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Valley Town is a location seen in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.


Before the apocalypse, this dam held enough water that it made a lake. Isaac would come here with his grandfather to fish often. According to Isaac's grandfather, a town was flooded to make the dam. Although Isaac didn't believe it, the story was true and the town remained beneath the water, albeit fallen into ruin over time.


Sometime in the apocalypse, something caused the dam to be completely drained. Because of this, on maps it would show a lake here instead of an empty valley. Isaac and Rachel realized this after having left the Pioneers and decided to hide from them here.

Season 6[]

"The End Is the Beginning"[]

Isaac and Morgan arrive at the valley his wife is staying at, observing a group of walkers from the hill above. Morgan decides to help Isaac, and proceeds through the crowd of walkers, eventually falling and becoming noticed by one. Before being bitten, Isaac uses the last bullet in the gun to kill the walker, and the two begin to take them all down. The two make it through the dam and into the dried up lake, finding Rachel nearing labor. At night, as Rachel is about to give birth, Emile arrives, and Morgan insists that Isaac stays out of the way to allow him to be killed so that they could begin a community in the valley. Before Morgan is able to be killed, Isaac stabs Emile, yet is overpowered. Morgan assists Isaac and briefly knocks out Emile, where Isaac reveals to Morgan he was bitten before meeting him. Emile soon gets back up and continues his fight, overpowering Isaac and almost killing Morgan until he is stabbed and decapitated.

Hearing that his child has been born, Isaac is urged by Morgan to meet them. When Morgan passes out, Isaac names his child Morgan with Rachel. Later in the night, he removes the bullet and dead tissue from Morgan's wound, patches him up, and eventually gives in to the infection, being put down by Rachel. When Morgan wakes, he learns that Isaac has died and helps to bury him.


The group of office survivors from Dallas, including Nora and Lee, were brought to Valley Town by Morgan, along with Althea and Dwight. The survivors were informed that the settlement was in its early stages and a lot of work would be needed to build it up.

"The Door"[]

After arriving in Valley Town, Charlie and Alicia are introduced to the community by Dwight. Since Morgan established the community by inviting the Dallas office survivors to join, the settlement has seen some growth as many projects have sprouted throughout town, aimed to build up the town and create a comfortable home.

"Things Left to Do"[]

Virginia is brought to Valley Town by Morgan after she is captured, to which she is amazed by the progress Morgan and his people have made in building the community. Since its inception, many people have moved into the community with hopes of creating a thriving settlement. The ruins of the church were converted into a holding cell for offenders, and other shacks have been built in the town, including out of the ruins from the previous village that once stood there. The front of the dam has been reinforced with a gate and watch tower, and additional watch posts were set up on the upper levels of the dam, allowing for guards to view incoming threats. Wooden barricades were also set up in front of the dam entrance to prevent vehicles from getting too close.

Virginia meets with Dakota in the town's cell, revealing to her the truth that Virginia is actually Dakota's mother and not her sister as Virginia had always claimed. The Outcasts and the Pioneers arrive demanding that Virginia be handed over to them for punishment and she agrees to be executed if Morgan carries it out. Outside of the main entrance, Morgan prepares to decapitate Virginia with his his axe, but he changes his mind at the last minute and convinces all that are gathered to instead banish Virginia and to let her live with all that she has done. Morgan invites anyone who is willing to follow the rules that he is laying down to join the town and Alicia, Wes, Sarah, Grace and Luciana are amongst those who choose to stay. However, both Sherry and Strand refuse. Morgan plants his axe in the ground outside until the day that it is needed again, something that he hopes will never happen.

Later, Morgan prepares Virginia for her banishment, warning that if she returns, they will kill her. Morgan provides Virginia with a back way out of Valley Town so that she can avoid her Rangers. However, when she is left alone with Virginia, June executes the former Pioneer leader in revenge for Dakota's murder of her husband. June then departs from Valley Town.

"Handle With Care"[]

In the time since Virginia's death, Valley Town has seen more growth in terms of population and the expansion of the settlement. More buildings have been constructed, including the outdoor pavilion, and other shacks are seen under construction. Additionally, a number of tents have been set up to provide additional housing for residents. Located near the gardens, just inside the massive dam wall, is an armory shed where visitors are required to store their weapons for safekeeping inside the town. An equipment shed once stood in town until an incident in which the dynamite stored inside suddenly exploded, completely destroying the building and the supplies kept inside. One of the ruins from the village that one stood years ago was converted into an outdoor kitchen, where residents can prepare and cook food for other survivors. A garden plot was established next to the outdoor kitchen, in addition to the other gardens located towards the town entrance.

"The Holding"[]

At the kitchen building, a meeting takes place regarding the cult and their plans. Present are Morgan, Althea, Wes, Luciana, Dwight, Rachel, and Dakota. They discuss Alicia's whereabouts and the fire that destroyed the Holding. Shortly after, the meeting concludes and the residents disperse.

"In Dreams"[]

In Grace's dream after being knocked unconscious, Athena takes her to Valley Town where Morgan's battle axe is still rusting in the ground outside. In the dream, Valley Town has become a large and thriving community over the sixteen years that have passed while Grace died in childbirth and is buried outside of the wall.

In reality, Morgan and Grace are revealed to have left Valley Town to make their way to June's Hospital after Grace shows signs of going into labor.


June arrives outside of Valley Town where Morgan angrily bars her entry, blaming June for the death of Athena since he and Grace were forced to travel to June's Hospital due to June's killing of Virginia forcing Morgan to exile June from Valley Town. After an argument with Morgan, June departs, followed by Dwight and Sherry who happened to be present and trading at the time of June's visit.

Later, June returns to Valley Town where she makes amends with Morgan. June introduces him to John Dorie Sr. who reveals that he knows all about Teddy and his plans and warns that they must prepare to stop him. June heads off to check on Grace while Morgan and John begin preparing to deal with Teddy and his cult.

"USS Pennsylvania"[]

The residents abandon Valley Town due to threat of the Doomsday Cult's ultimate plan. As he despondently leaves and takes a final look around, Morgan removes his axe from the ground outside.

"The Beginning"[]

Unsure where her brother Wendell is, Sarah desperately and repeatedly attempts to contact him on the radio and tells him to stay in Valley Town if he went there to seek shelter inside the dam wall.

It is unknown whether or not the town was one of the locations destroyed by the nuclear warheads.

Season 7[]

"Breathe With Me"[]

It's mentioned that no one has heard from Wendell since he left Valley Town.





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