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WalkerMaimer's Review on Season 01 (TV)

Salutations Wikians!

Today, I have decided to publish three blogs that would serve as "inbetweeners" before the Season 4B Review and before WalkerMaimer's Review on "No Sanctuary" and Master Blog (Yes, I've signed a contract reviewing this Season. Hahaha) Since reviewing every episode from the first season 'till the third one would take time and to avoid the stress that season three would bring me for bitching most of it's episodes I have decided to compress all episode reviews of a season in one blog. Every season review will be released weekly. This week would be Season One.

Shall we begin?

"Days Gone Bye"

AMC TWD Days Gone Bye

Acting: 4.5

Story: 5

I personally love this episode, One of the best series premieres ever done that I've seen since the first episode of Stargate: Atlantis. Everything of what I have imagined for a Walking Dead episode is all in here. The flashback is well told and Morgan's appearance and breakdown when the point that he has to take down his dead wife is heart touching and phenomenal, Lennie James sure is perfect for the role. Andrew Lincoln may probably not be the perfect choice as Rick but he did pull it off nicely, as expected to an actor from the UK. The props and effects used is commendable. Frank Darabont sure have written the first episode of the series well. Greg Nicotero's walker masterpieces are well thought and scary. Overall the episode is by far one of my favorites and I consider this a classic.......Charlie Adlard is also there, find him! Annnnd that drinking walker in Atlanta. (LOL)



Acting: 4.5

Story: 4.5

Though through this episode we can expect that from now on the show is prone to more changes and stuff. This type of approach has been good so far as it introduces new and interesting characters that we have not seen from the show's mother franchise. Like, Merle, a red neck that is fond of blurting out every racial slur on people and saying the infamous "SUGAR TITS" (Sadly, it was directed on TV Andrea) I love this episode, Not my fave but I still like it. Everything is balanced and the characters are well introduced and their dialogs are properly injected with humor and that walker who ate that rat in the sewers is sooooo hawt (LOL). Shane and Lori banging tho.

"Tell It to the Frogs"

AMC TWD Tell It to the Frogs

Acting: 5

Story: 4

So In this episode is somewhat in the middle for me. We see how the survivors striving and standing up and build a society away from the dead. But the most important thing about this episode is the talk on vibrators!

But first let's go backwards a bit since nothing much happened other than crying, running, squirrel man, Greg Nicotero, and Merle's genital magnet amputated hand. Lori having sex with Shane is FINE by me. Why? Simple, Her husband is in a coma then shit happened. Logically, Rick's chances of survival is slim and it is a miracle that he woke up from his long slumber. I can't simply point a finger on Lori and tell her that she is a slut knowing that for her own point of view that Rick is now gone and here is a man who have protected them so far and is willing to love her 'till the end. The Grimes reunion is so touching and heart warming it gets me to the point in rewinding that part. I love that awkward look on their faces when Rick returned and how he is confronted by Lori to back off from her family and Shane punches PedoEd relentlessly is a classic.



Acting: 5

Story: 4

My least favorite episode this season tho I still like it really entertained me. It seems so stretched and pointless at all. It seems pretty early for Kirkman to write an episode introducing a new community.....IN A CITY. I was really having thoughts of people thinking that they are alone and them being pushed to their limits until a breaking point has been reached that eventually leads to either Moral or Immoral decisions or actions. This episode should've been merged with the succeeding episode, "Wildfire". And this new character named Daryl Dixon is so interesting and I am going to be his fan. (Tune in on how this relationship would end up.)


AMC TWD Wildfire

Acting: 5

Story: 4

Same with "Vatos" actually. I like the episode don't get me wrong but there are scenes that I find dull and boring and is so unnecessary that made me think like it should've been merged from the start. I love the Jim scenes especially on the part where everyone had to leave him behind, Shane and Rick's tension begins + Dale face and Andrea's farewell to her sister who just died in the previous episode is just heart breaking.....first time I saw the ep. I was silenced. CONSIDER IT A MIRACLE So yeah, 1X04-05 should've been merged.


250px-AMC TWD TS-19

Acting: 5

Story: 4

Using a lone scientist isolated in a CDC facility did not work on me. It is possible for a scientist to devote himself in researching for a cure while some ravenous freaks feast on people outside his "safe haven" with his super computer whore. Like I said earlier I am really having thoughts of people thinking that they are alone and everything seems to be hopeless. I do think that Edwin Jenner's whisper on Rick is POINTLESS. On the other hand Noah Emmerich's acting and dialog is commendable and a bit moving and the dialogs for each character is well done. Jacqui's suicide is heart breaking and a shame to see this growing character to go. And Shane's "love" for Lori is somewhat engaging and something to look forward to. Though the episode feels strange and is so George Romero's at some point. It did justify this episode worthy as a finale.


Did I miss some parts? Too Trivial to read? Then feel free to comment below and let it out.

I am Closing this blog with unending gratitude in reading my review, Please do not hesitate to leave your comments down below, You have my assurance that it will be respected. I am also giving credit to those contributors who have uploaded the images I have used here. And Anons......make an account.

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