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We are now hitting the fifth episode of the season, Last week's was a boring one to be perfectly honest! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review Season 5's fifth episode, "Self Help" (title before was The Choice), written by Heather Bellson, and Seth Hoffman and directed by Ernest Dickerson.

So without further adieu let's begin!


Beth's fate is revealed. She woke up inside a hospital ran by cops. She then meets interesting people along her stay but as everything progresses darkly, she decides to escape with a little help from her new friend who managed to escape the area but Beth did not. She later discovers a person she knows in the past arrives being brought in the hospital, It's Carol.

And so the story of survival continues.


The Six

So this episode is interesting aside from the reveal that Eugene is a pervert. I like this episode in a way that the characters have their own part. Actors specifically McDermitt and Cudlitz are the one killing it in this episode.

The bus scene is pretty ok, the jokes are a bit funny though not too much, talking about hairs and how the other one wants to become a plumber and the other one wants it because of T. Brooks Ellis liking it.

I really love the conversation between Eugene and Maggie. Damn, she is still hot despite of her being written in a very "meh" fashion nowadays. I'm not pretty sure where Glenn's character is going now. He seems like passive-aggressive to me and a bouncer in a night club. Tara is like a filler character now and sprouts whenever Glenn needs her but her conversation with Eugene is decent. Rosita is ok in this episode, she have some moments and one is "very defining" (and wet), other than that she is pretty ok in this episode.

The firetruck scene is awesomely hilarious in a way that Eugene looks like a badass soldier standing on the vehicle and saves the day. If you think it's impossible to kill walkers using a firetruck hose then your grasp on what water pressure can do bothers me. Abraham's laugh is a bit out of character even though he's got humor and have a very shouty reputation like The Sixth Doctor. I have to admit the water bombing scene got me nervous.

Eugene telling the truth is by far one of McDermitt's best performance. Ever since the very beginning it is very obvious to us viewers and I am perplexed that the writers have decided in not to go further with the whole "I know the fucking cure so just save me please!" thing. It explains why Eugene keeps stalling the group a few times and looks grim on some occasions as his conscience swallows him. With the truth spoken and him punched by Abe till he dropped flat on the ground (amusing part). What would be the implications of this with the other five survivors especially Tara He is getting interesting under my watch now.

I really love the Abraham flashbacks. Seeing a man's struggle and will to protect everyone that he love made the character more interesting and more "in-depth". I also love the directing (as expected) when it comes to flashbacks, it contributes to the vibe of it. Funny Eugene running tho.

Abraham's character is so damaged right now, what happens to him afterwards will be something to look forward. Will he loose hope and develop suicidal tendencies? Or become a more darker and tough character? Like Eugene, I want to see more.

They censored Abraham and Rosita's sex here. (assuming they filmed it) -_-


AMC TWD Self Help

"Self Help"

Writing: Directing: Acting: Total:
9 9 9 9

Eugene and Abraham have become interesting in this episode. The directing is typical but it did not loose the TWD vibe that I've been expecting. Praise to that awesome writing by Bellson and the effective acting dynamics between the actors in this episode. This episode leaves us into a cliff hanger on what the implications/effects of Eugene's confession. Some scenes are dull and even nonsensical BUT I enjoyed this episode.


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