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  • Wwefan2

    So, it's pretty much a well known rule on the wiki that characters have different pages based a storyline standpoint like Glenn and Hershel from the Comics/Video Game or Morgan in the TV Series/Fear, but the thing is those characters share the same continuity with each other. So I wanted to make a proposal to not just combine the pages, but make them different tabs for each other so it lets people know that their the same character in the universe and has their stories for a certain narrative. I decided to use Morgan as an example so you can get an example of how it would look:

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  • Wwefan2

    Hello everybody

    This is my first blog post about the top 10 characters from Telltale Game's The Walking Dead that I feel could have been used better or served no purpose to the plot. Feel free to criticize if you don't agree with my list.

    If you have not played the game, then I must warn you there are spoilers.

    Note: more than one character will be added in one entry if given the same scenario.

    Mark's only reason to be included in episode 2 was just for him to die, even in the original script for episode 3 Mark was going to be left behind during the bandit attack. His only reason for existing is just to expose the St. Johns, a role which was originally going to be given to David Parker, so the script would still be the same even if mark didn't…

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