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Vega Zeta Solar Distribution Group is a location seen in Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Vega Zeta Solar Distribution Group was an equipment distribution company and warehouse that was located relativity near to Washington, D.C.


During the onset of the apocalypse, the U.S. Military tried to commandeer this place and use it as a safe zone, however, this place eventually fell.

Season 5


A group consisting of Aiden, Nicholas, Glenn, Tara, Eugene, and Noah come to this location in hopes of finding some equipment for Alexandria due to some recent power outages that have been occurring.

Once arriving at the warehouse, Aiden believes that they should head inside quickly to grab what they need, but Glenn declines, opting to scout the perimeter first so that they would know what exits were available, should the time to leave come. Once the reconnaissance was over, Nicholas and Aiden splinter off from the group to search for their needed supplies while the others break off into groups of two. After finding two dozen walkers trapped behind a fence, Aiden tells everyone to ignore them. He soon discovers a single armored walker moving towards him, and starts to impulsively shoot it in several places to try and slow it down instead of directly killing it. Despite Glenn's protests, he continues shooting and accidentally hits a grenade on the walker's hip. The resulting explosion severely injures Tara and causes Aiden to be impaled on a broken shelf. Nicholas pronounces him dead and has the others leave his body to focus on entering the nearby office to help Tara.

Inside the office, the group hear Aiden's cries for help. Though they are cornered by walkers, they agree to try and save him, with Eugene staying with Tara while Glenn, Noah and Nicholas go for Aiden.

After ranting to Tara's unconscious body about his cowardly nature, Eugene eyes the nearby exit. He leaves the office, slinging Tara over his shoulder, and is able to get the both of them outside to the van.

While trying to assist Aiden, Nicholas gives up and abandons the attempt. Just before Noah and Glenn are forced to leave him for the walkers, Aiden reveals to Glenn that he had gotten the previous four people killed, and that the cause of their deaths was because he had broken the rules of his system. The rest of the group makes their escape through the opposite side of the warehouse. Eventually, all three end up trapped in a revolving door with walkers surrounding them on both sides.

Glenn and Noah are trapped in the section of the revolving door opposite Nicholas. Eugene arrives in the van and is able to draw away the walkers pounding from outside the building. Glenn proposes a plan to break the glass on their side to free himself and Noah, before releasing Nicholas. As Glenn attempts to break the glass, however, Nicholas panics and selfishly forces the door open, squeezing himself out to safety and swinging Glenn and Noah's section open towards the walkers inside the building. Noah is pulled in and devoured while Glenn watches in horror.

Nicholas returns to the van ahead of Glenn and demands that Eugene take them home. Eugene demands to know what happened to Glenn and Noah. Nicholas forces him out and attempts to drive off, but Glenn intervenes and throws him to the ground, delivering several punches to the face for leaving him and Noah behind, knocking him unconscious. Glenn then tells Eugene to toss Nicholas into the back before they make their way back to Alexandria. As they drive back, Eugene and Glenn both silently grieve for Noah. Eugene turns around to look at Tara and Nicholas, and sees the journal that Reg gave to Noah. It is open slightly to the first page, on which is written only one sentence: "This is the beginning."


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