humor, drama and romance injected in this episode. New Antagonists arise that would pretty much change the story of the season and would pull some strings for characters. Something big will happen.....I guess. Oh and btw Glenn makes a Cameo twice!

Now, Let's begin the review.

Beth and Daryl

Beth&Daryl Alone

Guess what Fanboys and girls.....it's Christmas! Yes, WalkerMaimer will be reviewing these two characters with positivity and a little dose of negativity.

For Beth,

Her scenes ranges from a bit flat to decent.

In my opinion this episode moved EK upward by a few centimeters when it comes to acting but that does not mean that the character she portrays (Beth) is getting out of my hated characters category. Note that I did not slam Beth's singing while Daryl lie in the coffin that's because I don't wanna judge a person who just wants to blow some steam in a ZA. Yet despite of these positive comments about Beth this episode, I do not find any improvement on the line delivery! It's still gibberish in my ears (I have to use earphones for this to clearly understand) despite how good the script is.

With Beth being abducted, I wonder how would the story continue for her and what would be it's effects to Maggie (once she knew and her sister is still missing) and Daryl. I still have hope for Cardboard to develop and so does Ms. Kinney comment.

Can I also say that the whole "I'll write a Thank You note" is completely rubbish and burn worthy.

Still, this character won't be going my hated characters list.

As for Daryl, a bit decent though some scenes went flat for me.

I must admit that Daryl became notably interesting in "Still" as he carried the episode more than Beth, who should've been the focus of the episode. and I must say that in this episode Daryl is starting to get interested, but let's go first with the negative ones. As usual the SUPER MODE is on this episode. like I said in the past, can't he have a serious wound and wake up surrounded by strangers. (It could work)

Some dialogue thrown by Daryl are funny notably the "Get your Shit" one, Damn that was funny. I also like How he teaches Beth how to use a crossbow and track, though Beth partially failed, I still give him the credit in arming her on ways that he knows. Also, I for a notch applaud Reedus' portrayal of "Interesting Daryl" in this episode but some scenes felt reused and flat.

With Daryl joining the J-Crew, I wonder how this new pivotal part of the season would attack the fans and haters alike and what would be the outcome. The "story" is becoming interesting and I intend to invest more attention as it progress.

Like Beth, Daryl Ain't going out of my hated characters list, it would take the writers three seasons to convince me If I should like Daryl, depends if the show stays that long and how they would write him in the future :p)

I did not cringe....well, maybe a little on the piggyback ride, carrying, and the holding hands. I am not shallow about it as I paid my attention on what is happening in this episode. (A miracle for these two tbh, never paid attention to them.)

Bob, Sasha & Maggie


Bob is starting to grow on me not that because a portion of his past was revealed but it's because of his funny sense of humor, and his strong conviction on things that is way to admirable for a person whose vice is drinking alcohol. I love Lawrence's acting blending with Ms. Sonequa and Hot Lauren, there was never a dull moment in every scene hence, I enjoyed it! It even caught my sister's attention.

Sasha on the other hand kinda felt negative for me in this episode. I get it, she does the math and stuff and I'm telling you people like that are sometimes annoying (speaking from experience) but despite of that the episode ended ok for her with a man for her to love. Sasha is still one of my favorite original characters, Fierce and Smart. The dialogues is so Sasha and her being afraid is interesting and new.

With Bob and Sasha's relationship blooming, I am looking forward on what would happen between the two. Better pull some strings writers, I sense a character's story coming to it's end.

Maggie is still beautiful (Dom you know my order right?). I like how she continues on to find Glenn, going to the point of her leaving Bob and Sasha, and makes ways on how he would find her and the safe haven called Terminus. Lauren Cohan's acting never rusts that makes her lovable even more. And her killing walkers with a street sign is BAD ASS!

Overall, this episode is favorably positive for these three. Starting from the epic but short fog scene and them reuniting with another music playing, which title is still unknown and so is the artist. Bob and Sasha hugging in the end looks so real and classic.

(Maggie and Sasha killing walkers kinda reminded me of Lori and Carl in the Assault game)

Next Episode: Scott Gimple + Tyreese, Carol, and the kids = epic, Next week I anticipate what would happen between Carol and Ty's bond once (if) he learns what Carol did to Karen, and what would happen to the pigs, I mean kids! Let's find next episode.

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Master Review Blog Introduction

Master Review Blog


With my review shared to the entire community, It's now time for you guys to leave your review or thoughts about the episode "Alone". Just remember to take things in a civilized manner and respect each other's comments. So, what do you guys think about the episode?

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