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WalkerMaimer's Review on "Inmates"
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From the Maimer


Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my review on " Inmates "

Here are some few things that all of you should keep in mind:

  • I am sometimes NOT grammatically correct so pardon me.
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  • Enjoy! =D


Last Episode Recap:

Rick and Carl is reunited with Michonne after the Assault at the Prison. Now, the now scattered Prison survivors are now exposed in the harsh environment of the post apocalyptic world.

It's a good solid episode. Seeing the show really focusing on character development is such a relief. Though I find some scenes as meh!, the rest is ok and decent. We see some new reveals in the episodes which includes the Trio (Abe, Gebe, and Rosie), the fate of Judith, and the comeback of our gasoline gal, Carol. The ending is a squealer and the sneak peeks looks promising.

Now, Let's begin the review.

Daryl & Beth

The Beth and Daryl scenes were decent. I love how these two are kind of an opposite from each other and Beth's monologue before the opening credits. The whole running thing in woods except for the one in the "bush field" or whatever you wanna call it. The whole railroad scene pretty confuses me because of the shoe.....THE SHOE! Though it could be from one of the fallen survivors in the railroad "OR" the wondrous directing skill of Tricia Brock (tsk tsk tsk). Either way my face was priceless on that one.

Beth Darylintro4X10

I'm seeing the light for this character. Beth is finally having a bit of a development, She is becoming "outspoken" but that does not change the fact that she is still useless! Despite that I feel that Beth is still save-able I am having some doubts on it as new characters are being introduced such as Rosita, Tara, and possibly Lilly (oh wait, she is DEAD!) making her character distant for a chance in terms of development. Also, to be perfectly honest, Emily Kinney's acting is starting to annoy me.

As for Daryl, for once can't he just have a serious gash that would make him immobile. Sure, I love him for not talking too much this episode and go emo but can't we just get rid of his invulnerability and make the story more complicated and in a double jeopardy.

Tyreese & Carol + Mika, Lizzie, & Judith

Judith is alive, kden.

I like everyone in this part of the episode. The Tyreese part is all right and liked how he handled two little girls and a baby in the middle of the woods with him as the only capable person in fighting off walkers.
I like the Mika scenes as well and finally I can comfortably say that Lizzie is the one who dissected the rabbit that was seen in "Too Far Gone" but that doesn't mean that the "rat feeder" mystery is solved as I am still finding a deeper motive on why the perpetrator did it. Carol returning is not what I expected as I hope better and that she will somewhat appear with the Trio or return entering Michonne-style, I did not say that it is a bad comeback but not a good one either.

So the Sanctuary is Terminus......Well, hopefully it's not the Alexandria we've been looking forward to or else I'll go Chewbacca mode and shave Gimple's head. LOL. But seriously, introducing a new community is too early but since we have not seen the episode of it's introduction then I'll just reserve my judgement till the day it is shown.

Maggie + Bob & Sasha feat. Red Shirts

Scenes were ok, Bob is becoming more interesting more than ever and by some miracle does not shout. I appreciate Sasha especially when she keeps on saying that they should stick together. As for Maggie......Lauren Cohan Iloveyou!
She did an awesome part in this mini adventure of the episode. Maggie's love for Glenn is really inspiring and heart warming, I like the bus scene where she enters the vehicle and finds a walker that we viewers thought was her husband and the emotions after finding out that Glenn is not in the bus and possibly still alive was feel-able (that's just me btw, I dunno about you guys).

As for the Red-shirts, I'm seeing new faces in the bus that I have not seen before while the others that I anticipate to be there aren't. DAMN IT, THIS SEASON USES THE RED-SHIRT MAGIC AGAIN. Anyways, Rest in Peace Reddies until the next time we see new ones on Terminus. It's possible that you'll re spawn there or not. Hihihihi.

Glenn & Tara introducing The Trio

HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET IN THERE GLENN, YOU ARE SICK! That's my initial reaction when I saw Glenn at the destroyed bridge/footbridge/causeway/whatever. I find this Glenn scene a bit unrealistic.....
Glenn riotgear4X10
I'm talking about the "Swarm the Asian" scene, where he pummels through the walkers after emerging through a destroyed part of a wall that was made during the assault, maybe I'm saying this because I have no idea how strong and resilient a United States riot gear is. Anyways, I love seeing Tara again and how she helped and rescued Glenn as payment to what her "former" group did and also for rescuing her, It's a good scene.

Finally, the trio is finally revealed! Oh how I love hearing Ford's first lines on TV. Same goes for Rosita's sexy bod and Gene's black hair.....Yes, He's got black hair.

Next Episode: Michael Cudlitz talking as Abraham Ford in the sneak peek during the closing credits is such a pure divine.
Trio collagectv
I would love to see the group reuniting on the next episode and how the show would pull off the truth on the murder of Karen and how it would gravely affect the "blooming" relationship of Ty and Carol. The Next episode should be better next week with the right pacing and without any lapses. I wanna see Serratos do the Rosita talking and Mr. McDermitt doing the Eugene's nerdy explanations (counting on you Josh).

On other stuff, I also look forward on what this "Sanctuary" look like. Hopefully, it's not the TV Alexandria or a very nice place, where viewers get attached too much.

In Memoriam

Today, We honor those who died:

Tombs Lori Grave
Background Survivors (TV Series)/Prison Community

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