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We are now hitting the third week of the season, Last week was an amazing episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review Season 5's third episode, "Four Walls and a Roof", written by Angela Kang, and Corey Reed and directed by Jeffrey F. January.

So without further adieu let's begin!


Following the destruction of Terminus, Rick and the group discovers refuge in the church under Gabriel Stokes. He then discovers that the priest is somewhat hiding something after what happened in their supply run. Daryl and Carol follows the car that took Beth. Bob got abducted by the remaining residents of Terminus who ate his leg.

And so the story of survival continues.


The Group and "THE TAINTED MEAT!"

So the episode starts with these guys. Now, Let's get to the point here. What bothers me in this episode is Bob's bite. To be honest, I have been rewinding that part where they were going on a run in the food bank and I don't really see how. Sure it is possible that he got bit judging from the time interval he was dragged into the water to the moment Sasha rescued him BUT where is the blood? It is common sense to all of us that when you get bit there will be blood...huge amount of blood even if it is just around a person's clavicle. Note that he was bitten IN THE WATER. No idea if this is an oversight, error, or maybe I am just overthinking things and did not consider that the water is extremely dirty. Either way it's just me being bothered. (Don't take things seriously when I'm bothered)

Another problem, Bob's death doesn't have an impact on me personally. First, The actor always gives humorous facial grimaces and gestures so everything serious he does isn't really on the spot serious for me. Second, somewhat the same with the first one, It's his laugh during his shocking revelation that he got bit and being a tainted meat, all throughout it did not gain sympathy from me just laughs. Either way, Bob Stookey left an impact in the show somehow. Bob is one of my favorite characters and it is kinda sad that he is going to go.

The rest of the group in this episode is a bit mixed for me. Glenn becomes a peace guru. Sasha is sad obviously but damn her actor sure knows how to deliver her lines well given that situation, Michonne and her katana is reunited....pure joy, Tyreese stares blankly most of the time and then kills Bob, Tara is just there, Maggie is also there, Rosita is also there, Eugene is also there, Carl is also there, Judith cried, Abraham is also there but becomes an asshole of the day and as always, he likes to shout, Rick got into a conflict with Abraham and machete rapes Gareth as he "promised" in the premiere. Unlike the previous episode where everyone got story, in this episode it generally focuses on certain characters.

Bloody Derle went back.......

WMReview5X2 GS

"The Hunters" and Gabriel

Nope they aren't connected as well on this one too.

So we see Martin again, the person that was allegedly killed by Tyreese and that prick who dragged me into a status debate. It's really hard to say if Martin have any complications/whatever on Ty after encountering him at the church in the massacre. But to tell ya'll honestly, I don't really see the point of bringing him back. On his first appearance he is very interesting but now he just became a red shirt. Again, there is literally no point of bringing him back. He did not check the food tho. Stoopid.

The demise of the remaining residents of Terminus is a treasure piece. The gore and brutality is just terrifying (consider it praised though Fox PH censored it). I do like this creepy vibe they've shown us throughout the entirety of the episode even the smallest of details like the return of "A" painted on the church's wall. It is waaaay too soon that Gareth died but it's better this way rather than dragging it. We know who these people were, We know what they are capable of, They came, They fall, WalkerMaimer is perplexed.

As for Gabriel, I did not regret saying that Seth Gilliam is a great addition to the show. I really love how the writers brought up his past. Still, He is a character too look after considering his face when he saw the butchered people of Terminus inside his church. Would he change his approach on Rick's group, or would he let it pass because LEL he is a priest. This character is starting to capture my interest but we'll see.


AMC TWD Four Walls and a Roof

"Four Walls and a Roof"

Writing: Directing: Acting: Total:
9 9 9 9

First, Kudos to Angela Kang, Corey Reed, and Jeffrey January for a well done episode. Should've been less if it hasn't been the massacre part (I love gore and machetes). Bob's death isn't that emotional as what I expected but his actor Lawrence Gilliard Jr. blew his final last act. This episode marks the end for the "Hunt or Be Hunted" Arc sooner than expected but I think that it is prudent for it to end this way rather than being dragged out. This is a good gut wrenching piece of entertainment. Not as good as the preceding episodes for my taste but it still delivered what fans are hoping that should happen.


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