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WalkerMaimer's Review on " Internment "
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From the Maimer


Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is here again to give my Review on The Walking Dead season four's fifth episode, "Internment".

Here are some few things that all of you should keep in mind:

  • I am sometimes NOT grammatically correct so pardon me.
  • Off-Topic is allowed
  • No violence within the blog (Offenders shall be reported to the Admins).
  • Do not hesitate to express your thoughts, let it all out.
  • Enjoy! =D

Newbie Section

No Survivors have joined the Group


The best episode I've ever reviewed!, The episode is obviously in favor of Hershel so the episode mainly revolves around him. Also, The episode is about family and not giving up, that there is hope during a tremendous adversary that ravaged the very peace they preserve. So yeah, the episode is great and now I'm sure Gravelord's hope is somehow restored.

Hershel is in the house to save the lives of his friends and fellow men, uses a shotgun with no ammo cheat!, Sasha is still sick and doesn't believe in magic but does the math, Glenn is still sick and made people's heart riveted in his critical state, Maggie should be commended by holding the fences on her own and jumping to Hershel's aid, Rick and Carl shoots some walkers and ate some beans, Tyreese cares for his sister's well-being, Bob, Daryl, and Michonne are........back and looks sooo right, Beth and Judith.....they are somewhere out there, Lizzie treats Henry as a dog and got stuck wiith Luke in a cell, Julio.....so he appeared, Jeanette and the red-shirts: some are dead and some I don't know, and finally he is back....Viva La Gobernador!.

Now, the main review

Hershel: Kudos to Scott Wilson for his riveting and moving acting, I love his scenes with Caleb, Sasha, Lizzie, Glenn, and Maggie. the most moving one was with Caleb and how hershel breaks down for his friend. Sasha's scenes with Hershel is very good and a bit funny same goes with Glenn's, who made us jolt from our seats, He made Lizzie read books (LOL), and making maggie strong and keeps pushing her away to ensure that she won't get the disease....And forces everyone to drink Tea!.

This Hershel Greene differs greatly from the Comics Hershel, Yes, they are both facilitators of God's word, a medic and an owner of a farm with a barn full of walkers but this TV Hershel is a moral compass of the group and it benefited him to be one of the liked characters of the show. Although dale would fit in as the moral compass, it can't be helped.....Damn Mazarra.

Anyways, Hershel Greene, I totally salute your efforts to save as many lives as you can, for that we are totally grateful.


Duo Episode: Like I said earlier, it's a duo episode. Why?

  • Maggie and Hershel - Father and daughter duo who pacified and saved Cell Block A.
  • Carl and Rick - Father and son duo who saved the prison after the walkers broke through the fences.
  • Beth and Judith - The missing duo
  • Lizzie and Henry - The Walker and his master

Panic in the Cell Block and The Prison Yard: I liked how Unnamed father and Crying mom's initiative to save Hershel, though it ended up in an unfortunate way. Good thing Hershel was there but this time without his unlimited ammo cheat. Lizzie bravely lured Zombified Henry away from Glenn and Maggie did a good job to save Hershel and Glenn.


It was tense when Rick's foot got dragged by a Walker, great thing Maggie was there, who also agreed that she could've done the same thing to Carol. Now, let's fast forward now and focus my liking on how Carl and Rick have dealt with the walkers who have broken through the fences and pours into the prison yard, I love this part full of action with emotions and the act of Carl in saving Rick once and the way he keeps on shooting is ferocious but commendable.

Maggie vs. Walkers
Intern Carl & Rick Shootout

Julio and Philip: Finally the guy we thought fake appears to be real but as a sick prison survivor. Now, I can rest in peace that this spawn of Martinez' is real after weeks of arguing in regards of his existance.

Extra7 (Internment)

The man we've been waiting for is back with a grudge. Thank God! He does not look like an f-ing beggar. LOL

Philip Internment

Final Verdict: I love this episode, it's riveting, heart pounding, exciting, well executed, emotional, action packed, and a few more unexplained on the tip of my tongue words indicating I really really enjoyed this episode with gusto. Kudos to Channing Powell and David Boyd. I like the song being played by the way.

In Memoriam

Today, We honor those who died:

Tombs Lori Grave

Red-Shirt or not, Thank You for being a part of The Walking Dead.

Critics' Grade

Story Acting Total
5 5 10

Next Episode

It's The Governor's turn, this would explain a lot of things that happened in the time skip, and would give justice why the writers made it six months. This episode will tackle his "misadventures" with Martinez and Shumpert and how come the Woodbury is just mentioned but not seen in the previous episodes.


I am Closing this blog with unending gratitude in reading this for "Internment". Please do not hesitate to leave your comments down below, You have my assurance that it will be respected.

This is WalkerMaimer telling you to have a Great Day and Stay Cool.

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