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Yes my lousy kittens, I'm back to give you a back to back review on "First Time Again" and "JSS" because LEL why not?

Today, I am gonna review "First Time Again" written by Scott Gimple, and Matt Negrete and directed by Gregory Nicotero.....and "JSS" written by Seth Hoffman, and directed by Jennifer Lynch.

So I'm not gonna give any "previously" something bullcrap on this one and let's just move on with the review and do that on the "Thank You" episode.

AHEM! Now, without further ado here is the condensed review of the first two episodes! Enjoy!

Not gonna do this back to back thing again, I clearly screwed up...

"First Time Again"

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All right, So The season begins with Rick shooting Pete (a clip from last season) then the screen goes black and white. Normally, Maimer is not a fan of black and white if it's made at around this point of our timeline but then I was proven wrong because for two reasons: The episode is a half black and white episode and the episode is good....such an idiot pointing that out. Anywayorhow, The episode is divided into two, the B&W is clearly a prologue of the events that happened in the colored scenes. The B&W scenes is more of character to character interactions at the aftermath of that MADPETENIGHT like the Ron and Rick interaction which is I think the most standout of all as it shows what an Austin Abrams can do aside from copying my hairstyle last season but seriously though I really want to see more interaction or a some sort of bond between the two. Also, I want to note Morgan and Rick's somewhat sane conversations that I'm sure we gladly missed from the very first epi and that Sasha and Abraham thang is a bit of a piece of hilarity and then we have the arrival of Heath and the fate of TARAAAA!...Sadly, the other "PROLOGUE" scenes kept me either bored or irritated, one typical scene is the one with Pussy now Glenn slave Nicholas. Though I have to commend Ethan Embry's brilliant acting though it was short ( you all have watched this so it's not a spoiler ). So let's move on to the colored side of the episode and yes as always the bloody maiming bitch ain't gonna review episodes chronologically, The herding scene while at first is awesome because of the massive herd and the flares and stuff, I find the whole herding scene as kinda ok, I mean people who aren't brainless like that businessman with a funny hair can build a wall and herd walkers away during a ZA but there are scenes like the Abraham and Sasha one and that slow-mo derlepickledix on a bike kinda screwed it off though I find the Glenn plus Heath scenes a bit intense for me tbh. Though I must admit that I intensified and screamed eternally when a horn echoed throughout the area attracting the herd towards the only important thing Reck is trying to protect and that is Carol's vibrator....Sorry, what I meant is Home though it depends if the vibrator is reck's home. Ohhhh the plot twist. #WastedCarter

OVERALL: 8 out of 10

Though a few scenes fell dry and dull. The season premiere brought fans to a while new level of viewing by showing us scenes in B&W that shows a bit of a lax vibe and the typical multi-colored scenes that well shows horror and carnage, I'll put Nicotero on that credit. The writing is good as it focus on the characters as it begins to undergo metamorphosis in coping with what is the new reality in their lives and how to deal with it. Regardless of the negativity, this is still a good episode for my taste and I expect that the next one should be good. I also commend Embry, Lincoln, and James for pulling it off.

Meanwhile in ASZ.......


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So the episode starts with the Enid flashbacks from the day her parents died until she reaches ASZ and tbh I don't find this beneficial for the gal's overall character because it clearly wants to point out of what the meaning of the title is and that's just it...JSS stands for "Just Survive Somehow" the flashback includes eating Anthony ( watch BLR n00bs )

So the episode starts with normal "Housewives of Alexandria" talking so yeah we just thought that things are gonna get boring until Shel got killed by a........( drumroll please ).........a wolf! No, it ain't you Ghast and RAZAH! It seems that The Wolves infiltrated ASZ and now runs a series of attacks using Melee weapons killing every people they can find so yeah that shit went down. The whole attack scenes is gruesome, intense, and disturbing BUT gold! Carol is the new Daryl as she kills a wolf and disguises as one of them and the tides begins to turn towards the Alexandrians favor. While Carol and the others fight back. TV Denise is on a dilemma as she is caught up between saving Holly or not to save Holly, To be honest, I like the Denise scenes they show much of who she is and I get to understand this new character because of that, definitely would like to see more. I would not say that Morgan is something to hate because he doesn't like killings baptizing him into a legitimate peace guru but let's all take in the consideration that maybe something happened to him between the moments we miss him maybe it has something to do after "Clear" or something to do with Duane. Now where are the others? Maggie just spent her time running and pointing guns, The Monroe's goes Pussy mode though Deanna does have the point and in reality this people doesn't have the skills to fight back, Aaron and Rosita are also around and Eric and Tara are with Denise.....Fuck your "SERVICES STUFF" Eugene and the Andersons? Well...Ron did good this episode debating with his mom and Jessie did great using that pair of scissors too. Gabriel really needs to fight and Carl killed a wolf, That's all. Wait, Have you guys noticed that wolf picking up a gun? Oh yeah, IT should happen.

OVERALL: 8.5 out of 10

Episode is better than the last. This just proves that it doesn't need Rick or Daryl to get this episode on juggernaut mode. The episode clearly proves that Rick is right all along and that they should start preparing themselves to protect not just from the threat outside but also from within. Definitely would like to see the aftermath.


First of all in a serious note, I would like to apologize for these late reviews but please understand that there are things that you can't stop. It's shameful really. Sooooo moving on...

Too Trivial? Missed some points? Any violent reactions? Well, Don't be discouraged and hesitant just write it up down in the comment section! BUT please practice a healthy discussion/debate.

Thank you for reading this first and FINAL back to back review and it's companion master blog. See you on the third episode. If you have any personal problems or anything that you'd like to discuss just send me an e-mail at walker.maimer1219@gmail.com!

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