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This is my first blog post about the top 10 characters from Telltale Game's The Walking Dead that I feel could have been used better or served no purpose to the plot. Feel free to criticize if you don't agree with my list.

If you have not played the game, then I must warn you there are spoilers.

Note: more than one character will be added in one entry if given the same scenario.

10. Mark

Mark's only reason to be included in episode 2 was just for him to die, even in the original script for episode 3 Mark was going to be left behind during the bandit attack. His only reason for existing is just to expose the St. Johns, a role which was originally going to be given to David Parker, so the script would still be the same even if mark didn't exist.

9. Andre/Chet

So if you chose to leave Clementine's house at night you would meet Shawn and Andre along with a zombified Chet, but if you left at day you would just meet Shawn and a living Chet, but Andre is nowhere to be found. Does this effect the plot in anyway? No it doesn't. In fact, once you get to Hershel's farm, they just leave and are never to be seen again. So what was their reason for existing?

8. Beatrice

If you chose to leave Beatrice you are given more time to grab supplies, but if you shoot her you are given less time. Well this doesn't really matter because after the bandit attack are those supplies that you gathered get left behind, so this decision doesn't really effect the game at all. Even after the bandit attack this scenario is never brought up again.

7. Michelle

The only reason this character exists is just to kill off Omid and in the cheapest of ways at that.

6. Randy and his family

Randy and his family only appear in the Season 2 finale if you went with Jane and you are given the option to invite them in or turn them away, well this option doesn't really matter because in Season 3 it's revealed that they robbed you either way. They could've at least played a minor role in Season 3, but nope they don't even appear in the season.

5. The 400 Days protagonist (minus Bonnie)

These character are the protagonist of Season 1's DLC, 400 Days, If you got all of them to go with you at the end, then they only make cameos in Season 2 and nothing else, they aren't even seen for the rest of the episode, they could've at least had more then just one appearance, maybe have them help Bonnie help Clem and co. out of the pen, that would of been a lot better.

Well it was announced at E3 that 400 Days would have a more significant impact of Season 3, so maybe they might play a bigger role there.

4. Sarita

If you tried to cut off Sarita's arm at the end of episode 3 she ends up dying anyway at the beginning of episode 4, she there was no point of even trying to save her if she dies anyways, honestly just killing the walker that bit is the choice, at least she gets to say goodbye to Kenny that way.

3. Nick

Again another character that dies even if you saved him in the previous episode. If you save Nick in episode 2, he appears in episode 3 but barely gets any lines, if fact I forgot he was even with us until I spoke to him, but then in episode 4 he didn't get ANY lines at all and then was given an off-screen death WTF! After pretty much being the star of episode 2, he's resorted to what most would consider a cameo. What's worst is once you tell Luke about Nick's death, he just brushes it off, his best friend that he knew for almost 20 years dies and he just forgets it almost immediately.

2. Sarah

Once again killing off characters even if you tried to save them, is this like a fetish for Telltale? But in this case, she dies in the exact same episode you tried to save her in. Sarah, in my opinion, is the perfect example of wasted potential, in episode 2 you have the option to teach Sarah how to use a gun. Does this come into play later? Nope. Sarah is basically what Clementine would've been if Lee never taught her how to protect herself. Clementine could've been Sarah's Lee and taught her how to survive, she could've been another Clementine, she had SO much potential, but instead of developing her character more, Telltale just killed he off. And what was the point in saving her if she just dies anyway? In the same episode no less.

1. Kenny/Jane/Edith

Okay, this honestly the biggest slap in the face by Telltale thus far. Depending on how you ended Season 2, you would end up with one of these three characters or none of them. Well instead of having these characters play a bigger role in Season 3, they are killed off in the first episode in a flashback of all things. So what was the point of 5 ending (7 if you include the 3 alone endings) if you just end up with the same plot. So let me get this straight, you have 5 (7) different paths and all of them lead to the same place, so then it doesn't really matter which path you take.

Do you agree with my list?

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