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I hereby open this year's review and Master Blog series delivered by yours truly, WalkerMaimer. This is my second year of reviewing the hit AMC TV Series, The Walking Dead. Today. I am gonna review Season 5's premiere, "No Sanctuary", written by Scott Gimple and directed by Gregory Nicotero.

So without further adieu let's begin!


Last season we've seen The Prison prospering after the events of Season 3. Everything is going well until the flu came infecting most of it's inhabitants. Fortunately, After some desperate measures and conflicts the entire community was able to combat The Flu and is on a path of recovery until The Governor came back to take the Prison who is with a new group, Th battle cost the life of Hershel, The Governor himself, and scores of other casualties. The Prison also fell to the Walkers and Rick's group is forced to abandon it in separate small groups.

Carl and Rick (later reunited with Michonne) encountered a group of people known as The Claimers that later "adopted" Daryl after loosing Beth when she was abducted by a group of survivors and is taken to an unknown location. Carol and Tyreese with baby Judith are out there trying to find a safe haven. Glenn and Maggie are separated with each other and is on a desperate search to find each other along with their companions (Bob, Tara, Sasha, Eugene, Abraham, and Rosita). Fortunately, they are reunited and heads for a place called Terminus, there they are greeted by a resident. Rick's group and The Claimers' paths collide resulting into a bloody confrontation and the reunion of Rick and Daryl. From there they head for Terminus and is greeted by a man called Gareth. Upon settling in Rick became suspicious and ends up in a firefight until they are trapped and locked inside a train car. Inside, Glenn and his group are locked up in there as well reuniting the group with the exception of Beth and Carol's group whose location is still unknown. The season plunges into a cliff hanger after Rick says "They're fucking with the wrong people."

And so the struggle for survival continues........


Rick's Group + Carol

Last episode, "A" wasn't a total cliff-hanger for me so over the course of these passed few months I keep telling myself that 'The only way for Season 4's finale to be justified is by the premiere of the succeeding season.' And I swear to my cyanotic hand I loved it. Not exactly my favorite premiere but yeah I loved it! The episode did not fail my expectations.

The first four minutes is just brutal though I laughed at Sam when the bat hits his head. Though it is very obvious since the fourth season's finale that the "Termites" are cannibals, I am still cringing at the whole idea that people would go to that certain point where humans would eat humans! Yep, there are stories in real life that people being stuck on islands with minimal resources are forced to eat another human and even their own body parts. Still, Cannibalism still makes me cringe. I commend Nicotero and both the make up and props team for pulling this nerve wrecking scene.

Kudos to Glenn for being reasonable and stopped being an angwy teenage punk. It is a commendable piece of writing that there is SOMEONE from the group that gives a piece of humanity despite of the undergoing cruelty and brutality. I hope that Glenn continues to stay on the path of being a "real matured character". Though the person he wanted to save in the train car ended up dying when a walker suddenly materialized, another piece of hilarity.

However, The train car scene has been 'meh' overall. The characters are just there trying to find their way out while Eugene is being badgered and sided by his two companions, It's very obvious that he is lying and the whole "Say some bits about the Cure" is annoying. It would take me a long time liking this man depending on how his story would be written in the future.

Let's go with Carol upon reaching Terminus. I really like how this once abused woman turn into one of the standouts that this series have produced. McBride's performance as Carol never cease to amaze me in every way. Though in this episode she is a walking killing machine. She is still amazing.

Other than that they are all walking killing machines in this episode, Nothing that special.

WMS5AMCTWD Gareth 001


So there are two flashbacks that was shown the first was the part where Alex and Gareth are shown inside a train Car, Alex is very interesting in here and it looks like that he is Gareth's piece of conscience though I do think that him dying last episode is fine because having someone like Alex sticking with Gareth throughout the rest of the arc would come out recycled (Milton and The Governor). The last flashback shows what Mary said to Carol when the two geezer cougars clashed about the cruelty and brutality in Terminus before. I therefore judge the flashbacks beneficial as it gives out the bitter history of Terminus.

The "Termites" really are a bunch of organized cannibals. They know how to sort stuff and the way they prepare and butcher their victims is similar to cattle, it was really The body parts in meat hooks are gruesomely terrific and well made. Poor Sam tho.

Going back to Mary, I thought her character is such meh when she first appeared on "Us" but in this episode she is is spectacular! I love it how Gimple composed a bitter story of hers in the past that contributed of who she is today. And the lines that her actress delivered is "feel-able" and I love how she told Carol of what their past enemies were like to what Carol and the group are now.

Now that Terminus is in flames and overrun. A massive shitstorm is underway. Emo Petah Packer is on his way for the kill.

.......Tho I am don't like the idea of the gas explosion thing a bit. Why would the damn gas tanker or whatever you call it in your country be near the fence anyway? Oh well, the explosion scene is cool imo.

WMS5AMCTWD - Reck&Derle

Terminus Outskirts

The dynamics between Tyreese and Carol have somehow lessened but it is ok since it was just a few dialogs and she is about to reunite with Derle (CARYL REKINDLED!) and does she really have to plunge the walker to the ground with her after stabbing it? Comedienne Carol (LOL) I commend Carol's bravery for boldly going into Terminus alone and her clever thinking made me like this character further.

The cabin scene is somewhat a bit dull though there are moments that are very engaging. The cabin dude is ok BUT the main highlight of the entire thing is Tyreese's dilemma on killing (really?) I fail to grasp what this character is really trying to convey when it comes to killing and does it have to be Judith as plot device? (another really?) Regardless, Coleman still did his job portraying Ty decently.

The reunion in the outskirts of Terminus is somewhat heart warming, Daryl ran towards Carol as if he is about to somersault her is a piece of hilarity and with Rick acknowledging of what she have done to save the group, it seems that with Carol stepping up bravely defying against all odds, What happened in The Prison last season is now behind them. I admit that my emotions went shallow and yes I blame the music playing in the background.

If you think that when the credits starts rollin' it is over BUT guess what, Lord Gimple just surprised us again. Go to the Overall part of this review and click or tap the "shocking surprise" link and you'll see it. Hehehehehe


AMC TWD No Sanctuary

"No Sanctuary"

Writing: Directing: Acting: Total:
10 10 9 9.5

When I first saw Season 5's Comic-Con and other premiere promotional trailers, I am ecstatic and is anticipating (with full adrenaline) in what to come! In this episode, I can say that even though I thought we are going to enter into another Season 3 era because of "the more guns but less story" concept, "No Sanctuary" offered us violence, gore, drama, and story, things that are rare to be found on a TWD episode since the Pilot. The visual effects especially that gas explosion is reminiscing and spectacular. Though I must admit there are a few dull scenes most especially the train car scene with Eugene's talk on "Fire on Fire". Overall, the episode is a bloody piece of entertainment with a shocking surprise right after the credits roll.


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Thank you all for tuning and seeking to see more WalkerMaimer reviews and the companion master blog. I'd like to thank the community for the overwhelming positive feedback in the past. I am sending my deepest gratitude to each and one of you. This has been WalkerMaimer sayin' have a great and fruitful week ahead and peace out!

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