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Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my review on " The Grove "

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Last Episode Recap:

Beth and Daryl finds a funeral home, where they stayed for the night while Beth recuperates her leg. The next night walkers went through the funeral home's doors separating the two from each other. Daryl then sees a car leaving with Beth's "shit" on the ground. Daryl pursues the car but then fails until he was found by a group, first encountered by Rick.

Maggie goes on her own way to find Glenn and lead him to Terminus. Bob and Sasha follows her that eventually ends for the two to split up. Sasha eventually finds Maggie and the two then searches the rail tracks and finds Bob, who is still concerned in searching for Maggie.

Glenn sees a sign that leads to Terminus.

For me, This episode is darkly intense and heavy, Scott Gimple never ceased to amaze me in every episode he wrote and for that he now earns my respect. "The Grove" would be my fifth favorite episode of the series and the second for this season. The dynamics of the acting is well executed and the episode is very well written. The closure between Carol and Tyreese is well done though I expect Ty to rage on Carol. Still, the episode have reached my expectations and for that this episode is truly one of the best. I also like the burnt walkers btw they look gruesomely great.

Now, Let's begin the review.

Carol and Tyreese


As one of the show's fans I was definitely swayed emotionally throughout this episode and have felt the emotions that were being conveyed by the characters especially Carol,

I pity Carol in this episode, she already lost three of her girls. Two of them killed with her seeing it and the other one has to die by her own hands.......No parent should see their child die especially if it's three them. Though despite the pity, I still like Carol because she represents the tough women not just in TWD but also in real life. (It's Women's month btw)

I love the Carol interactions with Lizzie and Mika. It is so motherly and feels warm for me though some scenes are utterly disturbing and serious. Carol is always there to jump at the scene and give them the "spanking" (not literally).

Everything went pretty well for me in this episode until the moment arrived and flashed on screen with Lizzie's knife with the blood of Mika. The look at Carol and Tyreese is just priceless and again with this word........pity. I somehow laughed at the line: "Lizzie look at the flowers" , thrown by Carol and at that moment I know what is gonna happen.

She killed Lizzie. and the following scene broke me in tears for a bit. Like I said no parent should see her child dead nor bury her especially when she is the one to kill her. I also like the voice over of Carol's in the last part, it just made you to further miss and be bummed out on the Samuel kids.

Every scene with Carol in this episode are feel good moments and not a waste of time to watch.

Chad L. Coleman's acting is pretty good and commendable in this episode, his dialogues with Carol is very well delivered and have convinced me to further like him more. I believe that he would not be able to achieve Comic Tyreese's greatness but Coleman is making "his" Tyreese slam a different path and that makes his character grow on me more in every episode he is on.

I laughed at Ty when he was shocked upon seeing Mika's dead corpse and when he was getting Judith away from Lizzie and then laughed again when Carol was about to execute Lizzie, he looks like one of those exorcized kids standing at your doorpost. LOL

The scene where Carol admits of her atrocity on Tyreese was decent enough for me because I was expecting more about this more like adding some more elements to the scene to make it much more convincing. Either way the episode is in great favors with these two characters.

The Kids

Ss (2014-03-17 at 03.56.28)

Judith is there. But an infant have witnessed a murder in front of her, very clueless on everything that happens that surround her. But the kid seems to enjoy herself. Where are the cups? Also I think that Crizelda I forgot the last name should've been brought with them and transforms into a killer doll at night. Creepy

I applaud Brighton and Kyla's acting in this episode. I find their characters as 'meh!' In the previous episodes but as the season progress these two improves and have become one of the well developed characters from this season.

In the pre credits for this episode when I saw Lizzie playing "Tag me Walker" matched up with the song "Maybe" I know something big would happen on this character and that Billy/Ben panel flashes in my mind. Been expecting it and finally it's realized through Gimple's writing. Her hysterical scenes were splendidly executed At some point she was able to kinda connect her character to me. The rat feed scene with the walker followed by her convo with Mika and soon after the burnt walkers is very intense. What I mean is it started with this and escalates to that. All Lizzie scenes with every character is convincing and great. I sorta kinda felt disappointed when she killed Mika off screen but for the sake of the kids and the conservative peeps out there then I'll just let it pass. Her last scene broke me emotionally.

I always see Mika as the calming and role model one to Lizzie. I also felt this particular moment in the episode "Infected", where she calms Lizzie when their father died. The deer scene kinda felt nostalgic (Carl - Season 2), It would've been bad ass if she was able to kill it. The railway scene and her interactions with Lizzie and Carol is quite charming and very well done and the scripts suited her well with regards to being a level headed and stable sister to a rather unstable kid this was proven several times in "Infected" and in this episode. Mika earns my respect though it is unfortunate of her to die at the very hands of her sister, who finds it ok knowing that she'll turn into a changed being. I didn't find her death scene as emotional as Lizzie's but her's just gave me the shock and chills.

Damn, Carl's virginity will still live.

Next Episode: They say that there will be a conflict with brutality. Well, let's see shall we. (Pumps shotgun)

In Memoriam

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