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We are now at the second half of the season, "Them" was a good episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review Season 5's tenth episode, "The Distance" written by Seth Hoffman and directed by Larysa Kondracki.

So without further adieu let's begin!


The group are scavenging for supplies as days pass. Sasha, Daryl, and Maggie copes up with the loss of their loved ones. As situation grows dire the group are forced to make cautious decisions to survive and reach Washington D.C. The group then faces a powerful storm and holds their ground in a barn. The next day Sasha, and Maggie talks with each other followed by the appearance of a man named Aaron, who offers them TO JOIN THEIR COMMUNITY

And so the story of survival continues.

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Let me remind that I have typed some comic stuff in here as well, so be warned TWICE.

This episode is not as bad as I expected it to be. I totally love Aaron here in this episode and I can say that Ross Marquand is doing a great job portraying this character upon introduction, Totally nailed it. At the start of the episode our dearly beloved new character got punched in the face by hairy Rick after he presented himself and his proposal in front of the group. I totally get that part seeing and knowing full well how Rick and company went through back in Terminus. I'd totally be mistrustful and skeptical on him but to actually punch the guy is just overkill, Maimer abhors violence. What I don't like on this part is how other people in the group like Mich and Glenn serves out as Rick's conscience on life changing decisions, I mean don't get me wrong that is not bad but it seems that it is getting constant nowadays. Regardless, I still find it good to see that characters are popping out and says "Yo Rick, You suck at making calls at the moment, Do this instead?" I think it shows a different side of the character.

The barn scene between Rick, Judith, and Aaron after everyone kinda left. Aaron talks out to Rick despite of him being punched and tied up. On this one, I'd give this to Aaron, It somehow totally adds up on this guy's overall character and yes that includes the apple sauce and the spoon sharing between Andy and Ross...hawt!

The Abraham and company (on a mission) scenes are somehow slow and dull especially the talk between Rosita and Abraham. It's nonesense now and it happened for about a month ago and it just appeared randomly! But well (shrugs) the episode needs to revolve around with that RV. On the plus side, it shows taht Abe got "The Achilles Heel" (BUT comic wise he is a ruined character).

So fast forward with more dull scenes and monologues. The group then decides to head out for community using a dangerous route. Apparently, Rick appears to be mistrustful on Aaron and we found out Aaron's obsession on finding car plates from decades ago. That's nice. Now, Admittedly, I have no clue what those three questions means UP UNTIL NOW, Can someone explain? Thanks! Ok so the parts where they discover is eavesdropping on Aaron (NO SHIT) and the part where they ram the car through the road is the most riveting one for me, Red Blood + Headlights = Orange Car of Doom and of course the apparent panicking of Aaron after seeing a signaling flare being fired. The zombie action and all is where the show excels.....too bad for character development. Glenn's exposure in this episode is noticeable these passed few episodes and I can sense that this is slated for something big. NOT NEGAN'S BONER. Kidding aside, the only minus part is how they waste ammo, what happened to the most basic rule especially with a herd's presence same goes to the flare one. Rick needs to be written consistently from now on. Remember Carol keeping the grenade Rick got back in Atlanta on S1? Even flares are bloody useful.

Rick then meets up with the rest at what seems to be a rendezvous point. There we get to meet Eric (that guy spotted watching on Abe and company). Around this part it is revealed that Aaron and Eric have a romantic relationship. I'm pretty much sure that at this very moment that a lot of Homophobes are flooding on Facebook The group and is threatening to quit watching the show 'coz beliefs. I support this move by the writers to introduce ac couple that is realistic and made sense. The conversation exchanged made me smile and gave an applause while watching, it is so warm and feel good to watch. Probably the reason why Tara smiles back there. The group then heads for the community Aaron called ALEXANDRIA. (YES!)

The road scenes are a bit OK. They should've omitted the part where Rick randomly walks and finds a piece of container to keep his gun for suspense's sake like "OMG1 Constable Rick kept a gun and he did not turn it over!" get what I mean? The other parts are basically comic stuff. D.C., Alexandria, and Pete Anderson....err....Dotson....Anderson. LOL at Abraham saying that they're gonna make it on low fuel, great thing S2 RV Mechanic Glenn is still around. Noah and Aaron's interaction achieved nothing. It is dull and senseless. They just made the kid speak a line or two after Part B's premiere Nuff said.

In the end the group reaches Alexandria. I love that part where the camera is focused on Rick's blue eyes and how it gradually changes effectively, one of the reasons why I consider him a good actor. I still support Carol X Rick but it is most likely that Rick X Michonne would happen.

Now that a new community is here and it is basically one of the iconic ones too along with Boring TV Woodbury. Let's hope that Gimple won't ruin it. Good Luck to me!


AMC TWD The Distance

"The Distance"

Writing: Directing: Acting: Total:
9 8.5 9 8.8

The episode for me is on par with the previous episode . The directing is quite all right . Regardless of cool introductions and nasty stuff. There are parts that I find dull and made absolutely no sense. Characters like Tara and Gabriel are obviously left out and have become a background character but it should've been better if it was furnished cleanly before it got aired, This episode is a marking point of the show's continuous drop of quality and I hope that it is fixed. Regardless, this episode have achieved what the last episode was building up. For me, "The Distance" is a good episode.


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