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Last week's episode, "East" was ok but it got a legion of rioters at the ready. Today, I will be reviewing the season finale, "Last Day on Earth". It is written by Robert Kirkman...wait! Wut? No? Okay folks, I stand corrected, the episode is written by Scott Gimple, and Matt Negrete. And directed by Greg Nicotero.

So without further ado let's begin!

Alexandria is once again standing at the crossroads not from the walkers but from the Saviors. Carol left Alexandria on her own while Daryl went on a hunt for Dwight, this urged the others to find them. Morgan and Rick went to find Carol while Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita went after Daryl. Carol encountered a group of Saviors and ended up on a firefight with them. Carol got injured but still managed to leave the scene before Rick and Morgan arrived. Little they know that there is one survivor. Morgan then confesses to Rick what happened with Owen when the herd came through the walls then vows to find Carol as Rick heads back. Daryl was then found but refuses to go back until he finishes what he "started" despite of Glenn and Michonne's efforts. Rosita goes with Daryl. Unfortunately, Glenn and Michonne got captured by Dwight. They are later found by Daryl Unknown to him that the man he was hunting is just behind and shot him. Back in Alexandria, Maggie is placed in a very volatile state.

And the story of survival continues.....

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Hi. I'm Negan <insert Maimuh's internal screaming>

Before I go nuts and crackers and wet my bed let's go first with this whole "90 MINUTE" long episode. (LEL AMC)

Yay! Finale starts after all these months of buildup and whatever. LOL just check the Overall. It's gonna be a long way.

Before I go through with the main points of this episode. Let's skim through some stuff in this episode. Carl locks Enid and tells her "JSS", Gabriel is in charge, Trevor cameos, Library peeps survived in a place that is so vulnerable?, Library guy got hanged, Horses, Whistles, Big trees (Ivor likes big trees), Chained Walkers, and Fog because we need fog and not snow...Oh Oh Oh I have one! JON SNOW! Good cliffhanger for GoT with that one.

All right-y, The Morg had fun seducing a horse that belongs to another group with a medieval theme. Carol devolves from a Gyarados to Magikarp. I just want to say that I want to see how this plays out well for the two of them. Will we see them in another group? Will will get a swap of ideals? Will we see two Zen Masters by S7? So many questions with little answers. Three things though, Greer came out good, Morgan should start riding that horse and do some amazing walker kills with cool stunts, and Carol is bulletproof. It might be shocking to some of you but I am interested to see what would unfold with these two (that depends tho, see overall). Future warning if this plays out well, Time to upgrade that staff and give it to me Morg because I am going to control the four elements, bring balance, I am WalkerMaimer the Last Zen Master. AMC will sure make a series out of me. LEL.

These road blocks are getting creative! From Trevor beating the man with a big ass set of eyes to a horny Triggerfinger to a group of chained walkers to Saviors Pyramid to that big ass set of eyes guy (again) being hanged with matching burning logs until they are ultimately led to Negan. What does our group do? Goes here, pauses for a plan, gets halted, goes there, same cycle. I told you on my last review that they are going to get herded again because Gimplism, it's the same tune and he loves it with a middle finger up that says DEAL WITH IT. Maggie is at a very high risk of getting a MS. CARRIAGE (Yep, not gonna stop with that one). High fever? Check. No medical intervention? Check. Abdominal Pain? Check. Emotional Stress? Double Check. Uh huh, Some baby will probably die. Eugene and Abraham, Maimer likes dialogue but is cringing especially with the hug, pls staph. The group ends up surrounded and in fear.

Enter Negan...

Future Serial killer? Nice one. I salute JDM for a wonderful entrance. Negan's appearance is spine chilling, and to be honest if he is real and stands right in front of me with Lucille at the ready, I'll be pissing my pants. The fear in Rick's eyes is nothing compared from what I've seen before. Rick the leader kneels it's a bit something like that shitty 300 movie where Leonidas would kneel to Xerxes, I just remember the damn movie that is an insult to history lovers like me. The dialogues could've been better with the fuck bombs but that's AMC saving some ad revenue. His first act of cruelty isn't singing that Justin Bieber song with Sean Kingston but chooses someone in a traditional way "Eenie Meenie Miney Moe". He chooses someone POV style and bashes his/her brains in. Screams echoed.

End of episode, Fucking Cliffhanger.

Fans thanks that the cameraman died..UGH!

The episode starts ok, goes on to play the same season finale tune then proceeds to give the greatest delight they can offer but stumps a huge amount of turd right in front of the face in a cliffhanging way.

I do think it's Eugene who died...Double insult.


AMC TWD Last Day on Earth

"Last Day on Earth"

7 out of 10

Let me call out the execs and thank them for once again reminding the world that each and everyone of us that we are the cows and basically milking us to fund their luxurious lives. Do you actually believe that we are those kind of stupid? Dragging us for months for Negan's arrival only to end up with a sick joke of a cliffhanger? Well, AMC, the joke is on you. People would eventually slip or reveal what's up. You go with an overhype of things and lash us with a stupid motherfucking cliffhanger. That article I read was kinda right, The finale will be a dumbfounding cliffhanger. I've lost respect for the show because it ultimately slaps something to our faces that is just I dunno somewhere between disrespecting and insulting. And with that, I'm giving you a generous 7, the last generous gesture that I might probably give you and in an aloof manner. Gimple should be happy too because I'm not going on "The Same Boat" mode in here and this season is an inch better than S3. So Enjoy it. You upset me.

On the bright side, Actually it's just JDM as Negan. Monologue is sinister and dark and how kinda sadistic. I wish him luck that he will exceed the expectations of us all. I have to give credit, that was one great way to introduce an antagonist. That's all, NOT commending the road blocks and Winnebago!

As for me, I'm going to reflect and if I should still watch TWD when October comes. I like the show but what they did is a complete betrayal. And to be clear, I am not leaning in my answer based on the original source material. This is just one fucking sick stuff thrown at me. And to think Philippine TV shows gives the crappiest of stuff for a finale. Heh, Not happy. As much as I want to go deep on why I am not happy just because of the cliffhanger. I'm going to slip back to reality instead. I may not make sense for now but you have to read between the lines to know where I am going here.

Gonna watch FTWD tho...a show that AMC will screw afterwards. Might enjoy it while it looks good.


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Well, that's it for the season. See ya guys not in October but NEXT WEEK for Fear The Walking Dead Season Two's premiere!

Not sure, If I want to review the one coming on October. Well, it depends but are there any Volunteers?

Thank you all for tuning and seeking to see more WalkerMaimer reviews and it's companion, The Master Blogs. I am sending my deepest gratitude to each and one of you. This has been WalkerMaimer sayin' have a great and fruitful week ahead and peace out!

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