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Last episode, "No Way Out" was a good episode. Today we are going to review the tenth episode of the sixth season, "The Next World". It is written by Angela Kang and Matt Negrete and directed by Kari Skogland.

So without further ado let's begin!

Alexandria is now at it's crossroads. Rick devises a new plan to escape and lure the walkers away from the Safe Zone but then it fails as Sam wasn't able to cope with what is happening around him causing for the deaths of his mother, and brother including himself and Carl suffering a fatal shot from a stray bullet. Denise escaped her captor and arrives at the infirmary safely just in time for Rick and Michonne to arrive with a mortally wounded Carl. Rick goes outside and fights off the walkers inspiring the fearful Alexandrians to pick up their weapons and fight. Glenn and Enid rescues Maggie and Team SAD arrives after their skirmish with a group of hostile survivors just in time to turn the tides to their favour. The Alexandrians fought boldly until the last walker falls. Alexandria is saved, and Carl is revealed to have survived his ordeal.

And the story of survival continues.....

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The episode starts with a two month time skip. Everything is cleared up and the expansion is at full swing with the church now included within the walls of the safe zone. I am a bit indifferent with time skips especially to the fact that the entire season was ordered for 16 episodes...seeing how the survivors struggle with the problems arising that spans for two episodes would be nice and it reduces the uncertainty that the next 6 episodes would be either flat or just dragged with people with their re hashed dilemma that leads to no development. Instead they took it light. They want us to take a breather with all that happening in the past two episodes and what WOULD happen in the future. <insert guy whose casting call is Orin>

No idea if what I first saw is an intro for a music video with a toddler playing with the same old cup game. I can now see that on this part alone, Rick is gunna tap Michonne's ass! Why? They've been building her character as a mother figure to the Grimes sibs and it was also hinted by Danai that there is "something" in the future.

I can probably say that I can now stand watching Denise but of course not for the case of TV Eugene. Still annoying AF to be honest.

And everything is about to get funnier....

The next few scenes generally focuses on three fronts. The Spencer dilemma, Carl and Enid's "I have no idea where this relationship something is going", and the bromance of a redneck and a deputy who just can't give up on drinking canned soda, running, and playing country music. Honestly, things are going so good with this episode for my taste.

Ok let's just go first with the whole Spencer stuff and how we ask ourselves how on earth Deanna ended up in the woods...she teleport? Dunno, Let's move on. As much as I see a son killing his zombified mother a tear jerker. I just can't see where Spencer's character is going on this. I could only care less.

Carl and Enid? Are you a couple? Friends? Stop pulling that Hollywood bullshit stuff on me you two. I can't stand Carl on this episode and probably for the rest of the season. Though I do need to see more Enid-Glenn-Maggie relationship be explored, I think this is a promise thought to be lost forever. RIP Sophia.

And now the highlight of the episode. Running and the sound of Rick's shoes. The duo4life goes on a joy ride and shows some swag with their new car. The soda drinking and country music is just funny as hell...this isn't TWD anymore, it's a special edition of an SNL skit. I find Jesus' introduction decent and his combat skills is awesome but the entire tag game in the road, and in the farm where I seem to revisit that horrific PC game of farm animals going wild just overshadows the introduction of an amazing CS character. I don't mind that his surname is Rovia though, It just diminishes theories that Spencer is Paul's long lost cousin twice removed or something or whatever. (CS fans gets what I mean) Still, That Farmland tag chase accompanied by a background music is just hilarious and I can't get that off in my head for a week. Still hate you tho Derle.

The last few scenes in the episode points to one obvious and inevitable direction, Richonne is confirmed. I concede CaRick. Paul is creepy AF. Damn pervert.

So yeah, I tried reviewing this episode without bursting a laugh.


AMC TWD The Next World

"The Next World"

8 out of 10

It's nice to see an episode where the show does nothing good but to please TV fans by doing something stupidly entertaining. I personally liked this episode. Maim me now, I enjoyed it. Tho some scenes is just bland like the entire Spencer stuff. The entire chase scenes is as funny as hell for my taste. I would have given this a 7 or a 7.5 but since it's an 8 you have to thank Daryl and Rick's typical bromance attitude and Rick tapping dat arse. So yeah writers of TWD, do write some hilarious episodes every once in a while to please me.

Strange review coming from me this is.


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