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Just to prove that I am not yet dead...I'm back to give you this week's Master Blog that is inferior than the previous two you've read.


Last week's episode, "Twice as Far" was shocking mixed with disappointment. Today, I will be reviewing the penultimate episode of the sixth season, "East".It is written by Channing Powell, and Scott Gimple. And directed by Michael Satrazemis.

So without further ado let's begin!

Despite of their "successful" assault on one of The Saviors' Outpost, Alexandria is still on alert. Two groups ventured out for the community. Abraham is with Eugene while Daryl is with Rosita and Denise. Everything turns out to be fine until Eugene and Abraham went on to their "separate ways" only to be captured by Dwight and a few Saviors who later finds Daryl, Rosita, and Denise along the rail tracks. Dwight uses the crossbow he took from Daryl a while back and attempts to kill Daryl but the bolt instead passed through the eye of someone....Denise. The two groups clash after Abraham provides a distraction and Eugene biting Dwight's crotch. The group then returns home as Eugene was injured and The Saviors fled. Eugene is taken in the infirmary while Denise was buried. Sasha lets Abe into her home. Carol breaks up with Tobin through a letter and leaves Alexandria telling "Not to follow her".

And the story of survival continues.....

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EASTman stars in this episode due to WeDidNotSeeHisBodyInEpisode4SoHeTraveledNorthToFindMorganSoHeNotDead.

Ok, End of "Tool", Gleggie on a hot shower, Richonne savors their aphrodisiac and kinda pulls an Adam and Eve reference. Yep, Gimple we need these things to make the show colorful again.

Irrational beings endangers the community. Golly! How predictable. Way to go Daryl! Seriously, I get it that there are people out there who killed your friend but dude you have to PUT this on your head, These people are definitely hunting you and you want to go outside to chase this pseudo-Dwight and get your revenge yaddah yaddah yaddah. Ron was right...Ron Anderson was right! What was it? Something like "people are gonna go find you and somebody is gonna die" Once somebody dies which is obvious...IT'S ON YOU! Not unless you are the one who dies which would eventually lead me to sacrifice a pig and offer it to the elemental beings living on our neighbor's 100 year old backyard tree. Again, Glenn is at the doors of death again. Kudos for Steven Yeun again. I must say he is doing good this season again.

If I am to choose between that bird that brought the house down in Bernie Sanders' rally and this "little bird" named Carol. I'll have to choose Bernie's bird. So she does all of these things out of love and because she doesn't want to kill anymore....you get the point. I love the evolution of Carol from the first season up to this point from being weak into a force of nature and it's nice to see that they are making her go into transition this time maybe because she is seeing what Morgan's point is, The only problem I have for her is how the writers made her invincible and surreal and a bit irrational at some point. It just doesn't feel right for her. I mean, look at Michonne, a good character overall, nothing fancy just slashing. I am looking forward where this is going, I hope I won't get disappointed.

The interaction between Rick and Morgan is decent for me. This is what I've been waiting for a long time. Morg's confession to Rick was a bit powerful for me. Yeah sure I am not a fan with his Zen goodie something but the way he says it got depth and for that I commend Lennie James. You already know the truth about your Protein Bar, You may now ascend, Your mission is complete.

Ohhhhh, I sense a ping pong game between Negan and Rosita. Don't worry Derle fans he ain't dead so don't riot yet and stop your hormonal rage. He's ok. (I hope not)

Some other things I want to say that needs to be said because I want to say it:

Maggie gets a haircut and is still hot but is on a troubling pregnancy (Hope not a "Miss. Carriage" hehe I'm sorro), I like Mr. Greer's character, Just adopt Enid already, Hilltop products being advertised, Awkward Abe-Sasha-Rosita scene, Pseudo Dwight, Judith gives zero fuck over what is happening, That Lucky Soap, Poor Tobin, Lucille tease, and Carol's "trick" on her sleeve.




8 out of 10

I want to give it an 8.5 but they broke some good cookie in half and I don't want that.

And so we list the names of the people who will die in the finale. Who would that be? I'm not gonna hope it would be him because it's The Wanking Deaf...things I do not expect will happen like Travis "NoseJob" Manawa suddenly arriving in Alexandria because he wants Michonne's erotic mint drops.

I love the cinematography and directing, writing is kinda ok. Steven Yeun and Lennie James owned the episode. Everything is all set for "The Arrival" in the finale.

And speaking of the finale, There is a pattern here. Every finale a villain is introduced and for two finales We saw the group herded off like food because cannibals and walkers are herded like sheep because Wolves and with the finale coming I can see the group being herded again because Gimple writing is predictable. And a colleague of mine pointed it out ages ago.

Let's just put this thing into a close, I just want to hear "Hi. I'm Negan." and see someone goes into a massive motherfucking headache next week.


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Got lazy writing this...

I am going to thank Camdalf, and Pops for covering the series in my abstinence for rainbow colored muttons.

90 minute finale next week (LEL AMC). Unto the typical closing remarks that you probably won't read because y nawt?

Too Trivial? Missed some points? Any violent reactions? Well, Don't be discouraged and hesitant just write it up down in the comment section! BUT please practice a healthy discussion/debate.

Thank you all for tuning and seeking to see more WalkerMaimer reviews and it's companion, The Master Blogs. I am sending my deepest gratitude to each and one of you. This has been WalkerMaimer sayin' have a great and fruitful week ahead and peace out!

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