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We are now hitting the second week of the season, Last week was an amazing episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review Season 5's second episode, "Strangers", written by Robert Kirkman and directed by David Boyd.

So without further adieu let's begin!


Previously on The Walking Dead, Rick, Bob, Daryl, and Glenn's lives were jeopardized as they are are subject for execution. Fortunately, a gas explosion occurred at the very gates of Terminus destroying it's fences and walkers around the area swarms towards it. Chaos ensued around them as the four managed to escape and saves the others back in Train Car A before the place gets completely overrun by walkers. Together they all flee into the woods while the fate of the leader of Terminus, Gareth, remains unknown.

Carol and Tyreese are en route to Terminus when they heard a firefight. (events during the "A" episode) After escaping a swarm of the undead they found a resident from Terminus and tied him up inside a cabin where they demand the location of Rick's now captured group. Tyreese and Judith stayed there with the man, who Tyreese would kill later on after threatening to kill Judith, while Carol goes on a lone mission to save them. It is later revealed that Carol caused the gas explosion that led up for Rick's group to escape. After some confrontations and seeing that the situation at Terminus worsens she then flees into the woods.

Rick and the group stopped for a while in the woods to recover the bag of guns that he buried before entering Terminus, After having a dilemma if they should go back to Terminus and kill the rest. A woman stood near them......It's Carol, seeing her led up to an emotional reunion which is also followed by the reunion between Tyreese and Sasha and also Judith's reunion with Rick and Carl. Later on, The group decides to go as far away as they can from Terminus. The episode ends with Rick repainting a sign leading to Terminus that reads "No Sanctaury".

At the end of the credits a man revealed to be Morgan sees the repainted sign in an unspecified time after the events of the episode. He then follows a sign carved in a tree. The ones who carved it remains unknown.

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The Group

It took me some time to know the full detail around Rick's group because Fox chickened out on me in the first 30 mins 'coz no signal.

Anyways, I anticipated for this episode to be somewhat less than "No Sanctuary" and seeing this episode made me perplexed. Some things happened earlier and unexpectedly. This is also one of those rare occasions in the series whereas two consecutive episodes have shown splendid performances.

The first few scenes were ok. Tara is being accepted to the group while Glenn and Maggie goes kissy kissy. Same goes with Rick and Carol (I still ship those two). Daryl is getting interesting again, thanks goodness, I have to be honest that his talk with Carol doesn't re-kindle anything of what we call CARYL....even fixing a car doesn't even boost it. As of Ty (baby sitter of the day) and Carol's (again) conversation is quite ok though that scene isn't that necessary BUT hey it's Badass Carol reclaiming her right as a member of the group. Derle's senses failing tho.

In this episode, We know that Bob will be in a huge trouble. That moment when Bob talks to Rick about the "real world" and D.C you can definitely feel that there is something ready to explode anytime. The "Wet Supply Run" brought us into a new world of combat which is I think is fantastic specifically the make up and everything trademarked by Nicotero. Everything is going smoothly until Stokes blew it putting Bob into danger. After that incident and that time when until Bob exits the church and starts to cry after looking at the survivors sheltering in Stokes' church....I just felt that we are closing Bob's book soon.

Andrea is mentioned? Yes by Michonne, who misses her, as she and Rick are on their way back to Stokes' church from a WET supply run. Just sharing.

The conversations between Rick and Carl in this episode is something that I kinda miss because the first time they have that kind of talk was ages ago. Tara, Maggie, and Glenn's supply run is a bit unnecessary yet it is decent.

The church scene that night is very vibrant and positive. Abraham's speech for "The Cure" and Judith's response made me laugh. Sasha and Bob's romantic relationship is a very good deal though we all know that by the end of the episode it is going to be a tragic one. Though I have one problem with one part Tara and Maggie....I WAS EXPECTING A COUGAR FIGHT! I anticipated the moment where Maggie and Tara would roll in the mud in the hottest way possible but heh, screw you Kirkman. Though Maggie's reaction taking up the news of Tara's "involvement" is ok by me. Other than that, The church scene is well executed.

Daryl seeing that same vehicle on "Alone" that leads him to follow it dragging Badass Carol into the chase in hopes of finding Beth Greene. Not really sure if I should be happy or disappointed by this move. It's really hard to state an conclusive opinion here. Let's wait 'till beth appears with her magic Jigglypuff.


Gabriel Stokes and "The Hunter"

No they have nothing to do with each other unless you have a very weird imagination.

Anyways, Seth Gilliam is a great addition to the show. I think it's very nice to introduce a melancholic priest like Gabriel Stokes, his introduction is awkwardly hilarious and I love it even though I am an Agnostic Theist so I don't really care for religion specifically in the one where this guy belongs BUT it would be interesting to see what the presence of this character would do. Would he be the group's moral compass after the loss of Dale and Hershel? A liability? OR an enemy like Jeremiah Garlitz. Either way, He is definitely a character that I'd like to see.

And Gareth returns with his gang of cannibal freaks. I really love how AJW attacks the viewers with his own way of acting. For me West's acting is like intelligently sinister though the problem with this is that sometimes when he throws his dialogues it comes out to be comedic. Anyways, back to where "The Hunters" took Bob. Assumptions and Speculations came true here as Bob becomes the victim with his leg cut off and eaten......and according to Gareth, he tastes better. I anticipated this to happen and I am perplexed seeing Bob's leg on the cooking pit. I really love this part of the episode and is probably the main highlight of the episode. They are coming........Watch out Reck!


AMC TWD Strangers


Writing: Directing: Acting: Total:
10 10 9 9.5

This season have offered us two great consecutive episodes. "Strangers" offered us the calm before the storm where everything seems calm and happy until suddenly some pockets of horror and sinister plots grabs the audience into shock. The writing is what I exactly expect to happen from Robert Kirkman, the direction is well made and the acting of every character varies in a very decent manner. I expected the episode to be less than the premiere BUT this time it exceeded the MARK (VG reference).


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