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WalkerMaimer's Review on Season 03 (TV)

Salutations Wikians!

Today, we are continuing our review series in lieu to the upcoming season five premiere!

Yep, published way earlier than expected. 16 episodes to be reviewed under my nose and determine if this episode are worth to watch! Unlike my previous season reviews this one is a real pain in the neck not because I have to type this as soon as the second season review got published but because this is my least favorite one......and by this meaning I'd throw a lot of hatred in this. BUT don't worry though I am going to inject some humor in this so that people would SOMEHOW enjoy reading it.

Also before I end this I just want to tell ya'll that I won't be reviewing the fourth season as a whole because I started this whole review stuff on the fourth season premiere.

So, Shall we begin?



Acting: 4

Story: 5

The opening is just a masterpiece, starting off the season with what we thought is Rick's eyes but actually a walker's really brought up a scared tingling sensation in me. I also like how the group not talking as they take this house for a place to rest.......That Poor Owl tho. So the group discovers this prison with mowed grass. I really love the way how they took the prison by taking the guard towers and snipe them one by one while the others lure them to the fences. The conflict between Lori and Rick Is a bit mixed for me to be honest, what really drove to these two for their relationship to be more strained, what transpired last season doesn't even made sense for their current situation! Shane? We all know how Rick accepted it because they think that he is dead. Carl? What is the point of that training anyway, that conversation in the prison yard between the two did not even tackle the freckin reason.....Going to the other characters, who knew Beth could even sing? (Walks away slowly) From this part of the season, We now see how Carol was able to recuperate from the death of her child and how her bond with Derle blooms. Andrea and Michonne's scenes are kinda slow for me. Yes, it is nice to see Andrea and that hooded woman, who saved her, but still I find it dull. Hershel losing a leg after being bitten by a walker in the dark halls of the prison is a shocker and the new characters that have appeared to be trapped inside the prison cafeteria is interesting. This is a very good premiere that showcases hope, survival, drama, and horror in one. Plus, the introduction of new characters and story arc.



Acting: 4

Story: 4.5

I like this episode. Hershel loosing his leg and throwing her girls into a bit of a pandemonium sorta threw me into that soft part of mine. Not because he is now old and bearded like Santa Claus but because these people have already lost too much already and I would definitely plunge into sadness when a person like Hershel, who still got what it takes to survive, dies. FORTUNATELY, He Lives! The new characters namely "The Prison Dudes" should've been given two to three episodes so that the pressure among the survivors grow intense until they clash....but (shrugs) shit happens. Other than that, the scenes with them are decent and in some way spooky. I like that Oscar dude. (His actor is my friend on facebook btw. Hihihihihi) Carl is now getting annoying although his gesture of bringing in supplies from the infested infirmary is admirable. And finally before I get gibberish, Rick and Lori is slowly getting back together, I deem the whole talk and their conflict pointless. Other than that, The episode tackles family which is good.

"Walk With Me"

AMC TWD Walk With Me

Acting: 4

Story: 5

The group takes a break atm to give way to Andrea and Michonne. Plus, a whole new scope of a new group and their established community. Merle Dixon returns with a bad ass bladed arm. And the introduction of this very interesting guy, Milton Mamet, who is the resident scientist and advisor to this Governor , a charismatic man with a hidden secret, I really love this sense of community. Everyone walks freely because of the walls that surrounds them. I really love the reunion between Andrea and Merle. The Governor's back stabbing approach on those soldiers is not really a surprise and so is Michonne's skepticism on all of Woodbury, it just ruins the character honestly if she isn't. The episode is good by it's own right BUT coming to think of it the entire community is boring and is more brain washed than Yamato paying up for the meals of Kakashi and Naruto.

"Killer Within"

AMC TWD Killer Within

Acting: 5

Story: 4

One of the emotional episodes of the season. Honestly, I knew that from the moment Glenn and Maggie having sex in the guard tower that T-DOG is gonna die because Oscar would replace him and the stunt that the writers did when Dale is about to die is obvious on T-DOG's. I still think that T-DOG should've stayed longer but I really love his final last words and the way he plunged himself into the walkers just to give Carol the chance to survive. Lori's death is satisfying and depressing as she is being taken down by her own child who she have given some heartbreaking final words. Axel and Oscar's allegiance with Rick's group is now solidified and the bonds they'd have with the group in the future is something to look forward. Welcome to the family Judith and Good Luck Carol who is out there lost inside.

"Say the Word"

AMC TWD Say the Word

Acting: 4

Story: 4

Michonne's suspicion grows more leaving the boring town of Woodbury. (YAY!) while her friend stayed because "IT IS SAFE", it's funny though that Androfe's lawyer instincts faded away. I deem it unnecessary and pointless for Woodbury to dig up holes and put them up in cages for "future purposes". Even though I love Milton and Merle it is a complete waste for their character to be on that place just to pull off the duct tape reference from the novels. For short, Woodbury became more boring this episode except for Penny and TG's bonding scene that is creepy and spooky but the love of TG for her daughter is there and I love it.

Back in the Prison, Only Reck made sense in the episode throughout and I commend Andy Lincoln's performance. In this episode we see how Rick copes with the death of Lori every blow of his on the walkers got strong emotions you can actually feel especially that bloated walker scene. The Daycare scene is purely boring. Sure, Derle's gesture of finding Judith's formula with the assistance of Maggie is a plus point but with all honesty it just bores me I mean, can't they just bring in zombie kids again. The "Ass Kicker" joke isn't funny at all. The ringing telephone hallucination tho on the other hand is interesting.


AMC TWD Hounded

Acting: 4

Story: 4

This is the second time for a sixth episode where Andrea fucks the antagonist. Romance blooms in boring Woodbury between Androfe and Da Guvnah, As much as I find it a bit sweet and a wee bit happy for her I also find it mutilating and disgusting. Merle and his search party scenes and the duel with Michonne is engaging despite of Ga -...Neil is such a wuss. The abduction of our two love birds while they grab supplies for the prison is the one that totally killed 'Ol Pal Glenn's character and complicated the situation throughout the season. Rick's hallucination and Hershel's concern about the matter is worth watching with popcorn and soda. I am perplexed and happy on Michonne's arrival at the Prison. Best obvious decision the show ever made this season.

"When the Dead Come Knocking"

AMC TWD When the Dead Come Knocking

Acting: 4

Story: 4

This is the episode throughout the series that I can easily forget despite of being watched multiple times. So basically what happened in this episode is First, Michonne gets rescued by Rick and is taken inside where she reveals everything she knows about this settlement and the abduction of two lovebirds carrying supplies......I am just summarizing the episode am I? Okay, so Glenn being interrogated by Merle showed a sudden shift of character and I am not very fond of it. Carol returns and her reunion with Rick is touching and overflowing with emotions especially when the news of Lori's death reaches her. The group then decides to go on an adventure time to rescue Glenn and Maggie who should've escaped so that when Rick arrives....SURPRISE! Maggie's bewbz tho. :(

"Made to Suffer"

AMC TWD Made to Suffer

Acting: 4

Story: 4.5

I have mixed feelings here in the mid-season finale. Though yes it indeed MAY have justified it's points as a mid season finale BUT what bothered me is that they killed a wonderful character in the making, Oscar, and brought in another as replacement (Tyreese or Michonne). I can't really tell if this is a type of a bloody joke or a form of racism! Either way, not comfortable with that move. Anyways, This episode is action pack in boring Woodbury (finally, some bullets flyin') The fire fight on the streets kept me on edge and Shane's appearance as a hallucination brought me to cheers but (shrugs) Oscar died...way to go Rick! The duel in TG's apartment is just brutal and a bit satisfying and the death of Penny for the second time around is really a bit emotional, People would get that scene even if you are not a father. And finally the reunion we all have been waiting for have been brought in in the most perfect of time but in a bad situation. Finally, The Dix Bros are reunited.

Meanwhile, back at the Prison, a group of survivors was able to get inside through the damaged part of the damn graveyard. Carl is such a brave boy and somehow did the right thing to in saving those people I mean, The question: What would Rick do? applies in that situation.

The episode is well balanced IMO but the thought of Oscar getting killed bugs me,

"The Suicide King"

AMC TWD The Suicide King

Acting: 4

Story: 4

This is my least favorite post mid season finale episode for me NOT because Derle is rescued or anything but because nothing pretty much happened. Woodbury exploded in pandemonium when Rick returns to fetch up his boyfriend and the brother but before that.....I don't mean to offend the extras on that part but they were really awful cheering for the two Dixons to fight, not even Deanna Dixon's beauty (SHE IS NOT A FRECKIN RELATIVE OF THOSE TWO DIXONS DAMMIT!) can mask the awfulness. Anyways, So let's go with the aftermath where Shumpert says "We got biters" (LOL) Andrea's speech is encouraging and a bit ambitious it really worked well towards the awakened (later brainwashed) Woodbury folks.

Back at the Prison, Reck returns and tells Carol that Derle left, who is dismayed that she cannot touch him anymore, BUT I think that the main thing the episode wants to show is that Rick still haven't cope with Lori's death as he lashes towards two reasonable folks and two idiots because of his hallucination of his dead wife, bitch sure brings trouble and misery. Did I mention that Glenn went into angry teenager mode again this episode? 'Coz I still mourn for the death of his old self!

What does the title "The Suicide King" mean anyway?



Acting: 4

Story: 4

The start where I am starting to hate this season. Killing Axel? Dafuq, what is wrong with the writers here with all honesty. They simply ruined Oscar who is a great character in the making by writing him off and now they are going to kill another character who is very funny and interesting? Sheesh! I am also not fond by the writers' decision to bring the Dixon brothers in at this point of time. They just left when suddenly......Heya Rick! We back to smash skulls! A Semi-Bad decision to do tbh THOUGH I do like the bridge scene a wee bit, It showed us that Derle is Merle's moral compass when Merle tried to rob the Mexican family after saving them. Woodbury shifts down to boringness mode again and the only scene that amused me is Milton being startled while relaxing on his lab, That's all. Back to the prison, Glenn and Maggie's relationship strains a bit, that's good at least they are not those type of couples in TWD that is just.....one sided? (NGSB here, so no idea if that's the right term. LEL) Axel and Carol's conversation both on the yard and the foot bridge is amusing and entertaining. Rick's hallucination (rolls eyes) is like "ok" to me.

"I Ain't a Judas"

AMC TWD I Ain’t a Judas

Acting: 4

Story: 3.5

Teleportation Technique! How did Rick, Derle, and Merle got inside the Prison anyway....BLAH BLAH BLAH FRUSTRATION. Ok sooo A chance to live again with the people she knew BUT chose the person she loves who is obviously an evil person is the worst decision by Andrea and the show have ever done. Though some moments in the episode are decent. Overall, the episode arrived into a conclusion that is just pointless for my taste. The reunion scene isn't emotional....it is tepid. The only thing that kept me at bay to watch further is for hopes that another heart felt dialogue like Michonne's would magically save this shit but nah...In the end Androfe CHOSE A WARM BED OVER A FRIEND. I have nothing more to say about this soaked papel de hapon. Despite of that, I'm gonna be considerate in giving it's point as it showed at least of a decency at some moments and for the effort.


250px-AMC TWD Clear

Acting: 5

Story: 5

My favorite episode of all. An emotionally powerful and a bit intense episode. Zombie action and a story that made sense tailored splendidly into a wonderful masterpiece. I love how they bring Morgan's actor back despite of his schedule. Regardless, Lennie James brought up a powerful heart felt performance and with the mixture of Lincoln's....every scene of their's is phenomenal. I also praise Guirira and Riggs' awesome acting dynamics. Also giving a Kudos to the wonderful writing, and the somewhat complicated look of the main location. I am putting this episode at the highest pedestal and I am perfectly sure that it would take a season or two to overthrow it to where it is at the moment. A perfect episode for me even though it is depressing and heartbreaking that Duane turned.

"Arrow on the Doorpost"

AMC TWD Arrow on the Doorpost

Acting: 3

Story: 4

I am therefore questioning the very existence of this bloody episode. So they go ahead and talk and then declare war afterwards even though there has been a deal. Androfe by now should've fucking realized who TG is and what he is doing is purely wrong. Heck, Even Milton at the end of the episode that the whole thing is about to turn to a shitstorm. The Daryl and Martinez scene did not do anything either, It just showed a bit of a story for Caesar but that's just it. On the other hand, Milton and Hershel gave me a taste of happiness because of the whole stump thing. Back at the Prison, Angwy Glenn strikes again and went on a fist fight with Merle which results of Beth firing a gun (Oh, Hi Beth!) then disappears until the end of the episode. Merle and Carol's conversation is engaging and interesting too although Ms. Kang should've written more on that and not Maggie and Glenn banging again. Same as IaJ I am gonna be considerate as well.



Acting: 3

Story: 3

When WalkerMaimer hates something, He goes fowl mouth mode so I am gonna make this a bit short I guess. The episode that I really hated. It is clearly a death sentence for two characters. One who have done the dumbest decisions in an post apocalyptic era and the other, my favorite character of all time. This isn't an intense episode with a lot of twists and turns but an absolute laughing stock! The only thing outside of the whole stupid "chase" thing that grabbed my attention is Milton's change of character that I absolutely praise and commend. Woodbury is still boring btw. I should've given this episode a failing remark but because of Milton and only Milton I gave it a passing mark. Now Andrea is captured and would have to suffer by the use of a Speculum. (search that up ya'll)

"This Sorrowful Life"

250px-AMC TWD This Sorrowful Life

Acting: 5

Story: 4.5

Hands down to Michael Rooker for portraying Merle Dixon perfectly. It's nice to see that Scott Gimple took the time to focus on characters that needs development and for once we don't get to see Angwy Glenn in this episode who just proposed to Maggie! Regardless of the two adorable couple being engaged.....I am bored with that scene, It lacks something more "OOMPH". Anyways, Rick pulled out a great speech with regards of what the group should do in the future and for that my respect for Rick grows. I am also praising Danai's performance in this episode and the dynamics of her acting with Rooker's is fantastic and there are no dull moments. Merle's last scene with Daryl is touching, emotional, and hilarious (ask NR) Regardless of hilarious crying a and some dull moments. TSL offered us action, comedy, drama, and horror. How I love Merle luring those walkers into the feeds store and go Rambo. Classic!

"Welcome to the Tombs"

AMC TWD Welcome to the Tombs

Acting: 3

Story: 3.5

Ok the whole Prison Arc should've ended at this point. This episode was fun to watch but is also disappointing. Angwy Glenn went back for a couple of minutes, Carol and Beth made an appearance, Derle uses his teleportation technique, and Judith is drinking formula. Two MAJOR characters died. Milton stands up against the TG only to die and turn just to save Andrea, who later dies because she spends the time talking while Milton is still alive! By any chance, Milton could've been saved and the two would bang next season. The whole point of training this boring Woodbury people is useless too. What did Karen say? "That was a slaughter"? while take note nobody dies. When TG went apeshit and killed all his constituents (he got a point on doing that) That Moron named Allen looses it, points a gun, then a hole in his head. This entire season everything escalates into nothing. All what is said to be promised were never done and when credits starts rolling I am disappointed. BUT of course let me throw in some good thoughts and yes one of it came from Milton, his sudden change of direction did cost him his life but I like the fact that despite of his chances is slim he still took a risk in saving Andrea and his final last words though simple...it is still delivered splendidly. Andrea's farewell is also pulled out quite well even though I disagreed with how the show should go without her. I also like Rick and Carl's conflict because it is a normal thing between a father and son and their talk afterwards about Carl killing that Woodbury dude in the forest. Speaking of Rick, his move to bring in the boring Woodbury folks to the Prison is somehow good because at least Rick still remembers Abuela and shows compassion to the old folks. The Bottom line by how the finale disappointed me is that we won't be cheated by the finale, and we will see what was promised. And the episode failed to give me that. I'D RATHER BE BORED THAN DISAPPOINTED.


Season 3A is decent while Season 3B is a mixed pile of purity and garbage. Action is vital and integral part of any medium about zombies. There should be substantial stories with sense, character development, and direction because that is what made the comic series a masterpiece because it was able to balance those things which this season failed to do. Reviewing this season is hard to be honest because I am basing everything by own and without pulling references from the CS (I did mention the novels tho. LOL) Regardless, of the bullshitry of Part B the season still garnered an 8.3 score. Despite of that it is still the worst season for me.

I try to avoid ranting on Derle btw.


Enjoy my gibberish statements...

Did I miss some parts? Too Trivial to read? Then feel free to comment below and let it out.

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