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WalkerMaimer's Review on "Season 04 Part A and Master Review Blog"
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WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my review on " Season 04 Part A ".

Here are some few things that all of you should keep in mind:

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The Prison Community have enjoyed a period of peace and stability but as soon as everything is doing well and the wounds of the past have already been healed adversaries begins to arise and threaten the very welfare of our beloved prison group.

Season 4 Flu

A deadly type of Flu started to spread among the quarters of each Cell Block forcing the characters to do desperate measures for their survival and reach each of their own breaking points, the stakes are high as the scavenging team races against time as they retrieve the necessary medicine to the folks back home and the mysterious "rat feeder", whose identity may or may not be revealed in the future. The group suffered a significant number of survivors over night but at least the problem was solved after the arrival of the scavenging team. Though suppressed for the meantime the flu that plagued the concrete walls of the Prison still looms in the harsh environment beyond it's fences, A contributing factor on why the human population still continues to dwindle.

TFG Patton Cover

And Finally, The main antagonist of the entire Arc returns but first reveals his state after the first prison assault a few months before,. It showed how he was abandoned by his henchmen and found his way into a family of four and stayed with them for a while, with the death of one of the family members he decided to leave with the rest and found one of his former henchmen, who leads a new group of survivors residing near the woods. After a few incidents and murders he eventually becomes the leader and led them to take over the prison. The Prison Survivors tried to negotiate but failed and ended up with both sides taking shots from each other until He and most of his militia was killed and the prison residents got separated from each other.

And so the story continues with new threats waiting for a chance to strike. The Walking Dead returns Feb. 09.

Critic's Grade

Season 04 Part A

Total: 3.8

Cinematography Writing Acting
4 3.5 3.5

Note: Please do not compare this score from the other preceding reviews as this one has a new Grading System and the "Cinematography" was added. I used the equivalency chart during my elementary years and it shows that a 3.8 out of 5 is equivalent to 8.8 out of 10. (Both rounded off)


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This Season started off very well, it may not be as great as season one but still Part A have given us hope that the show is still "continuable". Scott M. Gimple sure is a very good choice to replace GM as show runner. Now, If we are going to compare Part A of Season four to that of the third and second seasons I say that this one is the Melting Pot, meaning it's got everything from " This is boring " to " Oh my, Did that just happen? " or even the usual " Die bitch Die! ". Plus, the writers has been true to their word that they will be more focused on "Character Development" than gunning each other down that ends without acheivement. So Bravo!

Let's start doing the anatomy of Part A.

Time Skips

The Time Skips this season is forgivable for my part not just because Mr. Riggs is obviously growing up and Norman is turning Chewbacca, it is because everything is starting fresh.
It makes sense and masks the horrors made by the Third Season as a whole. Well, at least this time skip is justifiable compared the last time where they just ran for months without achieving anything except for Lori's bump (sweet brown gif to that). I have mixed feelings on time skips and I despise them in general but I'll let this one pass.
The Flu Filler Arc

Q: What is the point of the entire Arc?

In my Opinion, The Arc as a whole is Ok because it pushed some characters to the wall for the sake of developing and know them even more (except for wonder Zach and Stereotype Pat).
Extra8 (Isolation)
Characters that I think that have developed were Hershel, Maggie, Sasha, and Tyreese and right now seeing these aforementioned names gives me the idea that Part A is "family oriented". Despite that, I felt Tyreese is a bit underused though I mentioned him to have developed a while ago and a bit exaggerated at times, Bob Stookey gives me the "Colin Baker" impression for being shouty, and Beth.....God bless this woman, sure she's got moments but the attention and the spot light is focused on Zach, Michonne, and Judith playing her plastic cups. The rest seems ok.
The Governor Returns

I seriously have mixed feelings on the two Governor stand alone episodes. First, What is the point of introducing the Chalmers.....I mean Chamblers? Nothing! It just increases character back logs, I have no problem with these characters because the Chambler Angels are all ok, it's just I don't really see the point of them introduced.
The Governor could've just found his way through the woods finds and kills Martinez take over and attack the prison. Second, speaking of Martinez I think that he deserves a better death and be given a "true moment", where we can feel him as a character and not a failed experiment. Also, Martinez should've had a bandana. Third, The Governor as a "pirate" and being good and evil then good then bad again, TG as a pirate just proves that he is more of a laughable antagonist than a sinister one. Now on the confusing being good and evil then good then bad again part is the main reason why I consider him as a laughable antagonist. I'm not questioning Mr.Morrissey's superb acting it's just the writing, sure we want to feel his character but TG can still be a character worth to be felt by being evil.

Other Thoughts

Glenn decoy

Wasted beings always exists in every season, one character that I should name would be Zach, the moment whereas you feel the character and you are interested to know him more then BAM!. Also, Useless ones also exists and I shall not name them to avoid shitstorms and such.......Ok, It's Beth. And also there is the unrealistic act doer ones and yes that would be Daryl Dixon.

Moving on from bashing a character to praising Ol' man Rick's decision to banish Carol and I see this as beneficial. Michonne is getting interesting this Season after somehow hinting that she may had a family before the outbreak, and Carl becoming a man and that emotional cry in "Too Far Gone" is just astounding and a little nostalgic. I miss the "Carl stay in the house" line.

Justifying the numbers

Andrew Speech 1

I gave Part A a 3.5, why? If I give it 5 then I'm a liar and just trolling with you guys and render the rest of these words in the blog useless. If I give it a 4.5 then the entire thing is closest to perfectness, which is not. And If I give it a 4, then I considered errors as ok and beneficial. 3.5 is the ideal and a more suited score. Should've been higher if 4X06 and 4X07 are properly done and well executed.

The Acting is ok, there are times that you don't feel it and like you wanna throw a popcorn and plunge yourself into frustration and curse (I did this on Melissa Ponzio), but I also commend some great moments like Scott Wilson's, which is just divine.

Cinematography improved than that of Season 03 noting that herd scene on "Isolation" and many more. "indifference" was no good to be honest.

Writing is ok in the first part of the season, there are some "meh!" Moments but the character development as a priority is being seen and also Part A left us with over a dozen questions, which I like.


  • Death of Two Main Characters
  • Improved C.A.W
  • Morgan Jones
  • Gene, Rosie, and Abe
  • Carol and Tyreese confrontation
  • Lizzie and Mika to Ben and Billy
  • "After"
  • Sinister Walker Threat
  • Michonne's past
  • Bob and Sasha
  • The Hunters
  • "A"
  • Beth Greene Development
  • Fate of Judy


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