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WalkerMaimer's Review on "Too Far Gone"
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Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my review on " Too Far Gone "

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That's How you make a Mid-Season Finale, Yes, there are useless parts in this episode but the emotions and the assault itself masked it. This is a damn great episode. Scott Gimple I praise your regime in restoring a lot of our faith to the show, You got my respect and I wish you well in your career. (Just don't murder part B). I also love how some Comic books events or scenes are being adopted to the show although in some it's different it's still damn good. So Yeah, not as perfect as "Internment" but still a great episode to end Part A.

Brian launched his army to colonize the Prison with Rick and his group evicted, it all ended with bullet exchanging moments after he beheaded Hershel until he was stabbed by Michonne and killed by Lilly. After the Assault the Prison group got separated with each other. Meghan died after making a mud sandwich, Alisha, Mitch and the other soldiers died fighting the Prison group, Judith was devoured, Julio died. The Walking Dead continues February, 2014.

Now, Let's begin with the mid-season's finale review.

The Assault Army: Alisha's death is "semi" shocking but sweet, Mitch's was a bit funny but disappointing (looking at you Dixon). And the rest killed and devoured.

Prison Assault
  • The Governor: Ha!, finally you died but you left a sinister role in the show, your crimes will never be forgotten and you'll never reach the original Governor's level. I was touched with his scene with Meghan in the mud, I love it. Now, I can't explain the evil he did on Hershel, you expect it but not on that type of way.....Ok, I can't really tell much on TG much in this review because I'm still trying to separate my shock the episode left. Though I'm at peace when he threw the iconic "Kill them all!" line.
TFG Philip Blake
  • The Chamblers in 4X08: Hate Lilly now, TG told her that Walkers Can't cross that damn body of water, You should've paid attention on watching your daughter, you idiot!. Tara is funny in her traumatic state most especially when the eerie sound the grenade made (Remember Rick Grimes in the Tank?), she looks like a blind idiot. and Meghan, Rest in Peace kiddo, but seriously the kid's death forced TG to go back to his uberly evil intent.

The Prison: Even though only less than half a dozen survivors died in their group, It's still emotional, specifically Hershel's and I look forward on what story will unfold to the now scattered prison survivors except for Captain Squirrels.

  • Michonne and Hershel: The safety of Michonne is to be expected but not for Hershel...I knew that he'll get Tyreese'd but I wasn't really expecting the impact that hit me and the emotions that surged throughout the episode. Hershel your last smile is touching and Thank you Scott Wilson for giving us your best in this show. Bravo!.
  • Parade of Children with Big Daddy Ty: I was laughing in the scene where the kids paraded Judith out, Sadly, Judith got devoured (confident about that), and the kids are with Big Daddy Ty. I can also presume that the other kids died as well. I am terrified on Mika and Lizzie right now.....seriously.

Bob and Sasha plus Maggie: Bob looks like re-kindled Daryl's trust but he got injured!, Now Sasha can return the favor by nursing him back, I feel the love and hearing banging with these two. Now I look forward on Maggie's story after the death of her father in Part B.

Bob Sasha Maggie

Glenn and the Reddies: He is safe and alive to inform those racist but he is stuck with the Red-Shirts and got out of the Prison using the bus, just don't make sure Jeanette isn't the one driving. Other than that Glenn will keep them all safe.....sort of.

TFG Bus Booking It

Beth and Daryl: Daryl ruined some scenes for me, It's like OMG!, it's super Daryl. C'mon! I want that walker to bite him but Noooooo, he used the walker as a human shield, and he went basketball player on that tank! ugh, You'll have your day Dixon. Now this episode has been good for Beth, they gave her "The Pedestal of Development", but like I said on one of the blogs, the word Suicide lurks (shows evil grin, Tom Baker style!).

Daryl and Beth looking at the prison and is about to go
My Evil Grin: A gif from CamtheWoot
Tom baker creepy smile

Rick and Carl: Rick the negotiator is back and is willing to "let it all be pardoned", I don't agree and find it weird with this side of Rick but it was emotional and "feel-able" especially when Hershel was killed and Judith got devoured. I also like his fight scenes with TG though it was in favor against him, it was a thriller wether he dies!, and the Injuries.....I wanna see Daryl having that but dammit. Now the episode did not pay attention to Carl that much until the final minutes of the episode, I feel him on what happened to Judy, he's been thinking of his sister's safety since last season and how he cared her much as seen in "Clear" and now seeing that horrific sight is beyond words to describe.

Don't look back TV

Julio: See that guy near Glenn and Maggie?. That's Julio....he died, but seriously taking those shots against the militia is brave and commendable. I have to admit if it wasn't for him either Maggie or Glenn would take the bullet. He also died splendidly and with suave'. Not bad Mr. Cirilo. (Clapping my hands).

Julio killed

Next Episode: Rick and Carl centric! (Standing Ovation), Kirkman is assigned to write it so expect drama and flawless writing, Believe me a perfect start for Part B is a Kirkman episode.

In Memoriam

Today, We honor those who died:

Tombs Lori Grave
To see the full list of all the extras (Governor's Militia) who took part in the Prison Assault and those who stayed behind, Proceed to this page: Background Survivors (TV Series)/Martinez's Group Survivors.

Critics' Grade

"Too Far Gone"
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Now that the first eight episodes are through, The TV Series reviews will be on a Hiatus and will resume after 409 airs, but first I will do the Comics review.


I am Closing this blog with unending gratitude in read my review "Too Far Gone" Please do not hesitate to leave your comments down below, You have my assurance that it will be respected, This is WalkerMaimer telling you to have a Great Day and Stay Cool.

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