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WalkerMaimer's Review on Survival Instinct
- WalkerMaimer,MMf, RWr

From the Maimer

I know that someone in this Wiki have expressed their Outrage or Joy on The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Game, I don't know who or when but it doesn't matter since everything I am going to say here is on my own perspective about the game.

Few things to remember:

  • I am sometimes NOT grammatically correct so pardon me.
  • Off-Topic is allowed
  • No violence within the blog (Offenders shall be reported to the Admins).
  • Do not hesitate to express your thoughts, let it all out.
  • Enjoy! =D

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

The walking dead survival instinct-22504315-frntl

The Game is a Product of Terminal Reality and Activision. It is a first-shooter game and tells about the Apocalypse adventure of Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon during their "skirmishes" before they reached Atlanta.

The Review


Daryl in-Cabot

Wrong move by Norman Reedus and a wise move for Activision and Terminal. The entire game is a "Cash Grab" and a "waste of time". The developers knew that in order for them to earn $$$$$$$ is to make a fan favorite actor to voice the person he portrays in a popular show. Guess who? It's Norman Reedus. A bad move by Norman Reedus you say?. He has been the marketing guy ever since and yet he allows himself to be used again in another Walking Dead Medium can't he sense that?. If i were him I would rather focus on giving a quality acting to the audience for free rather than earning money after giving some bullcrap.

Let's go to the Character itself. Well, No Change. I did not feel anything from Daryl in the Game he just "Talks". There are times that he says his lines over and over again and it's annoying.



Merle is one of my favorite Characters in the TWD universe. But I did not like how the game developers turned him into a guinea pig in the game. I mean, We understand that Merle has his Addiction Problem but for Negan's sake he made him as high as fuck than 2Chainz' music video with Robin Thicke. They turned him into a Drug Psycho that travels from Fontana to Barksdale and then gets lost then drives a military vehicle in the end. I am going to hunt these brainless developers.

The Survivors

I have no problem where to find the Survivors and on how they join your arsenal. But after they joined you....USELESS!!!. You just tell them find fuel, scavenge stuff, and stay in the Car?. It would be great if they join you on your missions just like Left4Dead and if they got bit you get to shoot them. This game is a big fail it teaches you nothing when it comes to responsibility.


Firesign Stadium2

Locations?. Please, there are some stop-overs that looks like Fontana, and Pemberton. The only difference are the missions, car positions, and the time of the Day. Though I have to credit the weather and some flying stuff in an abandoned neighborhood there. But it's the same thing over and over again.


Polksville Herd

The Walkers are the only beings that amused me in this game. The only problem is this one time that you have to protect a survivor from a herd of Seven Walkers. Sheesh their definition of a herd is just stupid.


One word in all CAPS: "FAIL!". The Game failed to bring us the TWD vibe. The game is Trash and Terminal Reality made it Daryl Dixon visits in LEFT4DEAD: The Prequel. The only interesting part are the Easter Eggs that's all and the best voice Actor is the one who portrayed Elizabeth (though she did not appear in the game).

The Critic's Rating

It's a 3/10. That's the maximum I can give for a shitty game.

Though I have to Credit the following:

  • The Walkers
  • Easter Eggs


I know I don't have the right to complain because I haven't played the game, which is a no regret. I would rather take Harsh words for complaining than spending 2000 Pesos for a very poor game and end up being "BORED". Yet as much as I want to knock the lights out of everyone in the game, I guess i'll have to deal with it and concentrate on my Project in editing their pages.

I am Closing my blog with deepest Gratitude in spending your time in reading this. Please do not hesitate in leaving your comments about this Blog and anything under the sun and for the nth time your opinions will be respected.

This is WalkerMaimer telling you have a great day.


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