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Salutations Wikians,

We are now at the second half of the season, "Try" was a good episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review the Season 5 finale, "Conquer" written by Scott Gimple and directed by Greg Nicotero.

So without further ado let's begin!


The Monroe family mourns the death of Aiden while Rick's group mourns for the loss of Noah. Tensions are now at it's breaking point between Rick and Pete after knowing that he abuses Jessie that ultimately led up to a near to death brawl. Rick and the group's status in the community now hangs in a balance while the looming threat outside the wall lingers more closely towards the community's doorstep both the undead and even the living.

And so the story of survival continues.

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The episode starts with Morgan sleeping inside a car in the woods. Note that this is the guy that we have been waiting for ages and have been shown twice during the post credits. I've been wanting to see him in the show like crazy since Lennie James is one of my favorite actors and the fact that his show, Low Winter Sun, got cancelled like ages ago. The time for Morgan to return is ripe. So yeah, with all the fan orgasms aside, we continue with Morgan starting his day in the middle of the woods cooking when suddenly, a guy with a "W" on his forehead showed up pointing a gun at him. Oh, it seems to me that "The Wolves" are a group of people that clings to what it seems to be Native American Culture taken the wrong way with all the brutality and stuff. So the talk goes on between the two, missing movies, and wolves turning into humans (Twilight comes to mind), when suddenly a guy went ninja on Morgan! Fortunately, Morgan went Xiaolin and defeated those two.

After credits, Daryl's motorcycle roars so loud. He is still with Aaron doing their usual business.

Rick wakes up in a house with Michonne on guard making sure that Rick doesn't go berserk mode.

Maggie stalks on Gabriel, that's funny. Actually Maggie is in the Monroe Residence to reason with Deanna on her decision on Rick and the group's status in Alexandria. Unwavered, Deanna have to "do what she have to do" Reg follows Maggie and gives her a talk on "Civilization". And Sasha lies down on a pile of walkers. Ok too weird for me.

Aaron and Daryl continues their adventure in the woods. With Aaron telling a brief history of Alexandria's past with a man named Davidson. Plus point to Gimple for pulling that one out.

Rick goes out of the house after a talk with Carol who gave him a gun. Everyone that sees Rick passing by he is given "The Eye". Glenn and Maggie talks but Glenn notices something and follows it, Aaron and Daryl stalking RedGuy, and Gabriel wearing an outfit similar to those guys we see in a cult based movie and then goes out of Alexandria with the Lord protection something something.

Daryl and Aaron goes into what it seems to be a Food Factory of some sorts. After dispatching a group of walkers and scout through the area. Aaron finds a car plate with the name of the state of Alaska on it in one of the trucks. Thinking it have loads of cans on it, They open it....It's a Trap! (Me saying it in Gial Ackbar's tone) Walkers pour towards them forcing the duo to be trapped inside a car.

Creepy Carol strikes as she threatens Pete with a knife pointed on him. You go gurl telling him that he is weak....and LOL the dishes. Outside, Glenn follows someone only to get shot by Nicholas using the gun he hid. Inside, Jessie and Reck talks some more while Pete looms as a threat. Meanwhile, the trapped duo is saved by Xiaolin Morgan and when offered for a place in the community

I find the whistling of Fr. Stokes a bit out of character because to be honest I HAVE NOT SEEN A PRIEST WHISTLE but regardless as always, Seth Gilliam still got it as his character cries after killing a walker using a throat to decapitate it's head then smash a boulder in. It's a short scene but still I can feel it. Then there is that Eugene and Abraham thing that I find boring, let's skip that. Gabriel returns back to the community. Glenn's fate hangs in a balance as walkers

After talking with Michonne and a few lines surging back to his memories. He notices that there is something wrong. The gate is open and walkers have entered within the community premises. To be honest, The whole Walker Pile Attack is overused already remember "18 Miles Out", "After", and the one with Glenn in the woods earlier in the episode? Still, though I prefer cutting my nails than seeing or hearing overused

That night Gabriel rejects Sasha's "plea for help" because of the things their group have done and how she don't deserve to be in here while her brother does which resulted to Sasha going FullLemonGrab. Deanna conducts a meeting with the rest of the community, Every member on our group recalls and talks about how Rick is a great man and how he saved them countless times. While that one is happening, Glenn and Nicholas continues their non sensical chase towards one another that ultimately leads up to nothing. Rick interrupts the meeting by slamming one of the walkers he killed and goes with a Real Rick speech followed by scenes of Glenn and Nicholas returning back to Alexandria, Gabriel, and Sasha with Maggie, who stopped Sasha from killing Gabe, praying together, Tara waking up (YAY!) The Wolves going through some pics, and the Grimes sibs near the music box. For me, I think those scenes means How enemies can work together and reconcile, How our faith helps us to go through sorrow, How friends will always be there for you, How your endless desire can achieve your goal, and How a father would do everything for his family. I love that part.

But of course, If you think everything will be suavė, then you are sooo wrong. Pete then enters carrying Michonne's Katana shouting. Reg tries to calm down but got his throat slit accidentally. Pete Dotson is restrained on the ground after a few words, Deanna gave the order to "Do It" which Rick responds by shooting Pete as cold as fuck.

A familiar voice says the name of our main man... It's Morgan and with him are Aaron and Daryl. And a two way eye fuck begins.

Before I forgot, The Wolves lures back the walkers into the trucks like a dog herding the cattle (That's kinda soo Terminus). Walkers are lucky to have a Disco Party tho. Anyways, The RedGuy was killed by The "Wolves" too. Eh? Well ok, Poor Lad. I wouldn't say that they are much of a threat at the moment seeing how Morgan single handedly shamed them at the beginning regardless of what they can actually do with all the savagery and stuff BUT they are an adversary worth watching though I wouldn't be hyped about it unlike with "The Claimers" and "The Hunters".

And I cry coz screen went black and I read names on credits again.

Wait! Post Credits.

Following the use of her Katana by Pete in accidentally killing Reg, Michonne decides not to keep it hanging because after all "A Weapon is a Weapon"....How did fucking Pete DOLGEN get the katana anyway? Outside, The RedGuy who was killed earlier roams around as a walker as the words "WOLVES NOT FAR" is seen. Ohhhhh! Mr. Little Pig Little Pig is coming.


AMC TWD Conquer


8.5 out of 10

I cannot complain about the season finale not having one main character to die. Mind you, the only season with one main character dying is actually the worst one. The elements that I am hoping to see is within this 90 min. episode (definitely sure I HAVE SOME "POINT OUTS" HERE) but of course like some of you the whole finale doesn't feel like a finale nor a cliff hanger to me some scenes felt flat and non sensical that should've been reserved for the next season that was shortly announced after this season's premiere when the figures came out, Scenes like the RedGuy and the whole Glenn - Nicholas conflict. The only thing I have to credit are the performances of Corey Brill and Seth Gilliam. Corey's portrayal of Pete Anderson has been amazing and Seth's portrayal of Fr. Stokes is as what I expected always. The writing for this episode is not that great compared to other Gimple written episodes like "Clear" and "The Grove" Yet I appreciate the constant references from the comics while Nicotero's is pretty much the same. The season draws to a close.....Overall, this season scores 8.7, Ranking second among all five seasons of the series.

Still waiting for Knee Gun tho.


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Well, that raps up our reviews for this season. I'll be seeing you after "Fear The Walking Dead"'s pilot episode and it's review.

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