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Last year's episode "Start to Finish" was a good episode. Today we are going to review the ninth episode of the sixth season, "No Way Out". It is written by Seth Hoffman and directed by Greg Nicotero.

So without further ado let's begin!

The Tower collapses on the wall allowing the herd to pour into the Safe Zone. Survivors are on the run. Deanna was bit and made the ultimate sacrifice. Carol and Morgan had a confrontation in deciding the fate of the leader of the group that attacked them, who later on kidnaps Denise. Rick et al decides on the unthinkable, cover themselves in guts hoping to pass through the herd that have now invaded the community they have been striving to build. Daryl, Sasha, and Abe encounters a group of bikers.

And the story of survival continues.....

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The episode begins with the Negan Motorcycle Club and their confrontation with SAD. Oh man, Let me just say that as much as I find people getting blown to bits in one spontaneous explosion I find TWD's silly, random, and facepalm worth. I did like one of Knee-Gun's henchmen and I must say that he was cast very well it made me anticipate what the show have in plan for their adaptation of Negan BUT sadly our resident Killing Machine dude killed him and his underlings with a rocket launcher Abe found on that shitty episode last year. Would've been better if things escalated into a showdown with Abe being killed when a bolt/arrow/bullet pierces through his eye! An advance CS fan service gift.

Now back to Alexandria, Surprise MADAFAKA! Sam came out quite all right and transforms into a brave kid after us seeing him being scared to shit on the Mid Season Finale. Gabriel have taken his redemption training into completion by taking Judith into his church and Rick's "re-plan" of going again with the quarry stuff instead of the armory. Though I have to commend with Nicotero's showcase of his mastery in prosthetics.

Do you want me to go through with the bullshit Carol versus Morgan? and the annoying Denise with her big bad wolf? Nah, but lemme just tell you in my own honest opinion that I didn't like this whole build up and end point of "All life is precious yet this bitch is annoying because I wanna kill" Sure Benedict Samuel is creepy AF but seriously? Two of my fave characters is being thrown in a confrontation instead of porking? Ugh! Moving on with Glenn and Enid, Glenn have already reached his limit in development so I am just gonna focus on our pessimistic lass, Enid, the lady who gave Ron a back ache in a single CarlPush. This episode is the start of a very good development for her and It's nice to know that instead of going around like a sulking teenager bitching about people dying, her character turns into 360 and goes on to help save a pregnant goddess. It's not really much of a character development on a grand scale but it's a start.

This is where things go from kinda going bad to something really good, so good. I'm giving this episode an 8.5 or a 9 or something in between.

Sam looses it and gets devoured in the most horrific way. Major Dodson did well portraying a child who is so vulnerable and experience his own demise from the "monsters" he does not know very much. It's the end for the Andersons especially for Porch Dick Jr. To be honest the whole JessieXRick romance did not appeal to me so this whole montage of Jessie memories turning red just feels empty for me soooo much for taking your girl's hand this Valentine's Day. Did I mention the show follows the comics pretty much on getting Carl shot in the eye. YAY! The show did something good for the second time in a row.

The episode continues with Reck running towards the infirmary carrying his son while Michonne clears the way. They made it, Denise suddenly gets a Tome of Ancient Med knowledge and gets on it. Not really happy by how they introduced Cloyd as a practicing novice and magically transform into full time expert in just a short time. Welcome to my list of worst TV adaptations gurl.

Writers puts Glenn to death by walkers AGAIN? Well, TWD just trolled those Glenn fans as they pee their panties watching Glenn being cornered as he makes a diversion so that Enid could get to Maggie and rescue her. Fortunately, Team SAD makes it and with them they devise a plan.

Ok so Rick goes outside and hacks through the herd and makes a stand. Later on, inspired by Rick, Alexandrians bear arms and joins Rick and with the plan devised by Team SAD et al working. The herd has been routed. The next morning the survivors are weary but victorious. Corpses littered the streets. Alexandria stands to see another sunrise. I really love the scenes whereas the combat inept Alexandrians managed to get their shit together and fight to rebuild again. It kept me at awe tbh. Though I find the montage of all of them hacking/stabbing montages hilarious. Still it's good stuff. Worth to be highlighted.

The Rick mono feels nostalgic. Remember S2? Let's see and find out Rick's vision of a New World in the future episodes. <insert Negan>

They better need a bigger and tougher wall this time. Do cast Trump for a survivor who gets to engineer it but then gets devoured as soon as he fires the first stripper.

I await your comment PigPen.


AMC TWD No Way Out

"No Way Out"

8.5 out of 10

It's a piece of spectacle for a time where people are in love smooching around whatsoever and I find the second half of this episode where we see every bit of horror. The FIRST Battle for Alexandria have ended they made a stand and fought well. Still, The episode feels a bit off for me due to a couple of the plot lines for this season ended up straight flat and disappointing. Regardless of whatever nitpicking and insults I've thrown in here or whatever you want to call it. I still enjoyed this episode. Disturbed but Perplexed. A good episode this is.


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