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Last week's episode, "Knots Untie" was such a treat. Today, I will be reviewing the twelfth episode of the sixth season, "Not Tomorrow Yet". It is written by Seth Hoffman. And directed by Greg Nicotero.

So without further ado let's begin!

Jesus tells of his community to Rick and a few others. They then decide to head out to this "community". Along the way, they encounter a wreckage that according to Jesus came from his community. The group rescues the survivors and continues with their journey to Jesus' community, The Hilltop. Rick and company was "greeted" by Gregory, the leader of the community, they try to establish a trade deal with him but failed. After Gregory was stabbed by a man named Ethan, who just returned from a compound of another group called The Saviors, Maggie managed to break a deal with The Hilltop. Jesus explains about his community's ordeal with a group called The Saviors led by a man named Negan. Rick then decides that the only solution to the problem is through armed conflict. The survivors heads back to Alexandria with their supplies, a mission to plan, and the imagery of Maggie's ultrasound of her child with Glenn.

And the story of survival continues.....

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Great episode. "Not Tomorrow Yet" goes darker than "JSS" and I love it!

The first part of the episode then goes through a series of Carol centric scenes where it typically shows a "Carol Peletier" would do, bake cookies with beets, smiles at everyone, and gives that one child she threatened last season in his grave. Of course, there is no TWD episode that doesn't feature a song I am not familiar with. Also, "Tool" is confirmed. Yep, I'm calling it a Tool, deal with it! Sowy Caryl fans, not today.

Carol goes sorta Arya Stark btw.

Rick and the community agrees to take care of The Saviors problem BUT of course The Morg intervenes and objects. Seriously, stop. Just as I want to believe that he is going to change after being knocked off, It seems that he is still on with his "ways of the zen" Regardless, I would like to see where Morgan is going especially with The Saviors being brought to the show.

Abe breaks up with Rosita. Eugene is a creepy cookie eating son of a bitch. Please do kill him. QUICK!

I want to point out how the cinematography suits the episode and the "dark" theme it holds. Does rain in Alexandria shows that the heavens wants to tell death will come? Or the roar of thunder tells that "the storm" is coming? Too prophetic as Gabriel's goatee this is. Now, What I really loved about this episode is how characters are being pushed to develop and do things that would gravely affect them in the future, characters like Gabriel, Glenn, and Heath. Steven Yeun pulled off some convincing acting skills and the tease of a wall of pictures that shows heads that are bashed is such a great foreshadowing. It's pretty obvious that Tara is going to bite the dust soon, probably an episode or two, though her interaction with Denise is cheesy. Tbh, I have no idea why Masterson is still in TWD, It's obvious that she gained too much, having that baby and all. It's obvious and it isn't fooling everyone and I think it is understandable that Ms. AM should focus more on her child. It's time.

Stabbing someone in the head while asleep is horrifying. Me Imagining it is just....WOAH!

About The Saviors, They've been doing good so far. The profanity is there, that mean physique demonstration is there, and that vibe is kinda there. I think the satellite setting is a bit too much to be an outpost, But hey, AMC needs to show that they ain't got budget cuts so Satellite thingies are ought to appear this season. <inb4 small hilltop>

With Maggie and Carol held captive. I am concerned with Maggie's child. At that state, You have to be careful if you don't want her to gain the title, MS. CARRIAGE. Get it? Hahahahahahaha. ok.

......still can't get over with Tobin and Carol's kiss tho AND oh oh oh Badass Ninja Jesus!


AMC TWD Not Tomorrow Yet

"Not Tomorrow Yet"

8.5 out of 10

Such a dark but great episode. I love the developments done more specifically to Glenn. Kudos for Steven Yeun for a job well done. Great directing by Greg Nicotero, and kudos for Seth Hoffman for writing a filler episode that focuses and develops on characters and bringing in a much more darker side of TWD that does not involve major character deaths. Though there are scenes that are kinda moronic I'm still giving this episode a thumbs up.


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