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Last week's episode "Thank You" was a good episode and highly debated! Today we are going to review the fourth episode of the sixth season, "Here's Not Here". It is written by Scott Gimple and directed by Stephen Williams.

So without further ado let's begin!

After being left by the sheriff's deputy who left for Atlanta. Morgan and his son, Duane, continues to survive through the whole apocalypse. Unfortunately, Duane turned leaving Morgan alone and his sanity continuously to slip away. Months have passed since they have separated, He and Rick cross paths again along with his son, Carl, and a woman named Michonne. There was no room for warm welcome as Morgan who have lost "it" confronts Rick that ultimately ends up with the two conversing what is in their heart and mind. Before leaving, Rick asks Morgan to join with his group but declines saying, "I have to CLEAR"

And the story of survival continues.....

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So everything picks up after the events of the first three episodes where Morgan talks to that Wolves Leader he knocked out with his sacred stick then everything shifts to what happened when Rick left in a NOW and THEN sequence. I really love that Morg monologue I thought it was powerful and amazing. Credits came and we go back focusing Morgan's adventures and the cycle of writing stuff on rocks, killing people, setting up spikes, and burning walkers. LEL the flowers.

Morgan's stumbles on this cabin belonging from a cheese maker (actually he is a forensic psychologist) named Eastman. I must say I kinda like this Eastman person, kinda eccentric for me but a person of sensibility and whatever. His interactions with Morgan is pure gold especially that fight scene, I wouldn't find it intense, I find it funny.

Eastman teaches Morgan the art of peace, life is precious, and redirecting someone's arse. Hahaha the moment when Morgan defends the goat. So the next few scenes went peculiar to me because I feel like I am watching an instructional video with a taste of BROMANCE....dayum. And did Morgan just went to farming? (Damn it Gimple)

So the next few scenes and conversations were a bit slow and the whole training regime is weird so let's go to the part where Eastman got bit by that other guy Morgan killed earlier who turned into a walker. I expected it would happen and tbh I find it a bit of a waste. Then Morgan obtains a canned food, and bullet from two wild Pokėmon, Tabitha dies, Eastman reveals his past even more, Eastman should be unknown because we didn't see him die and I see filming pics of him, Morgan practices even more, and Dons that badass suit he wore for the whole of his S5 appearance.

The scene shifts to where the episode started, Morgan talking to the Wolves Leader. I have no fuckin' idea why he left the damn creepy faced guy alive, I understand this whole Life is a Precious whatsoever but If I were him, (but I'm not) after seeing my homies killed I will not hesitate to poke his eye out with my stick. And so the episode ends with the Wolves Leader held in captivity and Reck shouts to open the gates...wait what he survived that?

End of a short review of a long episode.


AMC TWD Here's Not Here

"Here's Not Here"

9 out of 10

I find this whole episode as solid with character backstory and development. I love it. Great writing and directing and kudos to Lennie James for giving us a performance worth watching. Though I find it hard to understand that people are clamoring for "Where is Morgan? What happened to him?" For almost 3 seasons and now that a backstory is up you complain that it's boring? I suggest you get a got named Tabitha in your life. I understand that the whole hype on "Dead Glenn" is still up but sheesh the show does not revolve around him ONLY and there are still 12 episodes left. So yeah, Such a great episode.


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