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Last week's episode "Pilot" was mixed for me but then again as I have mentioned to give it a chance and so we are back! Today's episode is written by Marco Ramirez, and directed by Adam Davidson.

So without further ado let's begin!

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So the episode begins catching the last few glimpses of Artie walking through the Corridors of the school. Time to say goodbye guys then the episode focuses on Alicia who visits her sick boyfie Matt. Matt's fate is very predictable tbh. Meanwhile, Travis and the Clarks struggle to get a hold on Chris after putting the pieces of the puzzle together which actually made sense. Alicia and Matt's farewell conversation is decent, it would've had impact if we get to know Matt better because last episode's is just lacking bit still it's still fine with me.

A Party is being set up in front of the Clark residence as Travis (I'll stop calling him Drunk Stallone now) and company got home. Travis then heads to the city to fetch Liza and Chris while there is still a chance. LEL People have no idea.

Speaking of Chris, He gets off the bus along with a group of people after hearing of a shooting incident that initially ends up with a protest against the LAPD with him capturing the entire moments. Bitch ain't scared with police threats. After talking with a distraught Travis and calling Chris using her phone, Liza goes with Travis to get Chris out of the ensuing chaos that grows in LA.

Alicia is then forced to decide on who to prioritize first! Her sick boyfie or his brother who is now suffering withdrawal syndrome. I like this scene as the relationship between the two sibs is explored. Alicia then chooses her brother.

Meanwhile, Madison goes on an adventure and goes badass alone. The school scenes in entirety entertained me not because Tobias the Great spooked her but because of how eerie and scary the damn place is compared than the last episode where students run free and all. And we get to see Artie again...now a part of the undead. Knowing that Ms. C and Artie have a some sort of bond it is only natural for her to "try to talk" with him but of course that would never work. So Tobias goes on to become a hero but unfortunately was overwhelmed but don't worry peeps he survived after Madison saves him by bashing an extinguisher on Artie's head. The two then exits the school WITHOUT the cart and heads home. Tobias turned down the offer if staying with the Clarks btw.

After locating Chris, Chaos ensues in the city after an LAPD officer shoots an "undead", The Protestors went violent thinking that it is just another Overkill. This made the Manawas (and Ortiz) to shelter in the Salazar's barber shop. Good thing Griselda is a kind religious woman and Ofelia is a beauty. As chaos outside continues throughout LA, Travis contacts Madison but eventually loses it but before that he told her that they head to the desert.

Madison gets home, stunned by what she have done. Nick have now recovered while Alicia is on put demanding on what happened. Madison then breaks down trying to clean the blood out of her clothing, the blood of her colleague. This clearly shows a new development on Madison's character. I want to see more.

The last few scenes focuses on the Salazar's, Manawa's, Clarks's all worried also showing L.A in chaos. The episode ends with Griselda blowing the candles after praying and the screen goes black. I LOVE THAT PART.

So yeah before I input my overall thoughts on the episode. Have you guys noticed that airplane? I believe it's a teaser for Zombies on a Plane a supposed tie in whatsoever. We'll just have to see that then...and the usual African-American thing. Really, AMC? This type of supposed "jokes" is overused and not funny anymore.


FTWD So Close, Yet So Far

"So Close, Yet So Far"

8.5 out of 10

Way much better. I love how things are further explored and how things have began the exact same thought I had before the "Pilot" aired. This should've been converged with the premiere as one episode BUT regardless, I love Tobias the Great on this one and I just hope that we get to see him. I am going to invest my interest more on this show. Acting have improved, while the writing and directing is as usual commendable. Waiting for the third episode.


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