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Last week's episode, "The Next World" was funny as hell and have gathered quite a buzz. Today, I will be reviewing the eleventh episode of the sixth season, "Knots Untie".It is written by Matt Negrete, and Channing Powell. And directed by Michael Satrazemis.

So without further ado let's begin!

Alexandria is at it's feet again. Two months after the attack, The community expanded putting Deanna's dream into reality. Daryl and Rick goes into a supply mission and eventually finds a truck load of supplies BUT what seems to be the solution for their problem was lost eventually after a series of confrontation with a man called "Jesus", who ended up being knocked out and is brought to the Safe Zone. While Rick and Daryl are away. Carl and Enid's relationship is strained. Michonne discovers Spencer going into the woods, the reason was then revealed that a zombified Deanna is lurking in the woods, Carl lures her towards them, Spencer took her down and gave her a proper burial with the help of Michonne. By the end of the episode, Rick and Michonne had sex, "Jesus" wakes them up telling Rick that they need to "talk".

And the story of survival continues.....

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"Knots Untie" takes us to a whole new world. How? The season basically emphasizes on communities. We see ASZ descend towards destruction then rises up again and now they are offering us Hilltop. New characters are of course introduced BUT first let's focus on the happenings before we explore Hilltop.

The first few scenes shows some snippets of character interactions before Paul goes creepy AF while Rick and Michonne is naked. I have no idea where Abraham is going with all these Sasha-Rosita stuff. (Stick with Rosie pal, She has one hell of a development, it could help you to stop being shitty....kind of.) Infuriatingly, His dilemma ends up with nothing like 'Oh Yeah, I'm gonna flirt with her but have sex with her and go from here to there just to have a decision of not settling with anyone!' Well, I have a message for you Mr. Ford. WOMEN AREN'T TOOLS for you to decide which is best for YOU ONLY. On the other hand, The brief Glenn-Maggie convo are quite ok for an "overly exposed" couple in a ZA.

Paul and Carl interaction, Paul explains some stuff and thangs that is a nod to the CS, Carl is fine with Richonne, Carl gets Judith, Rick and co. leaves for Hilltop. It's probably best that I say it this way, It's kinda boring yet peculiarly it's interesting.

Forgot to mention that they found survivors from the Hilltop that are trapped? I think they are a very interesting bunch of people....actually, only Carson is the one I'm keeping my eyes on. I'm a CS Carson fan and as much as I don't want to compare, I'll just wish that they won't butcher him. <insert Dr. Stevens>

Just don't go peep on Maggie's "Illuminati" so sudden Doc. And we go to Hilltop....

I love the look of Hilltop. Yeah sure, it may not be that great as some of us might imagine if adapted to the show, It looks awesome. It's like these settlement/colony during the English colonization in North America. Soldiers are armed with not guns but spears and though the houses isn't that as extravagant as ASZ, Woodbury, or Terminus, It still looks good and real. Now, enough with the admiration with the new setting and let's go with it's leader named Gregory, a rude prick that should've died in this episode. I am not entirely sure If he is a character that I should invest my interest, No idea why.

Enter this dude named Ethan, who stabs Gregory (YAY!) but then ends up being killed by Rick. His death is just insane! Maimer rikes dis. Just to inform you, RudeGregory didn't die, he still lives. Pfffft!

Maggie can be a diplomat? No idea. I don't mean to underestimate her, No doubt, she is a strong character in many aspects. I guess she got the skills from Deanna as some sort of trade in helping her with the ASZ affairs when the Ohio Rep was still alive. Let's just say, that it is one of the show's faults in not imploring this kind of stuff. They should learn next time...If they do. Though I think it's going to build up quite well from this point.

The episode then ends on a heartfelt mood when the image of Maggie's ultrasound of her unborn child with Glenn is being passed on as they leave Hilltop for home. A good way to end the ep. in a positive way.

Way to go underestimating Negan, Derle.


AMC TWD Knots Untie

"Knots Untie"

8.5 out of 10

Despite of the same old rehashed dialogues and this episode is just paying tribute to it's original source material which they have not been following ever since. I do think that this is a great episode because it introduces new characters, and have opened an avenue of possibilities for characters to develop. I anticipate on what would happen. Special note and commendation to Xander Berkley for portraying Gregory well and Tom Payne. I also like the directing and how the production managed to make Hilltop real for me. Same goes for the writing. Kudos to Negrete and Powell for sticking with the source material to pay tribute and add some spices.


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