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Let's begin the Master Blog series for Fear The Walking Dead's first episode, "Pilot". Fear The Walking Dead is the spinoff of the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead. The episode is written by Robert Kirkman, and Dave Erickson, and directed by Adam Davidson.

So without further ado let's begin!

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The first three minutes got me engaged because LEL new show. So from this point on, I am in a state of quizzical thinking on what they are trying to do because it is a somewhat overused idea whereas the main fella travels through a creepy place then encounters a walker then runs outside, the idea is reversed because this main fella ended up in the hospital while the other guy started in the hospital.... you guys get what I mean. Though the entire scene within the abandoned church and sexeh Gloria is commendably creepy.

So Travis looks like a drunk Stallone every time I see him. Though the concept of a dysfunctional family is also overused...The Spin-Off's version is interesting to be honest. I'd like to see more of Travis' relationship with His ex-wife, Liza Ortiz, and especially their son, Chris, As well as his relationship with Madison and her two kids, Nick and Alicia. But the important question is: Who would he save when shit goes down? The Old? The New? Both? We shall see as this show progress.

The next few scenes focuses on scenes that I'd like to forget though the Tobias scene is decent, The other scenes is just at the point of going flat like the Hospital Convo, Lovebirds talking, et al and failed experimentations that wanted to scare you...I hate that flashlight scene for ruining my eyesight for minutes. Then, that videotaped scene came and it was fucking gold!, It looks like Diary of the Dead done from the skies and I love it. Probably my favourite scene of the episode then I got back to bored state and disappointed as it didn't go down to shit! Pffffft! Instead, We go back to Nick the drug addict, who escaped the hospital coz LEL troubled child, and his "druggie" dude pal, Calvin, while the drunk Stallone and Madison looks for him. The Undead Calvin scene is ok for me though horrifying enough, I still find it a bit lacking and we can all agree that it's a n00b zombie kill idea.

The one hour episode of mixed bag ends with an undead Calvin staring at them or whatsoever while the camera then focuses on LA....as it is about to enter anarchy.


FTWD Pilot


5 out of 10

They tried. As much as I want the entire spin off to succeed in the first episode, I find it going to verge of boring level. Though it does not mean that I'd throw my hands up while I stomp the remote control, I'd give it a chance. I'm still gauging my interest for this show because I find uncertainty on this series' entire plot line and it's characters plus I must admit that my standard for this one is that it should exceed by what it's "sister series" is showing. Perhaps I am judging FTWD unfairly but that's what I thought about the first episode and it's the truth.

The directing is by far commendable as it offers us an unravaged setting full of people BUT as for the characters...as much as I find them sorta interesting, overall they went flat hard, I am kinda fearful for what they can offer because THEY are the life of this series. If they fail to give what we want they fall BUT since they tried in today's episode and I am such a forgiving person (LEL) I'd give them a chance.

So Yeah, 5/10 with a hope that there is a chance. That ends my a bit of a short review of uncertainty.

The title is laughable and obviously not appealing tho....it somehow made me think that the walkers should fear a group of people going Dragon Ball Z.


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