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Salutations Wikians,

We are now hitting the sixth episode of the season, Last week's was a good episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review Season 5's sixth episode, "Consumed" (title before was Heart Drift), written by Matt Negrete, and Corey Reed and directed by Seith Mann.

So without further adieu let's begin!


Abraham's group encountered a problem with their vehicle leaving them to go through some detours. As they get closer Eugene grows worried that eventually led up to him revealing that "He is not a Scientist". The rest of the group were speechless by this revelation and left Abraham infuriated punching Eugene until he fell flat to the ground.

Abe's flashback reveals his past prior of him and Eugene's meeting. Showing how broken his character was.

And so the story of survival continues.


Daryl & Carol + Noah

All right soooooo, Combine one of your favorite characters with one of your least favorite one. I say that the thought of it is pretty alarming BUT I did find the episode's sneak peek promising. I don't really find the episode too much engaging unlike the last episode, It did got some suspenseful parts.....wait, everything that got something to do with zombie infested cities is indeed suspenseful.

I don't really see these 4-5 second flashbacks as very necessary, a lot can happen with those things omitted, We already know these events occurred and each contributed to Carol's character. The show again keeps on putting them randomly and I find it annoying. Though the first one at the start is a bit acceptable. Hi Tyreese! (See, that greeting is random.)

No doubt that Carol gets the spotlight here, MMB's acting isn't as good as "The Grove" but it is still embraceable and engaging. I love her in this episode that despite of her being a badass on "No Sanctuary" she still shows her overall character is struggling and a bit vulnerable and how despite of that she is still as tough as a rock and somehow a moral compass to Daryl. Poor Carol getting rammed by a vehicle....Hi Officer O'Donnell!

Daryl is a not as interesting as what I expected him to be in this episode in a way he still pulls off some awfully written one liners and I barely understand what he says (No offense Mr. Reedus you are a good man). He is still that guy who just kills things on his path. He did show some vulnerability in this episode. All thanks to his Crossbow, Carol, and Beth.

Noah as well is interesting, I find him in the last episode as someone that never really existed BUT in this episode I can say that I am starting to like this guy. Tyler's acting skills is starting to show and starting to take effect. It's a good thing that the show is starting to introduce interesting characters. I am going to keep one eye on this kid. For a guy who broke his leg, I must say he is fast at fleeing and shutting doors up.

Now, let's go with the other tidbits in this episode. The whole chase in the night is ok and I think a bit creepy IMO but what made me ecstatic this episode is seeing Atlanta again and it gave me those season one days specifically the "Vatos" episode which I thought that should've merged with the succeeding episode of it. Anyways, The walker pinned against a wall by (not a giant paper pin) a bolt is I think a nod to "Still", The two zombie kids scene were a bit sad and depressing though the thought of burning stuff is Carol's thing. Daryl using machete is Rick's thing, the delivery truck scene is sooo Rick and Glenn's thing doe I do like this part and is a reminder of that awesome escape in Atlanta way back and crashing a car off a freeway or bridge or something just to save their butts is someone else's thing.

Nice try Caryl fans.....not today.


AMC TWD Consumed


Writing: Directing: Acting: Total:
8 9 8 8.5

The episode is not as great as the preceding episode though the episode is a bit interesting. Some scenes are bland especially the part where they have to sleep together and some conversations in there pitstops. MMB and Tyler's performance is commendable. The show featured vulnerability and a bit action packed and with the contribution of the setting, is suspenseful. The episode have some relevance to Beth's filler arc plot line so I think that's good stuff. It's a good episode overall full of nods to previous episodes with a dose of flashbacks. Hi Reck!


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