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Salutations Wikians,

We are now at the second half of the season, "Remember" was a good episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review Season 5's thirtenth episode, "Forget" written by Corey Reed and directed by Julius Ramsay.

So without further adieu let's begin!


The members of the group enters Alexandria and gets welcomed by it's leader. Sooner after getting the house the group is truing to adjust in their new environment and get to have jobs BUT in every community tensions are building noting on what happened between Glenn and Aidan. In the end, Rick and Michonne was offered the position of being the community's constables to which they accepted

And so the story of survival continues.

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Well, the title of this episode suits my review. This one is just forgettable to be honest. So yeah this is like "When the Dead Comes Knocking" and "The Suicide King" from Season 3.

This episode primarily focuses on the group blending in with their new community and it seems that Sasha is the only one having "troubles". So the day Rick, and Michonne starts their day as constables of Alexandria, Deanna invites the new members of the group for a party. We mostly see Rick and Jessie having awkward moments with each other as if they are going to pork each other any moment, Everyone gets a stamp from Sam, who is later threatened by Creepy Carol to keep what he have seen as a secret in return for a batch of freshly baked YoungAnarchy Stool Cookies, We get to see Abraham and Michonne talking about beer and other stuff I can't even track, and I fucking swear to Sherry's Tits I always find Abraham having this intention of porking every female in the group this season. To sum it all up regardless of the interesting blooming relationship between Rick and Jessie (even though the kiss was very out of character, srsly Rick I can't understand you anymore) and the refreshing sight of Carl having a good time with Ron and Mikey. The majority of this is just boring and dull. Even Pussy Spencer can't make things interesting.

The Daryl and Aaron + Eric bond is still a bleak response for me towards all the fuzz of Daryl being gay though it could've been so much better if there is tension between the three since we always see Daryl as masculine and we have never seen him interact with people belonging in the third sex. Is it Spaghetti Wednesday on a Tuesday? Can Daryl be taught proper etiquette? Is the motorcycle really a motorcycle? Let's find out next week in getting boring-ish Alexandria. Though the idea of Derle being the newest Alexandrian Recruiter bothers me the most ONCE he gets himself stuck on a herd or other stuff and thangs that could get himself lost........Oh Snap!

I would not say that Alexandria is a shitty adaptation. In fact, I am sorta liking the vibrancy even among red-shirts yet I feel a bit strange maybe because the show so far sucks at communities. Well, too early to say. Creepy Carol tho.

Regardless with the nice stuff, (Again) The episode is boring and easily forgettable and it just made my troll meter at it's peak.


AMC TWD Forget


7.3 out of 10

Episode is boring and because my dear friend Pops Capo pleaded all of you please say "Thank You", Now does this episode failed? Yes. Because the passing for every episode in every overalls in my reviews is 8.2. I definitely know what GM feels.

Now, regardless of all the comic character and elements adaptations like Tobin, Buttons, Spencer, and Reg. The episode bored me to death and because of that I just ate my lunch in my hospital bed while watching. There are interesting parts in this episode especially the whole Daryl - Aaron interactions, Rick X Jessie, etc. but those are not enough for me to like this episode. And to be honest, Majority of the episode is easy to "Forget". (Except for the end song that immediately made me turn Chewie and I can't even recall who wrote and directed the episode)


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