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Salutations Wikians,

We are now at the second half of the season, "The Distance" was a good episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review Season 5's twelfth episode, "Remember" written by Channing Powell and directed by Gregory Nicotero.

So without further adieu let's begin!


Some members of the group are convinced that the community the stranger mentioned is their best chance to survive yet there are others who are still mistrustful regardless of reasoning and proof. The group then decides to go through a dangerous route and because of the immense herd the group got separated with each other temporarily and then reunites in what seems to be a rendezvous area. The next day the group heads out and reaches ALEXANDRIA.

And so the story of survival continues.

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TWD (TV) have not fared well with communities sin my opinion. Woodbury is boring, The Prison isn't much of a commuity, and Terminus is rushed. My expectation for ASZ is very high, This is the pivotal point for the Gimple regime.

The group enters Alexandria and gets a taste of the safe haven that they thought at first as a pipe dream and they are all welcomed in Alexandria as new members of their community but first they need to talk to the one in charge. The conversation between Deanna and Rick is interesting then becomes boring when dragged probably because Ms. Monroe is a member of the U.S Congress and she reminds me of Hillary Clinton and Tea Leoni smashed into one. Though the idea of recording every interview with the group isn't so bad to be honest. With the group turning over their weapons and then slowly getting absorbed into the community Daryl "I killed something for dinner" Dixon is having a hard time with the new environment he is experiencing and goes a bit "lone wolf" and does the gross stuff by killing animals and then takes the guts out (does not surprise me)....and yep this is an issue 'coz it was lunch time.

Anyhow, Let's go to the part where we bury Rick's hair, RIP bearded Rick. Kidding aside, The introduction of Jessie is awkwardly intersting and I can feel the chemistry between the two. Shall we bury, Rick X Michonne, Rick X Carol, and even Rick X Daryl now?

With the group and some members of the community paying much attention to shave Rick and with them staying on one house and it looks like Abraham would pork Sasha.....I have no fucking idea what they are trying to do with Gabriel here. Can't he have a few lines. SUCH A WASTE. Hmph! Anyways, Carl is pretty much decent in the episode when he got invited to Jessie's house (thanks Rick and that Owl thingy). If there is one person among the group whose childhood is lost it's Carl and thanks to their new environment he could get it back. Ron and Mikey are basically characters that I could care less BUT Enid on the other hand is someone to look forward too not because she can resourcefully climb walls but because there is something big for her and I totally want to see it.

Tensions. Aidan and Nicholas isn't much of a problem to be honest but Pete (who reminds me of the Team Rocket leader, Giovanni minus the cat) is. That scene outside the walls with Aidan and Nicholas together with Glenn, Noah, and Tara is typical and I honestly think that the scene is boring and the writers are just thinking to do it to build up tensions with people they carelessly forgot in their War Room, I am getting bored with Tara, Noah, and even Glenn and as for the other two, they'll be shoved aside soon enough.

I suspend judgement though that Enid was the one who took the gun that Rick hid in the previous episode, still can't find the point of that part tbh. And the father and son "walker kill" bonding is obviously a compensation for that part just to tell the viewers "This ain't boring because They kill Walkers." As if newly shaved Rick would die there.

Back in Alexandria, Glenn goes angwy mode and punches Douche bag Aidan that ultimately spells TROUBLE in the next few episodes unless RK decides to just make them hug and bump fist with the sunset in the background, Derle joins the mini brawl and goes ape but great thing Deanna and Rick mediates. With this Reck is made constable and wears his uniform and expresses his intention to take over ones things start to fall.

The walls of Woodbury is much better than Alexandria's IMO

End of shitty review.


AMC TWD Remember


Writing: Directing: Acting: Total:
9 9 9 9

I like this episode. Channing Powell is a good writer and so does Greg Nicotero so it does not make me wonder how this episode fared well. There are some parts that I find slow and easily forgettable. The sense of a community is somewhat there though not enough and an episode that comprises for about two days is short for a community that appears to be large. Andrew Lincoln still impresses me by his acting skills. I will look forward on what this community and her inhabitants have in store. A graceful score of 9 is suffice for this episode.


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