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We are now hitting the MSF episode of the season, Last week's was a good episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review Season 5's eight episode, "Coda", written by Angela Kang and directed by Ernest Dickerson.

So without further adieu let's begin!


Rick and the group forms a plan and initiates it in order to save Carol and Beth. Gabriel struggles to seek the truth by sneaking out to the fortified church while Carl and Michonne prepares for the inevitable. GREATM is still stuck on the road with Eugene unconscious and Abe is trying to pick things up together while Maggie helps him in bringing his senses back, the rest scavenges for supplies as bonds blooms. Beth is still at Grady and initiates a he own plan to save Carol who is in critical condition.

And so the story of survival continues.

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The Church

And do they really have to bring Bob's leg into this.

Yes, Katana Michonne is back, I miss her slashing through a wave of walkers, been a long time and it made me damn happy. And going back to Gabriel, Kudos to him realizing that he finally sees the "true light" in this world. And with GREATM finally back with the group and the news of Maggie being alive and in a hospital in Atlanta.....Please stop bashing my sexy goddess on her not being a caring sib to our dear Elizabeth, It's been explained by Kirky-troll so suck it! Paths will collide in Atlanta folks!

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That's gotta hurt for Bob. I mean who would even want to get rammed by a vehicle, It happened to Carol and it almost killed her so who would want that? Though I gotta admit I find that scene hilarious and does Rick have to pull this Gareth line: "Can't Go Back Bob." I find it annoying that writers would really pull out a line thrice and is deeply associated with a bald guy named "Bob" I like Easter eggs and nods but this is just too much, Anyways, that's just me and let's move along with the main review here.

The rooftop scene is kinda dull and to mention that gum chewing Martin again (Maimer intensifies), On the plus side it's nice to see the two sibs interacting deeply and it is I think good writing.

Now onto Grady, Dawn is this type of character that is unpredictable and interesting at the same time, I like these type of characters that is sooo mysterious. We get to see Dawn's soft side here or not (can't figure if she spits out bullshit....I'm not Pete and Magna so don.t expect me that I can notice it). Either way, Dawn Lerner is by far one of the greatest original characters the show ever produced. Another point I'd like to point in the MSF is that there are no random flashbacks and it is great to hear characters tell them in their own point of view via dialog. Ok, so The duel with O'Donnel is a bit intense but hey gurl power still rules...YAY!

Let's go with the intense part, The negotiations. I find it intense....I knew this is coming and it did. BETH GREENE died. As much as I hated Beth and I wanted her dead, That scene is just a sudden wave of harshness, BLAM! Brains out.

I think this is a great chance to give a shout out to Ms. Kinney. I may not be a fan of hers and I mostly criticize her acting but hey I love the show and every cast member who dies should be given a Kudos. Thanks for being a part of TWD. And even though Cardboard is dead....Gawd I'm Happy! WE STILL HAVE DERLE. RIP Beth....and Dawn.

GREATM arrives in Atlanta with M in great sorrow as Beth's body is being brought out of Grady in the middle of ruined Atlanta. I cried at that part....for Maggie. Character Development incoming.


Beth fans are gunna storm.

It did not end guys, Morgan went back again with shades and he is is so cool and went to the church and laughed and it melted when he read the map with RICK GRIMES on it. Gimple you know how to insert stuff during troubling times and to do it after the credits roll. I assume some people went to sleep or turned to other channel. Guess what peeps, They did it again. LOL




Writing: Directing: Acting: Total:
8.5 9 9.5 9

The MSF ended S4B's crazy master plan to bring up cannibalism and Beth back and die afterwards. I like the episode in a lot of way that I've already mentioned in this review above. The writing is ok and the directing is just as I expected from the director. The acting however exceeded by expectations most notably during the Dawn scenes. It is also nice to see Morgan again with shades. I would disagree when one says that Beth had a great run but I have to admit I have to give her overall character and the actor some credits as well.


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Eight down...Eight more to go. See ya'll next year. Two more review blogs and a New Years' special coming up btw.

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