The Vektor CP1 is a 9mm pistol, used by Beth Greene in "Seed". The pistol has it's orgins in South Africa, and is easy to use, compared to other 9mm pistols. The CP1 pistol was intended as a concealed carry weapon for Law Enforcement and civilian use. It has an unusual, streamlined design with a polymer frame and an even more unusual safety, located at the front of the trigger-guard. In several reviews it was characterized as being a radically designed gun that looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie. These reviews also state that it has no sharp edges, and is about as "snag-proof" as any combat gun can ever be, and because of its design it is a surprisingly comfortable gun to shoot, which makes it feel very ergonomic and easy to use which suits Beth as she has the least amount of experience using guns among the group.


TV Series

Season 3

File-TWDS3E01 76 "Seed" Beth Greene with a Vektor CP1, shooting walkers from outside the fence, in the prison.


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