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Salutations Wikians,

We are now hitting the seventh episode of the season, Last week's was an ok episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review Season 5's seventh episode, "Crossed", written by Seth Hoffman and directed by Billy Gierhart.

So without further adieu let's begin!


Daryl and Carol are on a mission on trailing the vehicle with a cross who took Beth a while back. The tracking led them back to the city of Atlanta. Both tried to find ways in finding more clues on Beth's whereabouts and even survive from the undead. They soon encounter a kid named Noah, who knows Beth. Unfortunately, Carol was hit by a car of the survivors from Grady Memorial and took her to their place. Daryl (and Noah) did not have any choice but to leave Atlanta and tell the rest of the group back at the church of what happened.

And so the story of survival continues.


The Church

Daryl was able to return back with Noah reporting on the situation that happened in Atlanta. The group decides to "renovate" their current location from a House of God into a mini wooden fortress, planks and spikes prevents the undead from entering. Michonne, Carl, Gabriel, and Judith are left behind.

I will not discuss how cute Judith is in this episode. Carl, and Michonne are trying to reach out to Gabriel who is still bummed out that Rick and his group murdered the Termites inside his church. (That effort in removing the wipe though) Around this part of the episode, The awkward situation between our survivors is something I'd like to look forward BUT (shrugs) Gabriel escaped. Though his dilemma in killing that walker in the woods is understandable but him abstaining himself in crushing the head with a rock is a "nail in my foot".

Religion is at play again in this show and as much as I am not a fan of it, It is still a great contributing factor on how a character sees "it" in a post-apocalyptic era.

At least that dude from the movie Braindead can pull it off........"I KICK ASS FOR THE LORD!"


Rescue Team

Finally, they are showing a serious sibling conversation between Tyreese - Sasha. I really love how Bob's death is still fresh on her and how she wasn't able to cope with his recent passing, It's good to see Tyreese always present to catch her and it really feels natural and light hearted, Kudos to Coleman and Martin-Green for executing it well. This episode shows how Sasha is vulnerable not physically but emotionally, this is far from what we've always seen from her as being that smart, and tough survivor and I truly liked it.

I wouldn't explore much on Daryl and Rick honestly because the scenes with them are basically typically and plain.....Daryl and Rick. Nothing happened drastically to their characters. Though I have to say that I am cheering on that scene where Daryl "almost DIED" but alas, again, I failed. (As if the writers would kill him.) Noah is just there, I did not really notice him on most of his scenes to be perfectly honest.

Those walkers that looks like melted cheese though, YUM.

And to honestly give the spotlight to Bob, I mean yeah sure it is interesting with all about Dawn and stuff, then knocks Sasha, then dies in the next episode. Is that a wise decision? I am mixed about it though I am kinda leaning on the positive one because I must admit the actor is good.


Abe's Group

Abe is still shattered from Eugene's revelation, who is still knocked out and remains unconscious. Survivors now have to go find ways to gather supplies primitively while they are stuck.

Tara is the comic relief of this episode, She is like "LOOK WHAT I FOUND!" I enjoyed watching her thi episode BUT I am not really sure if this is a good idea. I mean, Last season we've seen her comedic side and from there until now that is the only side we've seen from her. I'm afraid, there will be a time that I wouldn't be able to take her overall character seriously in the future. :(

Rosita is ok in this episode. Her bond with the other group members is a good thing and how she defends Eugene is something that Eugene should appreciate and be grateful for.

Maggie something does good trying to slap Abe back to reality. The way she points that gun at him and tend to Eugene shows how caring and compassionate she is towards other people. Though not much monologue are being spoken, her actions just does it. One of the many reason why I continuously love Maggie not because Lauren Cohan is hot but because she is one of the "genuine" and interesting characters. Even though she is badly written nowadays, this episode is a start to redeem her.

Hi Glenn.

Eugene woke up.

Abe drinks the bottle of water.


Grady Memorial

Carol is still in critical condition and WalkerMaimer is very worried.

I don't really know what Dawn is specifically planning here. I mean yeah she told Beth to save Carol but we all know how cunning and smart Dawn is, She could just pull something sudden acts that might shock us more importantly next week would be the MSF.

Don't expect Beth pulling a plan well guys....I don't. Though in another rare occasion, She does the right thing and the acting is starting to have a power. Yes, I am praising her this time. WE NEED MORE EDWARDS SCREENTIME! LOL


AMC TWD Crossed


Writing: Directing: Acting: Total:
9 8.5 9.5 9

This episode is starting to mount everything, preparing for the MSF. Every group in this episode basically have a moment. I am commending Sonequa, Lauren, Seth, and Chad for earning my attention in this pre-mid season finale episode. The directing is ok but the writing is better than last episode. Nothing extravagant happened like deaths and such BUT totally focused on characters that totally needs it.


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