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Last week's episode "JSS" was intense! Today we are going to review the third episode of the sixth season, "Thank You". It is written by Angela Kang and directed by Michael Slovis.

So without further ado let's begin!

ATTACKED! As Rick and the others herd away the walkers away from Alexandria that eventually failed, The Alexandria was attacked by a group called "The Wolves" pillaging everything and killing everyone as brutal as possible BUT the tide changes when Carol along with every skilled members of the community fight back their adversaries forcing their enemies to retreat. The community is left shaken as a lot of survivors perished and the peaceful community they are trying to build is stricken in fear.

And the story of survival continues.....

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So the group runs into the woods as the herd heads toward the direction of Alexandria after their failed attempt to lead them ALL away. So the group heads home hoping that they can all make it out alive but unfortunately they suffer losses and disadvantages as they race against time surrounded by the undead. Of course there is always that one dude who would eventually say something questioning stuff but unfortunately died. The group then continues on without Rick as he is doing some stuff and things. I somehow liked David tbh but sadly he got bit at the back but regardless he still gave me a fond time watching and his back story is something to be felt.

The group then arrives at a barricaded place to "wait it all up" as the group starts to grow weary and tired and with a few members injured that makes their pace of travel home slow....they have no choice. Glenn and Nicholas goes out to the open to do some stuff that I wasn't able to catch up but I guess it's DEATH defying and important. The argument of Heath and Michonne is ok and Reck values Zombieland's "Cardio Rule". By the way, Can we cut his hand off now?

Things goes downward here as Glenn and Nicholas are trapped and let's just get on to this and say THEY DIED. Nicholas begins to suffer a strange case of Anxiety or whatsoever when the two are left with no choice but to stand in the dumpster and then Nicholas went to the unthinkable solution to escape this...and it is by shooting yourself on the head after saying "Thank You" and that's not it the damn dead idiot was able to push our dear Glenn off the dumpster and the feast begins. That's all, Let's move on. Meanwhile, before that, Annie and David also died escaping in a gruesome way possible and that is being devoured by walkers leaving Michonne, Heath, and the injured Scott alive and later on arriving in the freshly attacked ASZ.

Rick was able to make it and drive that RV with the orange balloons but as we all thought that he is going to make it well he somehow didn't as he is attacked by that blond wolf dude et al making Rick's life hell, he did manage to kick some ass but LEL got surrounded. Meanwhile, Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham is still carrying their mission. I don't care what they said or did. I'm ending this review.

This is all what I can come up writing this....gonna go cry now but I leave you with this quote:

"Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn't know if it was yours, the walkers, or your friends?"
Michonne to Heath

Thanks Speedy and TWD.com


AMC TWD Thank You

"Thank You"

8.5 out of 10

Well....that happened. I am speechless and I just know that fans will be crying and quitting and I would enjoy watching them. I just want to hope that AMC won't pull any shit face phenomena like what TTG did with Kenny though it is in different circumstances...well you get my point. So yeah, He died RIP. Good episode and quite a good acting but intense and heart pounding. Much Wow Such Death. Good Job. Gonna go watch AlDub now.


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