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The following is a timeline for the Video Game by Telltale Games, explaining what happened each day. There might be some details that are not entirely accurate. Keep in mind all of this is approximation at best and speculation at worst. According to information given in the games, the start of the outbreak is confirmed to be July 19th, 2003.

Note: For the Comic Series timeline go here: Comic Timeline, for the Novel Series timeline go here: Novel Timeline. Despite these three media taking place in the same universe, the dates given in each contradict and therefore each timeline page is completely separate and contains different dates. For a complete timeline including all three media go here: Comic Universe Timeline.



  • Parker's Run memorial museum founded
Clementine's Family
  • Clementine's mother, Diana, worked as a doctor, while her father worked as an engineer.
  • Clementine used to own a pet hamster before the outbreak occurred. One night, it managed to open its cage door. The next morning she and her family had found it, but discovered that the hamster had eaten half a box of cookies.
  • Clementine also owned a pet goldfish named Peanut, as her mother didn't like dogs.
  • Clementine's parents, Ed and Diana took a trip to Savannah, and left Clementine at home with Sandra. During Clementine's parents' absence, Sandra is asked by Clementine to tape something that she finds in her treehouse, which is none other than a baby raccoon. Just as Sandra keeps taping the whole scenario, Ed, and Diana called, telling Clementine to be nice to her, and not to stay up too late. Ed also reminds Clementine not to get his hat that he let her borrow dirty. Just before the conversation ends, Diana tells Clementine that she and her husband will come home in a few days, Clementine is seen excitedly looking forward to the day.
Everett Family
  • B. Everett was sick very often during his childhood, and that made Lee think he was always faking it every time he fell ill. B was also almost killed in his childhood, an event that Lee doesn't forget even after both of them grew up.
  • B. Everett was bullied constantly during his childhood, but one day, he fought back with Lee's assistance, giving them a big beating, and regaining his confidence.
  • On April Fool's Day, B. Everett put flour in his mother's tuba. Then, when she woke up Lee by blowing the tuba in his face, the flour went onto Lee.
  • Lee's wife had a traveling job and she was never home, which Lee disliked. Meanwhile, Lee Everett worked as a history teacher at UGA, and worked there for six years, before finally getting fired due to his conflict with the law after he killed a senator (simply named Sam by the deceased Carley/Doug in a deleted dream sequence) that he caught cheating with his wife. Lee claimed the two got into a fight and he killed him by accident. Regardless, he was convicted.
  • The Everett family was a regular at the pizza shop where Glenn works as a delivery boy. Glenn occasionally delivered pizza to the drug store that the family owned.
Kenny's Family
  • Katjaa met Kenny when she moved to America from Belgium with her family when she was a teenager, before eventually they settled down, and had a child named Kenny Jr. (nicknamed Duck).
  • Kenny was a commercial fisherman from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While fishing, he commercially caught snapper and yellowfin, but in the summers, he'd take tours down and sailfish. Kenny always went sailing to the sea, and thus did not spare much time to be spent with his wife and son.
  • Katjaa worked as a veterinarian. She started working in a vet's office, and received her license a few years later. During the beginning of her training, she regularly practiced on farm animals. She started her veterinarian office and met Kenny when he brought in a sick octopus that needed help. She merrily told an anecdote once of how the Wildlife Rescue Center would regularly bring in injured alligators to be treated before their release back into the wild.
  • If the player listens to the conversation between Katjaa and Clementine, Katjaa will mention that her family has a labrador back home by the name of Franklin.
Lilly's Family
  • Larry was a retired army commander that had a history of heart problems.
  • Larry went through a great deal of suffering and loss during his life, including coping with the loss of his wife, keeping his wedding band in his pocket at all times to remember her.
  • Lilly was stationed at Robins Air Force Base where she held a desk job. She is used to dealing with pushy military men and immediately takes charge in tough situations. She had seen action during her service.
  • In the final season, Lilly tells Clementine the story of how she, as a child, would always forget to turn the lights off when she left the room. Eventually, Larry let the electricity go out, and Lilly learned her lesson.
  • Doug worked as an IT technician and considered himself to be a geek. He moved to Macon, Georgia two months before the outbreak to live with his uncle.
  • His character model was based off a real employee at Telltale Games, and as so many players chose Carley over Doug, a "Save Doug" group was made on Facebook.
  • Carley was a regional news reporter for WABE in Atlanta, Georgia. Having spent time as a correspondent in various war-zones, she feels that she can take care of herself and isn't afraid to use firepower as a solution to the problems that face her.
Greene Family
  • Glenn worked as a delivery boy at a pizza parlor, during his work shift he used to deliver pizzas to the Everett Family, who were regulars.
  • Mark was formerly employed at a US Air Force base.
  • Mark predicted the future of Starved for Help several times, with lines such as "I know I wouldn't want to be stuck in a room with him." when referring to Larry.
Ben Paul
  • Travis and Ben Paul attended the same high school. Ben Paul and Travis both played in the school band in Ben's native town of Stone Mountain, with Mr. Parker as their director.
  • Ben Paul used to work on a goat farm during the summers.
  • Travis' father served in the Special Forces, so he knows what he's doing.
David Parker
  • David worked as a high school band director (presumably at Stone Mountain High School); among his students were Ben Paul and Travis.
  • David's band was on a trip during Day 0.
Jolene's Family
  • Jolene, and her daughter lived in Macon, Georgia.
  • In unused audio, the daughter's name is revealed to be Danielle, who was supposedly sexually assaulted and maybe even killed by the bandits from the Save Lots.
St. John Family
  • Terry St. John used to take his sons (Danny, and Andy St. John) out fishing for largemouth bass, and they would occasionally catch a sturgeon, but never in the deep sea.
  • Andrew went to college at the University of Arkansas and graduated with an unknown degree. While his little brother Danny excelled in sports and even won a trophy in baseball.
Omid and Christa's Family
  • Omid and Christa lived in a San Francisco apartment along with their pet cat.
  • Omid and Christa went to Barstow during a "Vegas Weekend" road trip. At some point during their road trip, Omid slept in the rain, something that he and Christa will joke about later.
  • Omid and Christa were in the middle of a coast-to-coast road trip on Day 0.
  • Omid had his driver's license suspended twice, once for reportedly hitting a pedestrian.
  • Christa's parents were into Kung Fu movies and lived in a very fancy home.
  • Vernon had a daughter and worked as a doctor in the city of Savannah, who died during the first week of the outbreak.
  • Vernon was the head of a cancer group of which Brie, Boyd, Joyce, and Clive were members.
  • Brie was diagnosed with cancer right after graduating college. She joined a cancer support group led by Vernon; Boyd, Joyce, and Clive were also members.
  • Charles (usually referred to as Chuck) lived in Georgia for his entire life. He was a homeless drifter and had not seen his family in around 14 years.
  • Molly and her diabetic 14-year-old sister lived in Savannah, near or within the community of Crawford.
The Stranger's Family
  • The Stranger married to a woman named Tess with whom and had two children: Elizabeth and Adam. He coached his son's little league team.
  • Vince shot and killed an unknown man in Macon as an act of revenge for hurting his brother.
  • Justin was a pyramid scheme entrepreneur who made millions before being caught and arrested. When he was put on trial, he "cried his eyes out" and lied that he didn't know what he was doing. Regardless, he was found guilty.
  • Danny was arrested for raping a young girl. He claims he is not guilty despite his conviction.
  • Wyatt was friends with Eddie and someone named T.J., who once mistakenly thought a pancake was a CD and tried to put it in a car's stereo as both Wyatt and Eddie laughed hysterically.
  • Eddie had a girlfriend named Abigail, who told him a story about how someone urinated on her father when they visited a carnival.
  • Eddie apparently ate paint as a kid, but this could just be a joke made by Wyatt insulting his intelligence.
  • Eddie smoked weed.
  • Russell graduated from college.
  • Russell had grandparents who live in Statesboro.
  • Bonnie's mother passed away due to unknown cause.
  • Bonnie was a drug addict.
  • Luke graduated college 5 years before the apocalypse, having studied and majored in Art History as well as a minor in Agriculture to keep the "old man" happy. After the graduation, Luke continued to live with his parents and started an unsuccessful, six-month business pursuit with Nick.
  • He and Nick have been friends for at least 20 years.
Pete's Family
  • Nick was born to an irresponsible father who was rarely around, and an unnamed mother. Due to this, Nick's uncle, Pete, took on the responsibility of raising his nephew. Pete felt that it was best for Nick to learn about the cruelties of the world as soon as possible. Because of this approach, Pete was often condescending and brutally honest with Nick about life and his place in the world, causing Nick to suffer low self-esteem and anger issues, which resulted in a serious strain on their relationship that continued throughout their lives.
  • When Nick was around 11 years of age, Pete took Nick on a hunting trip where they spotted a roebuck. Pete was disappointed that Nick didn't want to shoot the buck, and when they argued over it, Nick's rifle went off and nearly hit Pete. Pete later went out and found the buck, killed it and took it back to his sister's house to show to Nick, after which Nick didn't speak to Pete for weeks.
  • After graduation, Nick started an unsuccessful, six-month business pursuit with his best friend Luke.
Walter, and Matthew
  • Walter was a teacher before the outbreak began. He and his boyfriend Matthew would regularly visit the Moonstar Ski Lodge on their vacations together.
  • Jane had an incident during her childhood in which she drank a bottle of alcohol belonging to her parents, After learning there were sugar crystals at the bottom of the bottle, she smashed the bottle on her parents' dining room floor to get to them, failing to realize what was sugar and what was glass. Her sister, Jaime, found her drunk and bleeding from her mouth and had to call for an ambulance. Jane's stomach was pumped and she was grounded for six months.
  • Jane and her sister; Jaime used to visit an amusement park in Virginia every summer, where Jane liked to pretend that they weren't sisters, instead merely friends. Jane also liked to tease her sister, in ways such as hiding her toys or putting gum in her hair and then cutting it out to give Jaime a bad haircut.
García Family
  • Javier García and David García were born to Salvador García and Mrs. García.
  • Javier was a professional baseball player, presumably in the Baltimore area. Presumably some years before the apocalypse, he was kicked out of the league after it was discovered that he was betting on his own games.
  • David was a Staff Sergeant in the US Army.
  • After leaving the military, David married an unknown woman and had two children: Gabriel García and Mariana García.
  • David and his first wife divorced, and David married Kate García.
  • Javier and David's father was diagnosed with cancer and refused treatment.
  • Hector was forgotten immediately by the writers, and thus, the characters.
  • Eleanor was an EMT before the outbreak.
  • Tripp was a dock worker before the apocalypse.
  • Like David, Ava was a member of the U.S. military before the outbreak.
  • Sometime before the outbreak, Joan married and had a child. She later divorced her husband.
  • Joan worked at a furniture manufacturing company, and worked her way up to becoming CEO.
Clinton Barnes
  • Clint was a stockbroker before the outbreak.
Paul Lingard
  • Doctor Paul Lingard was an oncologist and respected faculty member of the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Episode 1: A New Day

July 19, 2003

Day 1

  • In a conversation with Lee, Clementine mentions that she heard Sandra scream two nights before, meaning she got killed by something on the first day. As there is blood all over the house, Sandra was likely roaming around before Lee came across the house.
  • Unused audio of a Sandra flashback in A New Frontier consists of cabinets opening, suggesting that Clementine looted her house for things to bring up into her treehouse.
July 20, 2003

Day 2

  • Ben was traveling with the band on the way to the football playoffs when the outbreak occurred. They took shelter in the school gym for a while, but departed after an undetermined period of time. It was there that he learned that to become a walker you don't need to be bitten. He discovered this when one of the cheerleaders committed suicide through an overdose, reanimating soon afterward.
  • Christa and Omid are taking a road trip across America.
  • Brie loses all of her family.
  • Kenny and his family were returning from Memphis, Tennessee after visiting Katjaa's sister. While stopping at the gas station for fuel, a man grabbed Duck, presumably a walker, and Kenny beat the man believing he was trying to kidnap his son.
  • Vince is convicted for his crime. He and fellow prisoners Justin and Danny are being transported by a prison bus to West Central Prison. Another prisoner on the bus, Marcus Crabtree kills another prisoner, Jerry, by strangling him to death with his handcuffs. The prison guard, Clyde orders him to stop, but Marcus does not listen, resulting in Clyde shooting him in the head. Jerry soon reanimates and bites Clyde, killing him. The prison bus driver, Bennett panics and abandons the bus. Vince manages to grab Clyde's shotgun and kills Jerry. Walkers later breach the bus trapping Vince, Justin and Danny inside. Danny later suggests that Vince use the shotgun to shoot the cuff off one of the prisoners feet to free themselves. Vince has to shoot Danny's or Justin's foot off to free himself.
July 21, 2003

Day 3

  • While Lee is leaving Atlanta for prison with a police officer, the police cruiser he is in runs over a walker and crashes off the highway. Lee soon awakens with an injured leg, only to find that the police officer has died. Soon, much to Lee's surprise, the police officer reanimates and attacks Lee. A herd of walkers is attracted by this gunshot and chase Lee into the backyard of someone's home. Lee finds a little girl hiding in the treehouse named Clementine. Lee and Clementine arrive at Hershel Greene's farm where either Officer Andre drops them off and leaves or Shawn drops them off and says goodbye to Chet who leaves. Hershel lets Lee and Clementine stay the night at the farm.
  • Carley and her production crew drive to Macon to cover the International Cherry Blossom Festival. The crew is attacked by walkers and she is forced to watch as her producer is eaten alive. She was saved by Doug, and they later meet up with Glenn, Lilly, and her father, Larry.
July 22, 2003

Day 4

  • Lee meets another family who were also staying at the farm. Their names are Kenny, Katjaa and Kenny Junior (Duck). After failing to save Shawn from walkers, Lee, Clementine and Kenny's family are banished from the farm.
  • The group heads to Macon, Georgia where they meet Lilly's group, who saves them from a herd of walkers and are situated in the Everett Pharmacy Drugstore which Lee's parents owned. The group goes into a scuffle with Larry who quickly experiences an episode of heart pains, and requires medication from a nearby pharmacy. Glenn decides to salvage for supplies in a nearby motel, soon getting attacked and forced to be rescued by Carley and Lee.
  • After Lee has gained access into the pharmacy of the drugstore, also finding out that his entire family have died, the alarms go off and attract a herd of walkers. The drugstore is overun and Lee either saves Carley or Doug. The group set up camp in Travelier Motel. The military can be heard dropping bombs over presumably hordes of walkers as the survivors settle into their new home.
  • As Glenn listens to an emergency broadcast in his car advising the severity level of each outbreak in the nearby cities, he leaves the group and heads for Atlanta in order to rescue his friends left behind. Despite finding comfortable shelter and water, the group's glimpse of hope is short-lived when electricity is suddenly shut off.
  • Upon the fall of humanity, Jolene presumably went to Save Lots like many of the other locals seeking refuge. She met up with a group of bandits that lived in the woods near the St. John's Dairy. There, the bandits Bart, Linda, and Jake took her daughter into the woods and she never came back.

Wyatt's Story

August 29, 2003

Day 41

  • Eddie accidentally shoots and kills the friend of a truck driver, Nate.
  • Wyatt and Eddie driving away from Nate after what is hinted that their camp was raided by a group, causing Eddie to kill a man, and having them escape with Nate following them. After, Wyatt or Eddie (depending on whether or not you take the gun and your accuracy) shoots at Nate, destroying a headlight, he pulls off the side of the road, giving Wyatt and Eddie the opportunity to pull off into the woods in hopes of evading Nate.
  • After some conversation between the two, Eddie runs over Bennett, causing Wyatt and Eddie to have an argument about who goes and investigates whether or not it was a walker, with you either convincing Eddie to go, or playing a game of rock paper scissors to decide. If Eddie goes, Nate finds Wyatt in the car and causes Wyatt to abandon Eddie, or Wyatt goes, and after finding Bennett, you are given the option of either carrying Bennett back to the car after walkers start coming, or leaving him. Whichever option you choose, Eddie abandons Wyatt after being attacked by Nate, ending the scene with him running off into the forest.


September 28, 2003

Day 71

  • The people of Crawford found 3 people in one of the buildings in Savannah, 2 of which are brought in into the community, while the third person was left behind because the person was ‘ineligible’. They also encountered 3 walkers inside of the building.
October 2, 2003

Day 75

  • Some of Oberson’s most trusted men came to Logan’s office, and ‘cracked’ his whole supplies list. Caused Logan to think to stop the arrangements he made with Molly.

October 3, 2003

Day 76

  • Dr. Logan ends the arrangement with Molly that he had of secretly giving her supplies for her diabetic sister. Outraged, she took the last of her supplies and left Crawford.
October 9, 2003

Day 82

  • Dr. Logan tells Anna Correa that she's pregnant, and they have to abort the pregnancy under Crawford's laws. She refuses, and runs out. He gives her a day to think about it.
October 10, 2003

Day 83

  • Anna comes back with the decision to leave Crawford and take her chances on the outside, not wanting to give up her child. When Logan isn't looking, she runs up and stabs him in the stomach, killing him. She grabs his gun and runs out the door, where multiple shots can be heard.

Episode 2: Starved for Help

October 2003


  • Mark was formally employed at the US Air Force base before it was overrun, but did not appear to be familiar with either Lilly or her father, Larry. During the three-month period between Episode 1 and Episode 2, the group discovered him hiding out in the base alone. As he had access to commissary supplies, Lilly allowed him to stay at Motor Inn.
  • Ben Paul and his band of classmates took shelter in the school gym for a while, but departed after an undetermined period of time. It was there that he learned that to become a walker you don't need to be bitten. He discovered this when one of the cheerleaders (Jenny Pitcher) committed suicide through an overdose, reanimating soon afterwards. He then stayed with the remaining members of the group until bandits (possibly from the Save Lots) raided their camp. He soon fled with Travis and David Parker into the woods.
  • During the time span between losing her daughter and the motel starts fortifying the Motel, Jolene spies on Lee's group, saying that Clementine needs a mother to look after her as she records the whole thing. Jolene then says that the real danger in this new world is the humans, not the walkers, stating that as long as they get food from the dairy (which is now overrun with zombies) Clementine will be safe.The bandits then find Jolene, which is still being taped. She then addresses several of the bandits by name, cursing them and calling them "rapist monsters" before the camera is abruptly shut off.

Three Months Later

"Starved For Help"
October 22, 2003 (Afternoon)

Day 92

  • After waiting for David to return from the hospital, Javier Garcia and his family eventually give up and decide to look for somewhere safer to live.
  • Lee is with Mark and Kenny out hunting in the forest as they found a walker feasting on a rabbit, which they were trying to find. Soon, loud screaming is then heard from the woods, so Lee and Mark rush to where the sound is heard. They discover a trapped David Parker in a bear trap along with his two students, Ben Paul and Travis. Lee will try to help David, trying to pry open the bear trap. Lee is then forced to either leave him for dead or hack David's trapped foot off from the trap.
  • If Lee chooses to hack David's leg off, David will fall unconscious and Mark will be forced to carry him back to the motel. Travis gets left behind, exposing himself to the oncoming walkers, and eventually got devoured after falling to the ground.
  • If Lee chooses to leave David to die, Ben Paul and Travis would be seen devastated by the choice Lee made, as Ben is being pulled out from the area where the oncoming walkers are coming to, Travis refuses to leave his teacher behind, and tries to grab the rifle that Mark is holding. During the struggle between the two, Mark accidentally pulls the trigger, shooting Travis in the abdomen. Mark is forced to carry him back to the Motel, as David Parker is being devoured by the walkers, screaming frantically.
  • After escaping the woods, Lilly yells at Lee for bringing more people into their group. Shortly after a debate between herself and Kenny, Lilly tells her dad to go help Mark with the fences. Lilly then tells Lee that the supplies are running low, and that they might have only 2 weeks of food left, so she forces him to decide their rations for today.
  • Eventually, David/Travis will reanimate and attack Katjaa, and the group questions Ben Paul about what just happened. Ben reveals that no matter how you die, you will turn into a walker if the brain isn't destroyed. The group is stunned upon hearing the truth.
  • Two men appear out of nowhere to the perimeter, and depending on who you saved back in the drugstore, Doug's bells are triggered or Carley is alerted and threatens them with a gun. During the confrontation, the two men introduce themselves as Andy and Danny St. John, and reveal that they own a dairy far ahead within the woods, mentioning that they need gas to fuel the generator. Lee volunteers to check the place out, being followed by Carley/Doug, Mark, and Ben.
  • On their way to the dairy. If Carley is with Lee, Carley will asks Lee to be their leader, instead of Lilly, or Kenny who seem to be in the fight over the throne. Lee can either agree on what Carley said or feel humbled by the saying, asking Carley whether she thinks everyone will be okay if he was to be the leader of the group. Carley answers why not. Carley then mentions to Lee about his past, and asks whether someone other than her knows his past.
  • The motel group and St. John brothers see and hide from a couple of bandits. The bandits argue and yell at one another over food, till one pulls out his weapon and shoots, killing the other bandit. The bandit still standing walks away from the corpse, and the group comes out of hiding and keeps moving to the farm.
  • At the dairy farm the group meets Brenda St. John. She welcomes them and gives them a basket of biscuits. When hearing Brenda say the St. John's last cow isn't doing too well, Mark says that they have a veterinarian within the group, and that everyone is extremely hungry. Brenda says they should bring the whole group over to the farm and have a big dinner. The group agrees and sends Doug/Carley and Ben to get the others, with the basket of food.
  • Andy asks for Mark and Lee to clear the electric fence that surrounds the farm of walkers, who have fused in with the fence, while he fills the generator that powers the fence with fuel. Mark and Lee walk along the fence pushing, and in some causes, chopping, the dead off of the electrical wire. They then stumble along a couple of posts that are knocked down. Mark and Lee hop over the fence and set the posts back up. At that moment, the fence turns on, leaving the two survivors outside of the farm. A moment later Mark is struck in the shoulder by a crossbow bolt.
  • Bandits, who claim to have been cheated of food, open fire with their crossbows, while Mark and Lee hide behind a tractor. Lee gets it to move and the two use it as mobile cover, until they reach the gate. They run for the farmhouse, and the bandits back off. Lee talks to Andrew about the bandits while Brenda takes Mark inside to patch him up. The motel group arrives and sees the mess, and Lilly believes the farm is unsafe. Andrew states that the bandits and St. Johns had a deal, and that as long as they provided food, the bandits would leave the farm alone. He says that the bandits have broken the truce, and that Lee and Danny should try and find where the bandits are sleeping.
  • Lee and Danny make their way into the woods, and after a short while, find a small camp. Danny checks the only tent while Lee checks the supplies. Lee finds all the boxes empty, and tells Danny some are from the farm. Danny says the bandits probably stole them. A few moments later Lee finds a video recorder, which Danny tells Lee to let him see it. Lee states that the batteries are dead and not to worry about it. Lee then checks the tent, in which he finds two sleeping bags, one kid-sized, inside the tent. He then finds Clementine's hat, as a bandit, by the name of Jolene, has snuck into the bandit's camp. She tells the two men to drop their weapons, or she will shoot. Jolene is either shot by Lee or Danny, depending on how long the player waits.
  • Once arriving back at the dairy, Danny tells Brenda that nothing happened. Kenny and Lilly begin to fight about something, unknown to Lee. He then talks to Lilly and she admits that Kenny was suspicious of a room in the barn. Lilly thinks that they should just take their dinner and leave. Lee then enters the barn door to find Katjaa, Duck, Andy, and Clementine around the farm's cow Maybelle. Lee gives Clementine her hat back, asking her if anybody suspicious was around the motor inn. Clementine then denies this and says that Lee would make a good dad someday, thanking him for bringing him her hat.
October 22, 2003 (Evening)

Day 92 (Continued)

  • Upon inspection of the locked door in the barn, Kenny arrives and says that he thinks something is up on the other side of the door. Lee and Kenny both agree to find out a way to open the barn door, noticing that a screwdriver is needed to pry the door open. Andy notices them and tells them not mess around with the door, saying that it makes Brenda nervous. Thinking that he needs to be distracted, Lee picks up a multi-tool from a toolbox and shuts off the generator. Andy exits the barn and attempts to fix it, assuming that it "threw a belt."
  • Upon arriving inside the barn with the multi-tool, Lee hears the dinner bell ring. Everybody rushes to the farmhouse. Kenny telling Lee that he will make an excuse for him if he can see what the other side of the barn door holds, at this point the player can choose to either open the door or just leave for dinner.
  • If the barn door is pried, Lee is shocked. The entire room is filled with blood and torture devices. Andy finds him and claims that the devices were used to skin animals, as Brenda doesn't like her sons making a mess in the house. Lee refuses to argue and the two head to the house for dinner. With everybody at the dinner table waiting, Lee asks where the bathroom is, Brenda telling him to wash his hands after "mucking around in the dirt all day."
  • Lee goes upstairs and finds many unusual items, such as a bottle of morphine and bloodstains on the floor. He turns on a power switch, which lights up a room connected to the bedroom. The room is blocked by a set of bookshelves, so he moves it and opens the door. To his shock, he finds Mark with his legs cut off.
  • Lee rushes down into the kitchen, and sees everybody about to eat. He has to yell at Clementine not to eat, but there is a time limit, and certain choices will allow her to eat it anyway or spit it out. Not denying the cannibalism, Brenda claims that while growing up in rural Georgia, they were taught to not waste.
  • Lee either tells Clementine to run, Kenny to grab his gun, or Lilly to grab a knife, but Andy and Danny pull their weapons out, Clementine getting grabbed by the hair. At this moment, Mark falls down the stairs and crawls all the way to the dinner table. Danny then hits Lee with the butt of his rifle, causing him to black out.
October 22, 2003 (Night)

Day 92 (Continued)

  • Lee awakens inside of a meat locker, with everyone except Duck and Katjaa. While trying to find a way out of the room, Larry seems to have a heart attack over all the stress the situation has brought. Lilly runs over and tries to revive her father, while Kenny believes that Larry is already dead, and in a moment, may return as walker.
  • At this point Lee must choose to either help bring Larry back to life, or to help kill him for the group's safety. If Lee does nothing, Kenny will push Lee to the ground calling him useless.
  • In the end, Kenny brings a salt lick over and crushes Larry's skull in. Depending on Lee's actions, the relationships between the characters may alter. Kenny states that they need to hurry and get out of the room to save Katjaa and Duck, and Lilly says he only cares for his family and none of the other survivors.
  • Lee, using coins from Larry's pocket, unscrews the air conditioner in the room, and sends Clementine through the vent. A few moments later she opens the door. Kenny and Lee leave while Clementine stays with Lilly to comfort her in mourning her father. Lee grabs a weapon from the skinning room, and they attempt to sneak up on Danny, who is guarding the barn. Andy comes over and talks to him, so Lee and Kenny hide in a stall. Eventually, Danny pulls out a bear trap that looks similar to the one David was stuck in, and places it in front of the barn door.
  • When Lee peeks his head out to look, he finds himself staring down the barrel of Danny's rifle. Lee grabs it and moves it to the side, just as Danny shoots. Lee hits Danny once with his weapon, and Kenny/Lilly then stabs him. Danny backs up and gets caught in his own bear trap. Lee grabs a pitchfork, and Danny tells him not to kill him, but keep him alive so they can eat him.
  • If Lee chose to kill Danny, Lee will drive the pitchfork into Danny's chest, killing him instantly as Clementine and Lilly watch. However, if Lee chose to spare Danny's life, he will drive the pitchfork into a bale of hay, angrily exclaiming "This is NOT how the world works now!" Clementine bears witness to either action, changing Lee's relationship with her.
  • Kenny runs out to try and find Katjaa and Duck, and Lee runs into Doug/Carley and Ben. Lee tells them the situation and says they should sneak around the back of the house while Lee takes the front. He then enters the house, and finds Brenda holding Katjaa hostage. Lee keeps walking slowly to her, seeing Mark, now a walker, upstairs, struggling with the railing. Brenda ends up walking back into Mark's outstretched arms, in which he pulls her towards him and takes a bite. Katjaa and Lee run outside to find Kenny, who is yelling at Andy, who is holding Duck hostage. Kenny runs at Andy and gets shot, but Duck manages to escape.
  • Lee rushes in and grabs for the gun. They fight, and in the end Andy is dragging Lee towards the electric fence. Depending on whether Lee chose to assist in killing Larry or not, two scenarios could occur at this point. If Lee tried to help Lilly with her father, Lilly will shoot at Andy just before Lee almost gets zapped by the electric fence. If Lee decided to help in killing Larry, Lilly will not take the shot at Andy and Lee will have to struggle to get himself free from Andrew. Either way, Lee starts beating up on Andrew by either punching him in the face repeatedly or throwing Andrew into the electric fence (depending on how the player is with their button-mashing skills). Eventually, Lee starts walking away from the fight. Andy starts antagonizing Lee by saying that he "ain't shit" and encourages Lee to finish out the fight, which is ultimately Lee's choice.
  • The farm gets overrun with walkers, so Lee and the group decide to head back to the motor inn. Based on the decision to help kill Larry or not, Kenny's relationship with Lee either grows stronger, and wants Lee and Clementine to come to the coast with his family, or his relationship with Lee grows weaker, with him saying that they should stay out of each other's way for a while. Clementine then asks Lee if what he did was right back at the dairy.
  • Duck then hears a noise, which is soon found out to be an abandoned station wagon. The car is full of food and supplies, and Lee is then forced to decide whether or not they should take them, which affects his relationship with Clementine. Katjaa finds a red hoodie in the car that looks to be Clementine's size. She declines to wear it, but based on how Lee chooses previously, she either does not accept the hoodie or is forced to keep it by Lee.
  • Doug/Carley finds batteries in one of the boxes and gives them to Lee to use for the camcorder. To their shock, the camcorder shows a video of Jolene filming the group's stay in the motor inn, particularly focusing on Clementine, saying that she needs a mother to look after her. It is assumed for this reason why she took Clementine's hat.
  • Ben starts exchanging their supplies to save a "friend" of his which the bandits tricked him into getting free supplies.

Episode 3: Long Road Ahead

October 29, 2003
  • A week after the events of "Starved For Help", Lee and Kenny procure the last of the supplies from the town of Macon. While Lee is having a second go at climbing up a ladder, he hears a girl screaming whom he thought was a walker at first. The girl ends up bitten before they could help her and Lee wants to put her out of her misery. Kenny then tries to convince Lee to let her live, buying them time. If Lee chooses to give her a pity death, Lee will have less time to get supplies, but if he chooses to let her live, she will buy them more time to get enough or all of the supplies. Lee is attacked just as they are escaping the drugstore, and depending on his relationship with Kenny, Kenny will either help him fight off the walkers or attempt to leave Lee.
  • Depending on how many items Lee has gotten, Lilly will be angered because of the shortage of supplies, or relieved by the good amount of medicine. Once again, Kenny brings up his wish to leave the motor inn now that he has gotten the RV working, leading to another bitter argument between him and Lilly.
  • Lilly brings up her contention that someone is stealing from the group's medicine supply, and mentions that her trust in the others is wearing thin. Lee decides to look into the matter of the pilfering, aided by Duck. During this time, the player has the option to tell all the survivors about Lee's past after a conversation with Carley (if she is saved in Episode 1.) His investigation leads him to a ventilation shaft outside the motel, inside which a bag with the missing drugs is found.
  • While Lee reports back to Lilly, the motel is attacked by the Save Lots Bandits. The situation quickly escalates and turns into a frantic firefight between the bandits and survivors. A large group of walkers is attracted by the noise, and the survivors, realizing that the motel is lost, manage to escape in the RV. It is revealed that the bandits attacked because they "didn't get their meds," implying that the bag Lee took from the shaft was a delivery made by a member of the group. Lilly accuses Ben (and Carley if she was saved in Episode 1) of being traitors and making a deal with the bandits for supplies.
  • The argument escalates throughout the RV ride and reaches its peak when Kenny is dealing with a walker that is stuck under the RV. If Carley survived Episode 1, she argues with a paranoid Lilly and supports Ben's statement of innocence. Lee tries to keep the peace, but Lilly shoots Carley in the head in a fit of rage. If Doug survives Episode 1, Lilly tries to shoot Ben, but Doug pulls him out of the way and he is killed instead. Either way, Lee makes the choice to leave Lilly on the road or take her in the RV.
  • On the RV Katjaa and Kenny reveal to Lee that Duck was bitten during the bandits' raid. The group, now visibly depressed, travels all the way till morning until they are forced to stop due to an abandoned and partially derailed train blocking the road.
October 30, 2003
  • While searching the train, Lee finds a tiny camp set up for what seems to be one person in the one undamaged boxcar. Lee also finds a bottle of water and some animal crackers for the sick Duck. The group finds that the train's engine is still running and are slightly elated, thinking they'll have amazing transportation if they can start it.
  • If Lee chose to bring Lilly, she will steal the RV when everyone is outside and drive away. Regardless, once Lee detaches the train from its damaged cars and starts the engine after finding a list of instructions, the group is surprised by Charles, a homeless man who has been living in the train. He instantly befriends the group and decides to join them as they board the train.
  • Katjaa attempts to get Kenny to listen, but Kenny is in denial and angrily forces the group to board and shut up about the situation. Shortly after, Duck is near death and spitting up blood. Katjaa knows there is no time left and tells Lee to get Kenny to stop the train. Lee tries to talk sense into Kenny and either convinces him to stop the train or enrages him. Kenny stops the train no matter what decisions are made during the conversation.
  • During an emotionally distressing scene, Lee helps decide who should shoot Duck: Katjaa, Kenny, or himself. Whatever is said, Katjaa carries Duck into the forest, with or without Kenny, and a gunshot is heard. The group and the player assumes Katjaa shoots Duck; however, she has shot herself. (If Kenny follows Katjaa into the forest, you will hear his cry of distress.) Duck is still barely alive and the player decides whether the emotionally broken Kenny or Lee should shoot Duck. Alternatively the player can choose to leave Duck to reanimate.
  • The remaining group - Lee, Clementine, Kenny, Ben, and Chuck - continue on the train. Ben eventually reveals to Lee that he was the traitor, and explains that he was giving the bandits drugs in exchange for the life of a classmate they claimed to be holding hostage. Lee can then choose to be understanding or threatening, and tells Ben that he should probably refrain from telling others. Chuck advises Lee to teach Clementine how to shoot, implying that he has seen the death of another girl her age who was unprepared for the dangers the walkers present. Lee takes his advice and starts to teach Clementine to shoot, cuts her hair shorter, and starts to talk about a plan when they eventually reach Savannah.
  • Shortly after, the train is brought to a stop as the track is blocked by a petroleum tank truck, hanging from a damaged bridge up above. As the survivors briefly argue over what to do now, they are met by Omid and Christa, two survivors from San Francisco who had been on a road trip at the start of the outbreak. Omid is excited and happy to meet other living people, especially a kid. Christa is cautious and skeptical, believing that moving in large groups causes problems. Lee convinces them to meet the group and help them get rid of the hanging tanker. He can also tell them about one of the members to further gain trust (that they just met Chuck, that Kenny lost his wife and son, or that they shouldn't trust Ben with anything).
  • While Omid and Christa talk with the group, Lee decides to scout out the nearby freight station for tools to remove the tanker, and lets Clementine tag along. Luck has it that they find a blowtorch and Lee stuffs it into his magic pocket, but unfortunately they also come across three walkers occupying the station, and they barely avoid getting bitten, though they work together well enough to kill them. Christa hears the noise from the fight, comes in and scolds Lee for putting Clementine in danger.
  • Back on the bridge, Lee starts cutting the coupling to the tanker with the blowtorch, but runs into complications as it slides out of his reach. Instead, he opts to dangle Omid over the gap to finish the job, much to the latter's discomfort.
  • Ben spots a massive walker horde heading toward the group, and they must leave, as Omid finally cuts the coupling. The truck damages the ladder leading to the bridge and Omid and Lee cannot get down. Lee may or may not kick the lit blowtorch onto the spilling gas, (depending on the player's choice) making a small barrier of fire to buy time. They move to the other side and jump onto the train, with Omid having a bad landing and falling off, badly injuring his leg. Lee gets on the train and Christa gets off to help Omid. Lee now helps either Omid or Christa to get on the train, and both panic at the prospect of the other getting left behind, but both manage to get on the train regardless.

Episode 4: Around Every Corner

October 31, 2003 (Day)
  • Hours later, Lee is driving the train, with Clementine sleeping next to him. He notices a drawing she made which differs depending on choices. Kenny comes in, appearing a bit more stable, and talks with Lee on what to do when they reach Savannah, when Clementine's walkie-talkie, which she had always said was broken, suddenly turns on. A man's voice is heard, telling Clementine that he's happy she's coming to Savannah, and that he has her parents, Ed and Diana. Kenny and Lee are shocked and ponder what to do as the train pulls in to Savannah.
  • The group starts to walk through the town with Lee hanging on to Clementine's walkie-talkie, waiting for any more transmissions from the unnamed man despite Clementine's pleas for it back. After walking a while, Christa will ask to let Omid rest for a bit. Lee can ask Kenny to wait for a while or can have them all keep pressing on. Not much time will pass before the group nears a church and the bell begins to ring. Lee becomes suspicious of the bell ringing at an unusual time and notices a figure running across a roof.
  • The unknown man speaks through the walkie-talkie, warning the group to move out of the street. Eventually, Kenny is tripped by a walker under a car and drops his gun, and Lee will need to save him. Kenny comments on the close call, but Lee's attention is drawn to Clementine and Ben being cornered by a group of zombies. Ben freezes in fear and abandons Clementine to save himself, leaving her to fend for herself. Lee shoots a number of walkers around her, but a stray walker almost catches Clementine and is killed promptly by Chuck and his trusty shovel. Clementine catches up with Lee and the others, but Chuck is left to fight off the other walkers on his own accord. He yells to the others to move on without him and that he will meet up with them later.
  • The group runs off without Chuck, and they manage to hide in the backyard of a mansion that has been thoroughly fortified. Omid trips on the way in, and Christa worries when she sees that his wound has opened up again. The back door as well as the pet door are both locked tight. Omid comments that the pet door is probably electronically locked, and responds to the signal that comes from the animal's collar. Lee finds a small grave next to a doghouse and digs it up, revealing a decomposing dog.
  • Lee tries to take the collar off the dead dog, but can't get it until the dog's head suddenly falls off its body. Christa vomits at the sight of its head falling off, so Clementine asks if she is alright, and Christa assures her that it was just the smell that made her sick. Omid begins to question the honesty of her statement and that it might be something else, but she quickly rejects his theory.
  • Now that Lee has the collar for the door, he unlocks it and says he can't see anything from the pet door (or get the main door open). Ben asks if he can give it a try, but before Lee can answer, Clementine quickly rushes in through the pet door and unlocks it from inside (much to Lee's worry). Christa hurries the group inside to help Omid and carries him onto a couch inside.
  • Once they are all inside, Christa starts to berate Lee for not telling them that Clementine's walkie-talkie works and that there is someone on the other end of it. Kenny wonders if the one on the radio is the one that rang the bells and drew the walkers toward them. He quickly debases it saying it makes no sense to lure someone into a trap and warn them about it. Kenny and Ben decide to search the second floor of the house and have Lee search the first floor for any dangers. The house is picked clean, save for two bottles of whiskey and a large bag of dog food.
  • After checking the place out Kenny finds an emaciated zombie boy that looks like Duck in the attic. Kenny theorizes that he ran out of food and starved to death. Lee and Kenny can leave him there, or either Lee or Kenny can kill him. Lee buries him next to his dog and fills up the grave while Clementine watches sadly. Moments later, Lee suddenly sees that someone is watching him from beyond the fence, but they run off before he can get a good look at them.
  • Kenny then wants to find a boat and Lee goes with him while Clementine stays behind with the others. A bell tolls from a different location somewhere in the city distracting the walkers in the area. When they reach the river there are no boats except one that has sunk halfway into the water, which Kenny tries in vain to salvage.
  • Kenny tells Lee to check out the coastline for anymore working boats using a telescope. Lee looks through it but realizes that he needs a quarter to activate it. He searches around and makes a gruesome discovery, a barrier made up of body parts, and several live walkers impaled on spikes, serving as a warning. Lee also finds strange markings on the boarded-up doors.
  • Lee pokes around some more, finding cars that have been stripped clean in the process and eventually finds and bashes open a newspaper dispenser, giving him a single quarter. Looking through the telescope reveals nothing useful, until Lee looks at a building to his left and spots somebody skillfully climbing down it. He tells Kenny to get down and they watch as the figure walks over to a newspaper stand with their back to the men. Kenny hastily comes up with a plan for Lee to sneak up on the person while he covers the flank. Kenny gets into position and Lee sneaks up to the stranger, but finds them to have disappeared.
  • If the player decides to have Lee peek over the counter, he discovers the person is no longer there, but instead is behind him. The stranger attacks, and the player is given the opportunity to have Lee counter.
  • If the player successfully navigates the action sequence, Lee ends up on top of the assailant with his pistol pointed at their face. Clementine shows up and temporarily distracts Lee, but he retrains his pistol on the stranger. Alternatively, if the player doesn't search behind the counter, or fails to successfully defend Lee during the action sequence, Lee is hit and falls to the ground. The stranger is about to kill Lee with an ice axe when Clementine suddenly shows up and shouts, if you brought her or not. This causes the stranger to hesitate and then stand down.
  • The stranger removes their hood and mask, revealing the mystery person to be a woman. She introduces herself as Molly. Kenny sneaks up on her and prepares to shoot her in the back of the head as Lee yells for him to stop. Molly ducks and trips Kenny and the gun discharges on contact with the ground firing a round. Lee exclaims that Kenny is with his group, preventing Molly from retaliating on the now-defenseless Kenny.
  • Molly thinks that Lee and Kenny are from Crawford, the town that hides behind the strange warning signs. Crawford had very strict rules, forbidding any children, elderly, and anyone with an advanced medical condition. The conversation is soon interrupted when the undead approach after hearing the gunshot, filling the street that Lee and Kenny had come from, preventing the group's escape.
  • Contemplating their next move, Lee and Kenny turn to see Molly making her way up a fire escape within a nearby alleyway. She contemplates leaving them to fend for themselves, but Clementine beckons to Molly, who changes her mind. Kenny and Clementine are pulled up, but Kenny loses his grip on Lee's hand while trying to pull him up, and Lee falls back into the alley with a large group of walkers quickly closing off the alley. With no alternative, Lee continues down a manhole, and discovers a sewer cover. Molly throws down her pick for Lee to utilize as a tool to pry the cover free. Lee climbs down just as soon as the walkers reach for him.
  • In the sewers below Savannah, Lee uses some misdirection to avoid walkers. Along the way, Lee discovers Chuck's remains with an empty revolver nearby, implying that Chuck had used the last bullet on himself before being devoured. Lee eventually makes his way into a fortified basement area of what seems to be a morgue, which appears to be well-stocked with supplies. Unfortunately, the place is also home to a small group of rather paranoid and hostile survivors, who assume Lee is from Crawford, and therefore dangerous.
  • An older member of the group, Vernon, interrogates Lee at gunpoint, growing evermore twitchy as the conversation continues, and a younger woman, Brie, urges him to shoot, again claiming Lee must be from Crawford. The player has to make several dialogue choices that will either help or hurt negotiations for Lee's life. If Vernon feels threatened or more suspicious due to a poor choice by the player, Lee is executed and a game-over occurs. At some point, Lee must make a move to disarm the man, depending on Lee's initial approach the player has to do this slowly or by force.
  • Vernon's people are the last of a cancer support group that fled to the sewers once Crawford's rules began being enforced by Oberson, including the murder of five of the group's members before they could escape. Lee has the option to ask for help getting back to the house where the other members of Lee's group are held up.
  • On return to the mansion, Vernon informs the group he is a doctor and sets to work patching up Omid's leg. Lee conducts a search for missing Clementine, growing more concerned by the moment, especially after finding an intoxicated Kenny. Lee eventually finds Clem in the shed outside in the backyard, along with a boat.
October 31, 2003 (Night)
  • The boat needs a new battery and gas, and Crawford is the only place that could possibly have them. The group decides to sneak in under the cover of night, along with Vernon and Brie who hope to gain medical equipment for their own group. Brie having worked in the school that is being used to keep supplies, and Vernon having the medical know-how to find the supplies needed. Clementine voices her desire to follow Lee and the group. Molly and Vernon are not fond of the idea.
  • Upon arriving in Crawford, the group quickly realizes that the whole place is infested by walkers and retreat to the elementary school where supplies are kept. The group finds the "control room", and a door labeled "Armory". Ben sets to work on the Armory door, Kenny and Brie go to get gas, Christa and Vernon go to the nurse's station to collect medication, leaving Lee and Molly to go find a battery for the boat.
  • As Lee tries to enter the jammed door to the auto shop area, a walker falls from the roof, followed by a furious Molly who hacks at the walker in what seems to be a personal level of rage. She dismisses any evidence of knowing the dead man.
  • After finding a battery from a car in a workshop, a nail-biting walker encounter, and a roof-to-roof jump, Lee makes his way back to the main area of the school. Molly takes off to "run an errand", taking the battery with her so Lee and the rest of the group will not get on the boat without her. Lee then continues down the hall back towards the classroom to check up on Ben (and Clem if she came along,) only to be interrupted as he passes the front door, where Kenny and Brie will rush in, racing to escape the group of walkers that were following them. Fortunately, Lee manages to insert the hatchet the group found in a toolbox back at the house into the door handles, preventing the walkers from busting in.
  • After helping Kenny and Brie, Lee goes to the nurse's office to check on Christa and Vernon, only to find a group of walkers banging on the door. After shooting all of them, Lee makes his way inside to find Christa and Vernon ready to fire. The two lower their guns once they realize it's only Lee, and the three begin to search for a way to open the safe where the medical supplies were being kept. A bit of investigating leads to Lee finding a tape and a camcorder in the room, containing footage of a woman named Anna Correa and Dr. Logan discussing what to do about the pregnancy, as per Crawford's policy on no hindrances.
  • Lee instantly recognizes the doctor as the same walker that Molly savagely attacked, and heads out to the alley to find him and see if he has the code for the medicine cabinet. After stomping his head in, he finds a second tape and a combination to his locker. Optionally, Lee can open up the locker and find a third tape containing an explanation as to why Molly attacked the doctor so savagely: She was having sex with the doctor in return for insulin for her sister's diabetes. In the video, Dr. Logan tells her that he can not continue giving her medicine.
  • Arriving back inside the nurse's office, the tape found on Logan is played, showing the events the day after, as well as explaining why Crawford fell. Christa begins to cry after witnessing the tape and refuses to explain further. Vernon manages to unlock the safe with the combination from the tape, and heads back to the classroom with Christa.
  • Walking through the hallway, Lee is surprised by Molly's jump through a hole in the ceiling. She had gone off to fetch a picture of her sister, who had been killed by the Crawford residents when they gained knowledge of her diabetes. Then when walking to the classroom, Ben scares Lee and Molly with a hatchet. When they figure out that it was the hatchet to hold the door so walkers could not get in, walkers enter inside and Molly kills some of them. Suddenly, one grabs ahold of her and enters a struggle, at which Lee will have to shoot the walker. If the player brings Clementine with them and fails to shoot the walker in time, she will shoot the walker and save Molly. However, if you shoot Molly by accident, or not shoot at all, Molly will be seen fleeing the walkers in the opposite direction, and her ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Upon getting inside the classroom, Brie holds the door shut and stands by it to make sure no walkers get in while Kenny is just about finished opening the armory door by force. A now regretful Ben finally decides to come clean about his dealings with the bandits to Kenny, much to Lee's support/disagreement. Kenny, upon hearing what Ben says after bashing the door open, becomes furious and attacks Ben, only to be held back by Vernon and Lee.
  • A short argument ensues, and eventually everyone begins to vote Ben out. If Clementine comes along, she protests everyone's decisions, claiming Ben is her friend and that friends don't leave each other behind. After this, Lee can either vote for Ben to stay or leave, or abstain entirely, after which Brie will question whether she and Vernon get a vote or not, only to be interrupted as three walkers break through the door, and take bites out of her: one in the shoulder, the second in the leg, and a third in the stomach, resulting in disembowelment. As Vernon watches in horror, Lee orders everyone to run into the bell tower.
  • With the armory door being unable to shut due to Kenny's force beforehand, the group runs down the stairs, only to find the room to be infested with walkers, now attentive on them. Kenny hands Lee a shotgun that was in the hands of a fallen guard as the group begins to head up the stairs, and after shooting and fighting his way up the stairs, the group makes it to the top of the tower. As the group begins to pile out the window, Vernon notices the train, and asks where the group came to Savannah from.
  • Upon everyone (except Ben and Lee) vacating, the bell rings, to which Ben covers his ears. A walker that had been hanging from the bell eventually grabs hold of Ben, at which point Lee can shoot it off of him. Either way, the wooden support breaks and Ben is now suspended by Lee's hand over the ledge. He urges Lee to let him go, as a way to punish himself for his screw-ups, and it is at that point that Lee can either pull him up or let him fall to his death. After this, Lee (and Ben, depending on the player's decision moments before) will leave the tower.
November 1, 2003
  • When the group finally arrives at home, they find a motionless Omid. Christa begins to cry over him, until he awakens and groggily greets the group. He is given medicine by Vernon, who then takes Lee out into the hallway to talk with him in private. He will either comment on Lee being a good man or scold him on his decisions based off of how the player handles the first encounter with him earlier in the episode, and also on Lee allowing Ben to fall to his death if the player chose to do so, or leaving Molly behind. It is at that point that Vernon offers to take Clementine with him back to the Crawford sewer group, to which Lee can respond by defending himself, agreeing with Vernon, or not answering.
  • Lee then has a short conversation with Molly (if the player successfully shot the walker or brought Clementine) where they say their goodbyes to each other, Molly believing she's better off on her own. Lee then goes into the study, where Clementine watches Kenny through the window as he works on the boat. It is then that she begins to ask Lee if they'll have time to look for her parents before they leave on the boat. The player can either lie to her or tell her the truth, but either way she will begin to cry herself to sleep, where Lee will place the walkie-talkie on the arm of the couch and sit down. He soon falls asleep himself, eventually waking up to find Clementine is nowhere to be found.
  • Lee goes out into the backyard to find her abandoned hat. Seeing the walkie-talkie abandoned next to a garbage can outside the yard, he investigates only to be attacked by a walker that was hiding underneath a wooden board. Lee ends up getting bitten, at which point the group, consisting of Christa, Omid, Kenny, and determinantly Ben, will come out and question what Lee is doing outside, along with whose blood is all over him. The player can choose to show them the bite or conceal it.
  • They will begin to ask where Clementine is, to which Lee responds that she has been kidnapped, mentioning Vernon's offer. They all believe Vernon is the culprit. The player can choose to go alone on the search for her or ask for help. Christa and Omid will offer to help if the player shows the group Lee's bite (or if the player chose to leave an armed Clementine at the house during the trip to Crawford). Kenny will help if the player sides with him in every argument throughout the game and sticks with him through major decisions. Alternatively, the player can choose to say that Clementine is family. If the player treated Duck and Katjaa in a good fashion before their deaths, Kenny will agree to come along. Ben (if saved) will willingly help if asked to, but will tag along of his own volition if the player had shown him support throughout the past 2 episodes. If Clementine was there to vote for him to stay, Lee will have the option to tell Ben that she stood up for him, and Ben will promise to prove himself.
  • Lee (and company, based on the player's decisions) will then head to the sewer hideout, only to find it completely abandoned. Lee calls out to no avail, and begins to stress himself. Suddenly, a horde of walkers, presumably the same horde from the end of the previous episode, is seen shuffling in the streets. Then the walkie-talkie comes on and Clementine's voice is heard calling Lee's name. However, it quickly turns to the unnamed man's voice, saying he has Clementine nice and safe, and confirms that he isn't Vernon, and that Lee should choose his next words wisely. Although the game allows you to make a choice on what to say, the game cuts it off with "To be continued".

Episode 5: No Time Left

November 1, 2003 (Continued)

  • After choosing your option from the end of Episode 4, Lee realizes that she is somewhere else in the city. Lee continues to search the morgue that Vernon and his group took shelter in, Lee looks for some tools and finds a rib spreader. After using the tool on the elevator, he passes out from the bite's infection. When he awakens, he has the option of cutting off his arm or leaving it, and depending on who came with him, he must either cut it off himself or have a group member do it.
  • Regardless, Lee and any others (if anyone else went with him) begin climbing the elevator shaft of the hospital, which is seen to be overrun by hordes of walkers on the inside and out. The group, or Lee, arrives on the roof and sees the streets crowded with thousands of walkers. However, using Molly's strategy from Episode 4, Lee manages to reach a bell tower next to the roof. Ringing it, he draws the hordes to the tower, thinning the streets and allowing the group to push on back to the manor.
  • Depending on whoever came with Lee in Episode 4, the result on arrival can differ. It is shown that whoever stayed behind at the house were ambushed and locked in the shed by Vernon's group, who then proceeded to steal the boat. If everyone was with Lee, Omid will find a note left by Vernon either saying that you deserved it, or he feels really bad about it. Regardless, the group continues to search for Clementine.
  • If Ben was saved in Episode 4, Kenny will get frustrated with him once again. After angrily stating that he should've been left to die in Crawford, an enraged Ben fires back at Kenny. The teen exclaims that he is sorry for what he has caused, but also says that Kenny was lucky that he had his family to lose, and was able to say goodbye. Ben reveals that he never had the chance to know what happened to his own, and tells Kenny to stop wishing him dead. If Ben is dead, Kenny will argue with Omid and Christa instead.
  • The conversation is interrupted when the herd catches up with them and invades the manor. The group puts up a vicious stand but is forced into the attic where they are trapped. A squabble between Kenny, who is paranoid of Lee's bite and him turning (even if his arm was removed) and Lee begins, culminating in Lee hesitating to throw a stone bust head at Kenny, throwing it the wall instead. If Lee hesitates and does not grab the bust, Kenny will grab it and throw it at the wall in anger. The wall is shown to be weak and decaying, leading to the house next to it. The group breaks through it and ends up in a sealed room where a couple committed a double-suicide, locking their room off from the walkers infesting the house.
  • Lee finds a balcony where it is possible to cross to the next roof, and the group follows. If Ben is still alive and accompanied Lee, the balcony will collapse and fall as he begins to jump. In an attempt to save Ben, Lee and Kenny run down to go and see if he's okay. After removing a bunch of debris off him, it is shown that Ben has been impaled on the railing. As Kenny begins to yank him off, Ben shouts in pain, attracting walkers into the alleyway. As the walkers close in, Kenny demands Lee to go and find Clementine. After Kenny pushes Lee past the gate and locks it, he apologizes to Lee for any pain he has caused in the past, and that this is his chance to redeem himself. As the walkers overrun the alley, Kenny uses his last bullet to prevent Ben from re-animation. Kenny is never seen to be killed, not in this or the Christa situation.
  • If Ben was killed in Episode 4, and Kenny came along with the group, the balcony will stay intact and they get onto the next building's roof. Following the accidental dropping of Lee's walkie-talkie inside the building through a hole in the roof, Christa jumps down and retrieves it. Kenny and Lee attempt to help her by using a pole, but she slips and tumbles down again. Kenny jumps in, boosts her up, and is then surrounded by walkers. He fights through them with his last bullets, throwing them off of him, with the assumption then made he has succumbed to the walkers.
  • As Lee, Christa, and Omid finally reach the waterfront just across from the Marsh House, they are forced to climb over a large Maccabe Imports sign to get to the next rooftop, as walkers crowd the street below. Whether the player decides to either send Lee or Christa and Omid first the sign will collapse, separating them. Lee orders Christa and Omid to go on and meet him later, and, by player choice, to take care of Clementine when he is "gone".
November 1, 2003 (Evening)
  • Lee descends into the streets and fights his way through the massive horde of walkers armed with a meat cleaver he found earlier at the manor, and a shard of glass (if his arm was not amputated). After killing several and being splattered in their blood, his scent begins to match that of the walkers, and many ignore him because of this.
  • Lee arrives in the Marsh House and searches several rooms until he finds one with a bedroom and closet door roped together. He walks in curiously, only to have a man appear behind him with a pistol drawn. Though Clementine calls out, thinking she hears someone, the Stranger aims the gun at Lee, forcing him to be quiet and abandon his possessions.
  • The Stranger, in a psychotic but calm state, then sits down with Lee and has a discussion with him, asking him if he has ever "hurt anyone". After the player's response and a short talk, The Stranger reveals the station wagon from Episode 2 belonged to him and his family. Whether or not Lee and Clementine looted it, his reaction is the same. It is revealed his son Adam went missing on a hunting trip. When he returned to the station wagon where his family stated, he and his wife Tess went back out but failed to find his son. They returned, and Lee's group had stolen his supplies, effectively ruining his life as some of Lee's group had stated. His wife took their daughter Elizabeth and left, although he found them again one day later. His words and the presence of his wife's severed, reanimated head in the Stranger's bag indicate he may have found her after she had reanimated.
  • Using his own walkie-talkie, the Stranger reveals to have been monitoring Lee and his group since Episode 2's events, and depending on the decisions the player made throughout Episode 1, he confronts Lee about his many difficult choices, from saving Carley or Doug, to going to the St. John's Dairy with Clementine, or lying to her about who you really are. In the end, the Stranger tells Lee that he will take Clementine and "hurt [Lee] so bad." While he begins talking to his wife's severed head he keeps in a bowling bag, Clementine escapes from the room, and using one of several objects Lee placed on a table at the Stranger's order (if player ignores all items on table she attacks him with her hands), sneaks up and attacks him just as he says that Clementine "wouldn't hurt a fly."
  • Lee and The Stranger begin a fierce brawl, both trying to get the Stranger's gun which is knocked around the room. In the ensuing fight, either Clementine will shoot the Stranger, or Lee can choke him and if he kills him, has a choice of shooting him to prevent reanimation or not. Lee and Clementine reunite, and just as they leave, a walker appears at the door. However, as it sniffs Lee, it ignores him, going for Clementine, though Lee stops it. Realizing from a comment by Clementine about the "muck" on him that the walker was confused by his scent, he takes an organ from the walker and rubs it on Clementine in order to mask her scent as well.
  • The two initially manage to wade through the walkers outside on the street well, until Clementine sees a zombified Ed and Diana walking the streets. Saddened and terrified, Lee tries to calm her, but passes out once more, waking up in a jewelry store Clementine has taken Lee to for safety.
  • Depending on the next few player actions, Lee, on the brink of death now from the bite, whether he amputated his arm or not, tells her to restrain him to a nearby radiator in order to keep him from attacking her or to use them to restrain the walker. They find a zombified security guard trapped in an office where an emergency exit lays, and when Clementine attempts to take either his gun or keys based on Lee's decision, the walker attacks her. She ends up killing it with Lee's help, and with the gun and in tears, she begs Lee not to "become one of them", though she states she does not think she can bring herself to kill him.
  • Lee can give her advice, such as telling her to avoid cities, go with Omid and Christa, remain on her own, or keep her hair short. It is shown Clementine will remember his advice (this being a likely hint to a future installment). They say their final goodbyes, and Lee, with a great amount of sadness, can either have a distressed Clementine shoot him or leave him to reanimate. Either way, he closes his eyes, and dies painlessly and quickly.
November 2, 2003
  • A tearful Clementine is seen walking in the rural hills near Savannah. She sits down to rest near an abandoned car. While inspecting some shell casings off the ground, Clementine looks up and observes two human-like silhouetted figures in the distance. She looks at them for a while, and the two figures stop to look towards Clementine, as she remains unsure of what action to take.

Russell's Story

January 19, 2004 (Evening)

Day 184

  • Day 184: When Russell is walking down a road, a truck is seen coming towards him. He has the option to either jump into the grass area off the road or stand his ground. Hiding will place him right next to Carley/Doug's rotting corpse. Either way, Nate will see Russell and ask him to join him.
  • After getting in the truck and some dialogue, Nate offers Russell a drink, which the player can refuse or accept. Later, Russell refuses to comply with the man's questioning about a woman in his former group, after which Nate allows a female walker to nearly bite him until the latter gives a rating of the attractiveness she might've been before becoming a walker. Amused by Russell's frantic answer, Nate pulls out his pistol to shoot the walker, but realizes he forgot to reload the gun. He speeds off in the truck to get away from the Walker and tells Russell to load his gun.
  • A group of masked looters attacked a man and his wife (supposedly named Walter and Jane), who had taken shelter in a diner. The looters managed to injure Jane, shooting her in the ribs.
January 19, 2004 (Night)

Day 184 (Continued)

  • Their next stop is the truck stop where Nate suggests they grab supplies, in the middle of their conversation they are interrupted by bullets shot at the car. Russell gets out of the truck and ducks down to a gas pump as Nate yells that he'll cover him and make a run back for the truck.
  • As Russell's running to the pickup, he'll notice that Nate isn't shooting. Nate tells him to peek his head over the bed of the truck to see where the sniper is shooting from. After discovering the location of the sniper, Nate will suggest moving to the red car across the station. Russell will now have the choice to go first or cover Nate. After Russell and Nate get to the second car Russell will have to run to the semi with Nate covering him. As he is running, Russell trips and falls, but then Nate comes to the rescue picking up Russell and saving his life.
  • When they reach the back of the building, he may see a walker that is the guard (Clyde) that was bitten in Vince's story and Russell has the choice to kill it or walk away. Walking away will allow the walker to show up in Bonnie's story when she rolls down the hill.
  • When inside the cafe Russell will have the choice to sneak up on the shooter or run up on him. Either way he finds out that the shooter is just an old man trying to protect his injured wife. The man thought that Nate was the man who hurt his wife and that he brought his friend to finish the job and take all of his food. Nate then brings up that he should just kill them and take their food for shooting at them for "no reason".
  • Russell then has the choice to stay with Nate or walk away. Either way Nate will shoot the couple, thus revealing where the bloodstain from Shel's story in the cafe originated from.

Bonnie's Story

February 24, 2004 (Evening)

Day 220

  • Bonnie's story starts off with her talking to Leland about having a snake for a tongue or lobster claws for hands. Leland will then mention that she has come a long way from when he and Dee found her while she was on drugs, and how they helped her to deal with it. Bonnie can thank Leland for everything or avoid the subject. Either way, Leland will caress her face.
  • Dee shows up and immediately questions them on what it is they're talking about. Bonnie can tell the truth or lie. Dee will show Bonnie and Leland a bag that she had found. Bonnie and Leland question her on where she got the bag, or if she stole it. Bonnie later asks Dee if she could borrow her red nail polish once they got back to camp, commenting that it was her favorite.
  • As the conversation gets heated about the bag, Dee begins to accuse Leland of always taking Bonnie's side and calling her his "girlfriend." Bonnie can tell Dee or Leland to stop, or can tell both she's leaving. Leland will stop Bonnie from leaving, calling her "darling," which angers Dee.
  • Dee then tells Bonnie and Leland to run. Bonnie turns around to see lights coming their way. Bonnie starts to run, but is shot in the shoulder, which is never brought up again. Leland tries to turn back to help her, but Dee drags him away. Bonnie gets up and tries to run after them, sliding down a hill onto the road with the prison bus Vince was in. Bonnie awakens to the sight of a zombified Clyde (only if Russell didn't kill him during his story) and kills him. However, if Clyde was killed, Bonnie will not be attacked.
  • Bonnie gets up and runs into the cornfield, calling for Leland and Dee, with the group who shot her right behind her. Bonnie runs through the cornfield, avoiding them, before running behind a tractor for safety. She then grabs a stick of rebar from the ground and hits one of the people approaching her, only to discover it was Dee. Bonnie, in a state of panic, tries to apologize to Dee, saying it was an accident. The conversation varies, depending on what you choose for Bonnie, you could assure Dee that she wasn't trying to steal Leland away from her, or tell her that she is interested in Leland, and wanted him for herself. Dee will then die, calling her a "junkie."
  • When Leland arrives, he sees that Bonnie is shot, and asks her if she's alright. Leland breaks down after seeing Dee dead. Bonnie can tell him the truth of what happened, or lie to him that she found Dee that way. Depending on the conversation, Leland can believe her or not. This will decide if he goes with Bonnie or stays with Dee. When Leland follows Bonnie, he takes the bag that Dee stole, saying that she "didn't die for nothing". If Leland did stay behind, a shot can be heard while Bonnie runs away.

Shel's Story

March 11, 2004

Day 236

  • Shel and other members of her group (members of Vernon's group from Season 1) are listening to Shel's younger sister Becca playing the guitar. After she finishes, Becca asks if they could make this a weekly thing, and you can choose to encourage her or tell her that it's not a great idea. Either way, Roman, another leader of the group, will chime in saying music will always be welcome, mentioning cheerily how he used to be part of a band.
  • The group will return to their assigned survival duties, and Becca offers to check the ammo while Shel and Stephanie check food and other supplies. Once again, your choice to allow her to check the ammo or not will encourage or discourage her.
  • Shel then proceeds to check the supplies and appliances around the gas station, and walks out back. When she does she's surprised by the group's "watch dogs" (chained up walkers), which they used to guard their supplies from other people who might try to steal them. She's disgusted to see an old woman walker eating the entrails of a small puppy, and then walks back inside. Just as she does, Becca growls like a walker and jumps out at her, and she gets mad.
  • Becca tells her she never used to get angry when she would fool around, and asks Shel what's wrong. Shel can respond angrily or remorsefully, and her choice will affect Becca. Stephanie then barges in through the front, telling her something happened outside.
  • Shel and Becca head outside to see the group surrounding a man on his knees, with his hands tied and blindfolded. Roman mentions that the man cannot speak English (he only speaks Portuguese), and that he was caught trying to take food and medicine from the group. After some discussion, the group decides the man cannot stay as he would only drain their resources, and that they must either let him go, or kill him.
  • Stephanie and Boyd vote to release him, and Clive and Joyce vote to kill him, leaving the swing vote to Shel. If Shel votes to release him, Stephanie and Boyd praise her while Clive and Joyce chastise her, and if Shel votes to kill him, the reverse occurs. If the man is released, Roman warns the man (reluctantly, knowing he probably can't understand him) that if he ever returns, he'll wish he was killed. If you vote to kill the man, Roman shoots him in the back of the head, as Shel and Becca watch.
April 3, 2004

Day 259

  • Shel and Becca are playing cards, talking about the decision that was made. If you chose to kill the man, Shel talks about how this decision changed the group. If you chose to let him go, she mentions how they were attacked later, which resulted in Boyd's death.
  • Either way Becca mentions how she misses being able to play guitar. Roman then comes in and says he needs to talk to Shel. She can leave immediately, or head out to talk shortly after. When Shel heads outside, she can either discover from Joyce or by talking to Roman directly that Stephanie tried to steal food and ammunition and escape the camp. If Boyd is still alive you also have the option to discover from him what Stephanie did. Boyd will also suggest that Shel should take Becca and leave their camp, because it's not safe anymore.
  • After a discussion with Roman it is decided that Shel should kill Stephanie. She tells Roman her gun is back in the RV, and walks back there. The last decision of the episode quickly arises, where Shel can either leave the group in the RV with Becca, or take the gun and kill Stephanie. Becca encourages Shel to stay with the group where it's safe, but Shel doesn't want them to live like this. If she picks the gun, she'll walk out of the RV slowly, and will walk with Roman to shoot Stephanie. If she picks the keys, she wildly pulls out of the diner lot, with a very angry Roman behind them.

Between 400 Days and Season 2

Unspecified Dates

Before the Prologue

  • Michelle raids a group of survivors, finding "all kinds of good shit."
  • Sarita saved Kenny, whom she had found taking refuge in a restaurant, one of the many abandoned and dilapidated establishments remaining in the post-apocalyptic world. Sarita found him in his depressive state with the facial hair that Kenny let to grow out excessively. Eventually, they become lovers.
  • After a while surviving with just the two of them together, Sarita and Kenny found a ski lodge, where they met Walter and Matthew. Upon their arrival, It is assumed that the two different groups became best friends.
  • Walter tries to warn Matthew about how dangerous it is out there in the woods, due to the unsettling nature of the people ever since the outbreak occurred, but Matthew tells his partner to calm down, and reassured him that he always knew what's best for all of them.

Season 2

August 1, 2004
  • Clementine is seen in the woods from an overhead view then the shot turns to Omid and Christa talking about what they should name their baby. Clementine then gives her opinions as it is the player's choice. Afterward, Omid and Christa head into the mens' bathroom while Omid tells Clementine to go into the women's bathroom and get cleaned up.
  • After Clementine gets cleaned up, she drops her water bottle and picks it up, but hides when a female figure enters the bathroom and begins going through Clementine's backpack. She picks up Clementine's gun and finds her hiding in a stall. The girl tells her to get out and eventually Clementine complies.
  • Clementine is then asked a few questions and asks if she has any good stuff. Omid then comes in and finds Clementine in trouble. He tries to sneak up on the woman and disarm her, but fails as she is alerted when the door closes. The woman reacts with surprise and inadvertently shoots him point-blank.
  • Hearing the gunshot, Christa runs in and finds Omid on the floor. She shoots and kills the woman, then sits beside Omid in shock, begging Omid to wake up, but unfortunately, he has died from the gunshot.

400 Days (Epilogue)

August 22, 2004 (Morning)

Day 400

  • The epilogue of 400 Days begins with Tavia taking the last of the five photographs along with a note left by the five protagonists off the bulletin board at the Pitstop. She contacts a man on the radio saying they were right about there being survivors in the area, and that she plans to make contact with them that night at their nearby campsite. The voice on the radio warns to use her best judgement, since the community they're building should only contain good people.
August 22, 2004 (Night)

Day 400 (Continued)

  • Tavia drives up to the campsite. The voice on the radio wishes her luck, and tells her not to force anyone into anything if they don't want to be a part of it. As she approaches the campsite, Bonnie is the first to see her and calls for Vince, who quickly runs up and holds Tavia at gunpoint, asking who she is. Tavia admits she's a scout for a community located north of the camp. Wyatt asks how she managed to find them, and Tavia can either say she found the note, the smoke, or it's just what she does.
  • Tavia then offers them the opportunity to come with her and join the community, where they have food, water, and shelter for everyone. Bonnie immediately believes her, exclaiming that it is too good to be true. Becca, on the other hand, does not believe her and tells Bonnie to get real. Tavia tells them they don't all need to come, just people who want to be there. They can even split up if they want to. She then asks them whether or not they want to come with her.
  • Russell argues over why anyone should trust her, saying that everyone outside their group is "bat shit crazy". Tavia agrees that there are some "crazy fuckers" out there, but claims that no one there will hurt them, saying when they see the place they'll change their minds. She tells them they have every right to be wary, and that they have no idea who she is or whether or not to trust her. Depending on what choices the player makes while playing as the other protagonists, they will either decide to join Tavia or stay at the campsite.
  • After everyone makes up their minds, Tavia gives Vince the photographs and the note, asking what they should do with them. They proceed to toss them into the campfire, and Bonnie says that this is a good thing. Vince asks Tavia how they'll know it'll work, and she can either give a reassuring answer that it will, or say they won't know for sure.

16 Months

Day 401 - Day 842
August 23, 2004

Day 401

  • Christa's baby was stillborn. (Confirmed by writers)
  • Clementine and Christa start their journey to Wellington after they heard things about it from the other survivors along the way.
  • Bonnie, and her fellow survivors who chose to leave the camp with Tavia, join with the Howe's survivors, which is ruled by a man named William Carver.
  • Becca meets up with Sarah, whom she dislikes almost immediately due to her childish mannerism. (Determinant)
  • Luke tries to convince Carver certain things that he feels needs to be done inside their community to make it better as a home to the survivors, but Carver turned down his suggestions, which caused their relationship to be strained due to the disagreements.
February 7, 2005

Day 569

  • Rebecca finds out that she is pregnant with Carver's baby.
February 7, 2005 to October 25, 2005
  • The situation at the community is not getting easier; the problem between Rebecca and Carver escalates, and stirs everything up to the point where everything becomes unbearable. Luke, Rebecca, Alvin, Nick, Nick's mother, Pete, Carlos, Sarah, and Reggie decided to leave the community for good.
  • Before executing their escape plan, Luke tries to convince Bonnie into coming with him. Bonnie thinks he is crazy, because she can not seem to believe that there are better places out there aside from Howe's, so she is left behind.
  • Alvin killed George on his way out of the community.
  • Reggie is accidentally left behind after he tripped, and fell behind from the group. He was captured and kept later on in the pen.
  • Knowing some of his members are missing, notably Rebecca, Carver decides to hunt them down, with the help of Johnny, Troy, and Bonnie, who volunteers to participate into the party, out of hope that she would be the one who handles the things that need to be done, when they eventually find the 'strays'.
  • The group find themselves at the Parker's Run, a place that Luke and Carlos know where it located. After searching for a seemingly safe place to hide out up until they figure out where to go away from Carver's territory. the group found a cabin in the woods.
  • The Howe's survivors find Mike, who joins up with the community, only to be kept in the pen along with Reggie, and possibly others. One day, when he and Reggie were doing their 'chores', to prove themselves to be worthy enough to be welcomed back into the group, Reggie is bitten on the arm, after a walker snuck up on him. Knowing what will happen next and what to do to prevent it from happening, Mike hacked his hand off, saving Reggie's life.
  • Not long after Reggie's maiming, Jane is discovered by the members of Howe's, all smeared with walkers' guts, she joins the community and is kept in the pen as well.
  • The cabin group discover a girl in the woods, finding out she had already been bitten. Nick was forced to put down his own mother by shooting her.

Episode 1: All That Remains

November 8, 2005 (Night)

Day 843

  • Clementine and Christa are somewhere in North Carolina (judging by the license plate), sitting around a campfire in an attempt to cook a weasel they caught and killed earlier on. Evidently in a solemn mood, the two plan to head towards Wellington where Christa believes it may be safer. Soon she heads off to look for more firewood, whilst Clementine's left to tend the fire.
  • Searching through her backpack, she finds the other half of the Everett Family photo of Lee that he had torn off in "A New Day" and looks upon it sadly, before finding her old drawing of Kenny, Katjaa, and Duck and again looking upon it with a solemn attitude, before eventually finding a lighter which she uses to tend to the fire.
  • After fuelling it with a nearby log, Clementine hears a noise not far from the camp and finds Christa being held at gunpoint by two bandits, who demand to know whether or not there is anyone with her. Given the option of either sneaking away or throwing a rock at Winston (one of the bandits) in order to distract them, Winston chases after Clementine and attempts to restrain her, though she's able to break free by pushing Winston into the reach of a nearby walker, which then grabs and eventually kills him while Clementine is approached by several other walkers which emerge from the woods. Backing away in fear, Clementine falls into a nearby river and is taken downstream by the current until she passes out.
  • Christa's fate is unknown at this point in time, but it's likely she was killed by the bandits.

November 9, 2005 (Morning)

Day 844

  • Clementine wakes up on the banks of the river, and after a brief trek through the woods, she encounters a dog named Sam alongside an abandoned campsite, which presumably had once belonged to Sam's owners.
  • After a brief search around the area, Sam begins to bark at a walker tied to a tree with a red pocket knife sticking out of its arm. After Clementine remembers some words Lee told her before his demise, she beats it with a large branch and retrieves the knife which is still sharp.
  • There's also a trash can, and after searching it, Clementine finds a can of beans. After using the pocket knife to pry open the can, Sam will begin to beg. After a choice to feed him or not, Sam will attack Clementine, biting her on the arm. After grabbing her knife, a rock, or nothing, Clementine stabs, punches and/or beats Sam multiple times until she successfully kicks him where he is impaled on tent posts in his torso and hind leg. The player has the choice of killing him or leaving him to die.
  • Clementine eventually heads off with a severely wounded arm and eventually ends up almost passing out from exhaustion in the woods, only to realize that she's surrounded by several walkers. Attempting to flee, she's almost overwhelmed by a walker only to be saved by Luke and Pete, who begin to carry her off.
  • Suddenly noticing the wound on Clementine's arm, however, Luke initially assumes it to be a walker bite and begins to discuss with Pete over what to do, only for Clementine to tell them that it was a dog bite. Still skeptical, Luke and Pete continue arguing if they should leave her here or not to. Pete eventually decides to give her the benefit of the doubt and take her to their cabin, where she can be seen by their doctor.
  • Again exhausted and wounded, Clementine passes out and eventually stirs from consciousness only to wake up as several other people argue over what to do with her. Regardless of the player's choice, Nick is startled and accidentally fires off his gun close to Clementine's proximity, almost killing her.
  • After further arguing between the group over the origin of her wound, Clementine is examined by Carlos who's still unable to determine whether or not she was bitten by a walker.
November 9, 2005 (Evening)

Day 844 (Continued)

  • Ultimately the group decides to temporarily hold Clementine in the shed until the following day so they can see whether or not she will develop the fever usually associated with infection, despite Clementine's requests for her wound to be treated before it worsens. Deciding to find the supplies to treat herself, Clementine uses a hammer to break away a board blocking off a hole that leads outside of the shed.
  • Clementine has a choice to either sneak into the cabin through a gap beneath the patio and making her way inside via a trap door, or tap on a window catching Alvin's attention. She can then persuade Alvin to give her some supplies as well as a juice box.
  • Once inside, you can eavesdrop on the group's meeting, she finds them still unable to decide over what to do with her and heads upstairs to acquire the necessary resources from the various rooms, including a roll of rags from the main bedroom to serve as a makeshift bandage.
  • Whilst in the bathroom, she's able to acquire a needle but is forced to hide after hearing someone approaching, and notices Rebecca in a visibly distressed state, worriedly talking to herself about the identity of her baby's father before leaving. Clementine then heads into the other bedroom, only to notice that Sarah is inside and has discovered her. Despite this, she willingly offers her help to Clementine and displays a friendly interest in her, curious as to whether or not she's her friend. Regardless, she offers a bottle of peroxide normally used by her dad to treat her when she's cut to Clementine and asks that she doesn't tell anyone that she helped her.
  • Heading back to the shed, Clementine painfully disinfects her wound with the peroxide before using the needle and some fishing wire to suture her wound shut, only to accidentally drop the roll of rags near the hole in the wall. Reaching down to grab it, she's suddenly attacked by a walker which had been attracted by her cries of pain and grabs her by the foot, breaking its way through the hole in the process.
  • Climbing atop her, the walker attempts to bite Clementine in a similar manner that Sandra had attempted to bite Lee in "A New Day" but is knocked back after Clementine hits it with a brick, before she's able to use a rake to push it back and impale it onto a nearby anchor. Before it is able to pull itself free, Clementine quickly grabs the hammer and begins to bludgeon the walker over the head with it.
  • After briefly arguing among themselves, Clementine's allowed into the cabin with them where her wound's examined and bandaged by Carlos. Carlos then says Clementine should stay away from his daughter, Sarah. Clementine can either apologize, making Carlos say she's forgiven, or say something else making Carlos say the opposite.
  • Luke then comes in immediately after Carlos leaves, and the two make conversation, where Clementine's given the opportunity to confide in him about her past and mention Lee, including the lessons he passed onto her.
  • Nick soon enters the room to apologize to Clementine for his earlier outburst against her, and if prompted it's revealed by Luke that Nick's mother had been previously killed by a bite victim they had allowed into the group.
November 10, 2005 (Morning)

Day 845

  • The following day, Clementine and Pete are seen out in the woods on a fishing trip where Pete talks about Nick's childhood. Nick soon catches up with them and displays annoyance at one particular story being told, though Clementine can attempt to defuse the situation.
  • Arriving at the river, they are met with the sight of several fresh corpses scattered across the banks (one of them notably being Roman) and Pete briefly mentions that an individual referred as Carver may have been responsible for it, and decides to investigate the scene for any clues as to who is responsible for it.
  • Whilst searching, Clementine discovers her backpack next to one of the bodies and suddenly realizes that the body's still alive, and belongs to one of the bandits who had previously attacked her and Christa. Injured and weak, the bandit asks for water and Clementine is given the option of refusing or granting his request, but before she can question him further a number of walkers begin to emerge from the woods on either side.
  • Pete is attacked and bitten on the leg, though he claims that he had merely lost his footing whilst at the same time a number of walkers attack Nick. Clementine's forced between helping either of the two;
  • If she helps Pete, Nick will eventually fight off the walkers but will be seen fleeing into the woods. If she helps Nick then Pete will ultimately be killed by the walkers.

Episode 2: A House Divided

November 10, 2005 (Afternoon)

Day 845 (Continued)

  • If you helped Nick, walkers are heard trying to break in into the shed where Clementine and Nick are hiding inside. Nick will block the door of the shed with a crate, and Clementine will begin to search around. After moving a large piece of plywood she discovers some jars, to which Nick identifies are filled with whiskey. The two spend several hours inside, but Clementine is awoken by Nick throwing the jars at the walls. After a brief conversation and an offer to have a drink, Clementine and, if convinced, Nick, will leave to find the cabin. He will distract walkers so she can escape.
  • If you helped Pete instead of Nick back at the riverbank, the two are catching their breath after finding themselves hiding inside of a small truck. Pete will ask for Clementine to hand him a saw to cut his leg off due to his bite, but he soon decides not to, believing he would just bleed out and Clementine couldn't get him back to the cabin anyway. After several hours, Clementine wakes to find a weakened and dying Pete. After a conversation, Clementine can convince Pete to say goodbye to Nick and go with her, resulting in both of them leaving the truck. If Pete is convinced, he will distract walkers to allow Clementine to escape.
  • After Clementine reaches the cabin, she meets Carlos and Rebecca sitting at the dining room table. They ask where Luke and Alvin are, revealing they left looking for them. After the two gather guns, Carlos asks Clementine to look after Sarah while they're out. When Clementine opens Sarah's door, she will surprise Clementine by taking a picture of her when she opens the door.
  • After a conversation, and having the option to take a picture of her, Sarah will reveal she also found a gun underneath the cabin if Clementine agreed to be friends with her earlier. After pointing it around and determinately being taught how to use it by Clementine, she sees who she thinks is Luke outside approaching the cabin. However, she's quick to realize that it's not Luke but someone else she knows, and is beset by a panic attack.
  • After choosing to open or lock the door, the man will enter the cabin either way and begin to ask Clementine questions. The man snoops around the cabin and asks about the group Clementine is currently staying with, while trying to avoid some of her own questions, and after he believes he sees something, he goes to check it out. He goes up to Sarah's room where she is hiding under the bed, nearly being caught. Before he leaves, the man will discover the photograph of Sarah on the floor, and soon after, the man tells Clementine not to trust the cabin group before leaving.
  • Carlos, Rebecca, Luke, and Alvin (and Nick, if he was not saved by Clementine back at the riverbank) enter from the kitchen entrance where Clementine and Sarah tell them a man had been to the cabin. The group believes it was Carver looking for them. Luke and Carlos tell the group they will have to pack up and leave for the north.
  • Along the way, Rebecca speaks with Clementine, apologizing for her antagonistic behavior, but the group eventually comes across where Clementine was last with Nick/Pete. If Clementine was with Nick, they will find him inside the small shed alive and well. If Clementine was with Pete, the group will find his body, with his stomach torn open and a bullet in his head.

November 15, 2005 (Afternoon)

Day 850

  • Having traveled five days, Clementine and the cabin group are still on their way to safety. The group rests along a wide river while Clementine spies a large lodge and a bridge.
  • Clementine and Luke go to clear the path on the bridge and proceed to kill a few walkers, with Luke nearly falling off into the river. After nearly crossing, the duo comes across a man with a rifle who proceeds to ask questions. The man lowers his guard, believing they are friendly and offers them food, until Nick comes up from far behind believing the man would kill Clementine and Luke. Despite their efforts to stop Nick, he shoots the man in the neck and he falls into the river.
  • The rest of the group crosses the bridge and Alvin will ask for Clementine to search a small house for any food for Rebecca, who insists she is fine. After searching the house, Clementine comes across a hunting knife in which she pries open a chest with canned food in it. Alvin will walk in and ask for the food for Rebecca and to keep the knowledge of said food quiet from everyone else. After the conversation is over, everyone notices a small herd of walkers crossing the bridge and they leave for the large lodge they previously saw.
November 15, 2005 (Evening)

Day 850 (Continued)

  • The group reaches a ski resort and notices it is somewhat reinforced. After Clementine checks the view in case of any followers, she finds some lights flashing near the forest and the bridge, until she notices the group is being confronted by the inhabitants of the lodge. She goes through the group to find Kenny, still alive, along with his new girlfriend Sarita and his friend Walter. The dispute is instantly settled after they see Clementine and Kenny reuniting.
  • After catching up with Kenny, helping Sarita and Sarah hang up some Christmas ornaments, talking to Walter about dinner, and talking with Rebecca about her baby, dinner is served and Clementine will pick if she wants to eat with Kenny's group or the cabin group. The group you choose to sit with will begin to talk about the other, specifically Luke, Nick, and Kenny.
  • Eventually, Luke and Nick will sit at Kenny's table or Kenny will sit at the cabin's table and they will begin to talk and argue. After it's over, Kenny accidentally calls Clementine "Duck" and becomes visibly upset. Walter then asks Clementine if she could help him outside.
  • Walter will begin to speak with Clementine on how he believes the world is still salvageable and speaks of his partner, Matthew. After Kenny joins the duo, they see a woman peering into the resort. They wonder if she is trustworthy, and Walter ends up giving her a large box of food to help feed her "family."
  • Going back inside, Luke tells Clementine that the man on the bridge was Walter's friend, and it would be best for her to not tell. Nick walks up and can discover who the man he killed was if Clementine decides to show him, but Luke takes Nick away to have a drink before telling Clementine to retrieve the knife she found from her backpack, presuming it was Matthew's. When she goes to take it, she finds it missing and that Walter has it and is standing on the porch inspecting it.
  • Walter asks how Matthew died and if Nick is a good man. Nick eventually walks up to them, and Walter begins breaking down, asking Nick to tell him what happened. Walter throws the knife away and the windmill begins to spin rapidly due to the storm, making a loud sound that would lure in walkers.
  • Kenny and Luke go to check on the transformer, which had just blown, as Clementine fixes the windmill with the others covering her. After picking off a few walkers, Nick struggles with one of them. Depending on what you told Walter, he would either save Nick or let him be eaten.
  • After Clementine runs inside, the others hear machine-gun fire as a small group walks out from the woods and finishes off the walkers with assault rifles. This group consists of the man who entered the cabin, the woman looking into the resort, and two other men, Johnny and Troy. The man is identified as Carver by Carlos, who the former begins to beat. Sarah runs outside to protect her father from harm, and Carver orders the group to go inside where he puts everyone on the ground ready for execution. Alvin, Clementine, and Rebecca speak of what they should do.
  • If Clementine chooses to surrender, she and Alvin will be sat down. Kenny snipes one of the men and as a result, Carver instantly takes Walter and executes him, saying it was for his man. He then asks Kenny to stop firing otherwise Carver would kill another member of the group. After Kenny fires another shot but misses, Carver picks up Alvin and speaks of someone named George that Alvin had apparently killed.
  • If Clementine tells Kenny to surrender or if she runs to protect Alvin, he will be spared and Kenny gives himself up. However, if she is silent or tells Carver to stop, Kenny will fire at Carver and hit him in the shoulder, where he gets back up and shoots Alvin in the head, killing him. He will then threaten to kill Clementine or Sarita in which Kenny turns himself in.
  • Afterwards, Luke is still not present and Carver assumes he ran to save himself. He then orders his remaining people to take the survivors "home", the group is taken by Carver, and his men, back to where they're 'supposed' to be.

Episode 3: In Harm's Way

November 16, 2005 (Afternoon)

Day 851

  • The group stops on the way to Carver's camp so that Sarah and Clementine can go to the bathroom.
  • The group arrives at Carver's camp and are forced out of the truck by Troy and Tavia.
  • The group meets Reggie, a man who helped them escape originally.

November 16, 2005 (Night)

Day 851 (Continued)

  • Kenny and Clementine look around for a way to escape. Troy catches Clementine doing so and Reggie is scolded. The group goes to sleep.
November 17, 2005 (Morning)

Day 852

  • The group is put to work. Clementine and Bonnie are reloading magazines and she apologizes for getting Walter killed and gives Clementine a Sweater.
  • Clementine is brought by Tavia to work with Reggie and Sarah in the greenhouse. Carver kills Reggie minutes later for not doing as he was told.
  • Clementine tells Bonnie what happened, where she does not believe its true, and tries to justify Carver murdering Reggie as an accident. She has Clementine bring Kenny and Mike some nails.
  • Entering the room to give the nails, she breaks up a fight between Kenny and Mike. All of a sudden, several walkers break in and they defend themselves.
  • On her way back to see Bonnie, Clementine is forced into a room by Luke, who was previously thought to have abandoned the group. He details a plan to Clementine on how to save the group and escape.
  • Clementine goes to talk to Carver in his office. He tries to tell her why he is doing what he is doing. Depending on if Alvin survived the previous episode, Clementine will see him severely beaten on a chair in the office.
November 17, 2005 (Night)

Day 852 (Continued)

  • The group is deciding on a plan to escape the compound. They decide to steal a radio, to which Clementine is then hoisted up to the roof by Mike and Jane. Clementine enters the stock room which is being guarded by Tavia. She steals two radios and escapes. She reenters the area with the other group members and they all go to sleep.
November 18, 2005 (Morning)

Day 853

  • Carver allows the group to sleep in, according to Tavia. The latter then splits them up for different jobs. Bonnie takes Clementine away to make sure she is alright. Clementine then tells Bonnie what is going on, and Bonnie allows Clementine to bring the radio to Luke.
  • Entering the comic book store in the extension, she does not find Luke. Troy finds her in there and brings her back to the main area. Luke is on the ground having his vitals checked by Carlos, with a bruised up face, clearly having been found and beat by Carver. Carver finds out about the other radio and Kenny tries to cover it up to avoid Clementine getting into trouble. Carver then brutally beats Kenny with the radio and leaves. Bonnie tells the others that she will help them escape.
November 18, 2005 (Night)

Day 853 (Continued)

  • That night, the group decides to continue their plan. Clementine is lifted by Mike to the roof with the hoist, and she enters Carver's office. She turns on the PA system and plays a buildingwide advertisment C-D that can be heard in the parking lot, attracting walkers. Depending on if Alvin is alive, he will now appear at Carver's desk searching, to where he finds a gun. He buys Clementine time, and is killed by Carver's men.
  • Clementine opens a skylight to find the group being held hostage by Carver. Clementine then attacks Carver by either jumping on him or shooting his ear off, to where Kenny punches him and Luke grabs his gun. The group members then grab their weapons. Rebecca tells Luke to kill Carver, but he refuses. Kenny then shoots Carver in both of his knees and he falls to the ground. Kenny and Rebecca, as well as Clementine if she stays behind, stay in the room, and watch as Kenny brutally beats Carver in the head with a crowbar.
  • The group all arrive outside from here, and prepare to escape. They rub walker blood and guts all over themselves at the suggestion from Jane. Then, Troy comes out of the store attempting to foil the escape, but is shot in the testicles by Jane, and his screaming is used to draw walkers. While walking through the herd, Carlos is shot in the neck by one of Tavia's men on the roof, to where he is then ripped apart by Walkers. Screaming, Sarah draws several walkers to her attention, and Bonnie, Clementine and Sarita go to help. Sarah runs off, and Sarita is bit by a walker, so Clementine saves her either hacking her arm off, or killing the walker.

Episode 4: Amid The Ruins

November 18, 2005 (Night)

Day 853 (Continued)

  • The episode starts in the exact moment where it ends in the previous one: Sarita's arm falls to the ground, but her screams alerts the other walkers to come attack her, forcing Clementine to euthanize her or forcing Kenny to leave her to reanimate as a walker. (Determinant) Alternatively, Sarita will be free from the walker, but she will freeze to see the bite in her hand, Clementine can try to calm her down, but Sarita doesn't react. Kenny and Mike see her bite, but Kenny insists she will be fine and they escape together from the herd. (Determinant)
  • Nick is shot when he and Luke are trying to get Sarah. (Determinant)
  • Howe's Hardware is visually swarmed, and lost to the walkers.
  • The remaining members of the group fleeing from the herd, scattered. Clementine found herself with Rebecca, and Jane. Jane uses a walker as their 'cow-catcher', as they push themselves out from the herd into the woods.

November 19, 2005 (Morning)

Day 854

  • Clementine, Jane, and Rebecca are walking in the woods. Rebecca is concerned about many things, one of those things is the fate of her friends. After resting up for a bit due to Rebecca being seemingly aching by the kick of her unborn, Rebecca and Jane argue about what will happen to her baby, and the fate of Jane's sister, Jaime. Jane left the two, as the two followed her from behind. They reached the meeting up point.
  • Bonnie, Mike, and Kenny (and Sarita determinately), are the first three to reach the Parker's Run. Bonnie says that she was afraid no one else made it out from the herd. The group is concerned about Kenny's metal state, as Kenny is facing the death of his girlfriend.
  • Kenny blames Clementine for what happened to Sarita.
  • Clementine and Jane leave the Parker's Run, to search for Luke, Sarah, and Nick (Determinant). Jane tells Clementine about her sister, Jaime, as she teaches Clementine some survival tips.
  • Clementine, and Jane then found the zombified Nick, caught on the fence, with his neck seemingly got bitten before he dies. Jane allows Clementine to kill Nick, saying that he was her friend. After killing the zombified Nick, the two continue to save Luke and Sarah, who are trapped in one of the houses on the RV Park.
  • They managed to get to the house, find Luke who has injured his ribs, and Sarah who is in a state of shock and denial over her father's death. Luke explains to Clementine and Jane that its been hours since he and Nick found her and try to convince her to come with them, but he cannot snap her out of it. Clementine tries to convince Sarah, as some walkers break the door, forcing Luke, Jane, and Clementine to whether to leave Sarah to die or not.
  • Sarah got devoured by the oncoming walkers as Luke pulls Clementine and Jane out from the house she is in through the sunroof. The rest then went back to Parker's Run, and meet the others. (Determinant)
  • Clementine managed to convince Sarah to come with her, by slapping her hard. (Determinant).
  • On the way back to the Parker's Run. Luke tells the girls about his guilt on not doing anything to save Sarah, but Jane berates that there's nothing he could do in that situation. Jane then tell the two stories about how her sister died. Luke, and Clementine are shocked upon learning the truth that Jane left Jaime to die.
  • Upon meeting Luke, Clementine, and Jane on the Parker's Run. Rebecca is saddened by the deaths of those who have died prior-escaping Howe's Hardware. Bonnie asks Clementine to talk to Kenny, on helping the situation out there, because it has been a while since he decided to take some time alone in his tent.
  • Sarita is shown to be killed by Kenny in order to stop the reanimation process. (Determinant)
  • Clementine managed to convince Kenny to get out from the tent, and helps Rebecca on what to do in order to deliver the baby safely. Kenny says that they need a safe shelter, clean water, and a towel in order to do so. Bonnie says that she and Mike could check out the Museum nearby, while Jane is searching for the Observation Deck, Luke guarding the perimeter, and Kenny taking care of Rebecca. Clementine has an option to either go with Jane first, or go with Bonnie and Mike first.
  • Clementine will search for the Observation Deck with Jane, try to open the locked gift shop, upon doing so, they noticed someone coming towards them, a guy named Arvo. Jane took his gun, and the two then find out that Arvo has a serious stash of meds. Jane pursues Clementine to take the medicines, because the meds could be a great help for Rebecca when she delivers the baby. Arvo tries to convince the two that the medicines were meant for her sick sister, but Jane doesn't buy it.
  • Clementine took the meds from Arvo, Jane then tell Arvo not to come back, Arvo warns the two that they will regret what they did to him. (Determinant)
  • Clementine refused to go along with Jane's plan of taking the meds from Arvo, Arvo is thankful towards Clementine. Jane warns Arvo not to come back. Arvo understands, and leaves. (Determinant)
  • While Jane is still trying to open the gift shop, Clementine encounters Luke on her way back to where Kenny and Rebecca are. Clementine has an option to tell Luke about the robbery and Arvo. Either choice, Luke would be telling Clementine what he thinks about Jane and Kenny. After the conversation, Luke would check on Jane, while Clementine goes back with the others on Parker's Run.
  • Clementine reaches the Museum where Bonnie, and Mike went. Upon reaching there, they found the museum to be sacked, and broken. Despite the condition of the building, Mike says that he doesn't want them to go back empty handed. Searching the museum, Clementine finds a confederate coat for Rebecca, and bottled water for Rebecca. A walker almost got Bonnie/Clementine, but Mike saved them from being bitten. Before they leave the place, they almost caught a raccoon, but it got away. The three then leave the museum, and back to where the others are.
  • Just as Bonnie, Mike, and Clementine reached the Parker's Run. Rebecca is having birth, alerting the walkers around the Park to them. Kenny orders the others to get Rebecca to where the Observation Deck is, while he kills one walker before backing up, and meet up with the others on the observation deck. Mike wonders where Luke is when they need him the most. Clementine found Luke and Jane having sex. Luke tries to explain what Clementine just saw, before he notices the walkers and Rebecca about to give birth. Luke then apologizes.Wwhile Rebecca is pushing hard in order to deliver her baby, the rest of the group is trying to hold the walkers from getting to the Observation Deck, killing all the walkers they could, and use a canon as the barricade for the gate. Without their notice, the canon is too heavy for the corroded deck to support. The deck collapses.
  • Luke catches Jane in time before she falls, while Sarah got pinned down below. Clementine has an option to ask Jane to help Sarah or not, but either choice, Sarah would be eaten alive, as her group watches in horror. (Determinant)
  • Though the majority of the deck has collapsed, the walkers are able to crawl up. Luke orders the group to drop the whole deck down. Clementine uses her axe to cut the metal wire. The group succeeded on dropping the deck.
  • After surviving the walkers attack, the group are delighted by the birth of Alvin Jr..
November 19, 2005 (Afternoon)

Day 854 (Continued)

  • The group rest up, as Clementine and Rebecca talk about who is the father of the baby. Despite her earlier saying about the baby might be Carver's, Rebecca says that the baby is Alvin's. Clementine has an option to comfort the baby, and Kenny would take over the baby, and let Rebecca to rest.
  • Clementine caught Jane about to leave. Jane tells Clementine that she ought to leave, because she doesn't want to see what happened to Jaime, and Sarah, happen to her too. Before leaving, Jane offers Clementine a nail file that she and Clementine found together. She has an option to accept it or not. Either way, Jane leaves the group. Luke then check up on Clementine, telling Clementine that he thought she would be asleep by now, just right before he knows that Jane is leaving the group. Luke is pissed off, as Kenny tells Luke to calm down. The two the argue, Luke admits that he fucked up, but he needs something to enjoy, because he sees everything is fucked up. Kenny chooses not to argue furthermore with Luke, and brings the baby back to Rebecca. the group then discuss about whether they should leave right away to the city nearby, or wait for a few days.
November 20/21, 2005 (Morning)

Day 855 or Day 856

  • The group leaves the Observation Deck with Rebecca visually sick, and tired. Luke, and Kenny argue about the baby, telling Kenny that he has been weird about the baby since the baby was born. Kenny tells the group that he's just trying to help. After the abrupt ending of the arguments, Arvo is seen far ahead, walking towards them. The group is aware of his arrival. Arvo says that he needs some help, he needs some bandages, just right before his Russian group ambushes Clementine's group. The tension escalates as Arvo tells Clementine and her remaining group that he and his group will take what they have because what Clementine and Jane did to him. The two groups ended up aiming their guns at each other, and argue at one each other. The baby cries, Clementine notices that Rebecca has died from hypothermia, exhaustion and blood loss, and turned into a walker. Concerning about the baby's safety, Clementine/Kenny shoots Rebecca in the head. The death of Rebecca stunned Luke, and the others, just right before the two groups start shooting at each other.

Episode 5: No Going Back

November 20/21, 2005 (Morning)

Day 855 or Day 856 (Continued)

  • Hearing the gunshots from far ahead, Jane is well aware of what might be happening. She decides to go back and help Clementine's group.
  • The group and the Russians are having a gunfight. Clementine is covering herself on the ground, looking to her surroundings, realizing that the gunfight is ensuing, Clementine caught Rebecca's son on the ground, unprotected. While Clementine is crawling towards the baby, she was almost shot, and stops for a moment, as Luke tells her to go near him, behind the stone walls. Clementine has an option to either go to Luke, and take cover with him, or take the risk, and go for the baby first. Either way, Luke would be shot on the leg by Vitali, paralyzed his leg.
  • Buricko is shot in the head by Kenny, as he was about to shoot Luke to death with his shotgun. Kenny is still hiding behind a tree, protecting himself from the bullets that Vitali shoots at him, realizing Arvo is now helpess, and unprotected, Kenny rushes to Arvo whom trying to bring his 'dead' sister to life, as Kenny grabs him, and use him as a bait to stop Vitali shooting at his group. Vitali refuses, saying to Kenny that he will kill every single man from Kenny's group. Unbeknownst to the others, Natasha reanimates and forces Clementine to shoot her in the head, killing her once again, much to Arvo's despair. Arvo freed himself from Kenny, and Vitali sees this as a chance to shoot Kenny, but Kenny immediately ducks down. Just as Vitali is about to shoot the now helpless Kenny, Jane stabs Vitali on the back of his head, killing him slowly, just right before Kenny shoots Vitali on his head, ending his suffering.
  • Once the gunfight is over, Clementine can say to Jane that she is glad she returns or not. Either choice, Jane would tell Clementine that what she did to Vitali shocked her, because she never killed anyone that did not harm her before, she tried to tell herself that Vitali was a walker, but it doesn't help much. After the conversation, the two join the others, mourning the death of Rebecca. Luke says to Clementine/Kenny that it's not their fault for killing Rebecca, saying that she just lost so much blood to begin with. Bonnie then promises to Rebecca that they'll look after for the baby together, just as Kenny grabs the mourning Arvo, and punches him several times before Mike and Luke berate them two, protecting Arvo from Kenny. Kenny holds a gunpoint to the three of them, telling Luke and Mike to get out of the way. Arvo then tells the group that he knows a place for them to find some food. Bonnie, and the others see this as a chance of surviving the winter, while Kenny keeps telling the others Arvo needs to be killed. In the end, Kenny calms himself down after Bonnie tells him that they need to think about the baby before themselves, and getting to the place that Arvo mentioned can be a real huge help of keeping the baby alive. Kenny eventually agrees, and tell Bonnie to tie Arvo up. The group moves on from the site, Mike is helping Luke to walk, as Jane and Clementine talk behind them. Jane tells Clementine about Kenny, telling her that he's in a dark place, and it is only Clem who can pull Kenny from that place. Clementine can say she will do the best she can about Kenny.
  • The group is now entering the woods. Luke fell, and Bonnie tells the group to stop. The group stops. As the group is resting, Kenny pushes Arvo to the ground, and tells him to stay put. Mike is furious over what Kenny is doing to Arvo, and tells him to stop. Mike then tells Bonnie about what he thinks of Kenny's doing to Arvo, and tells her that he wants to talk Kenny some sense about what he is doing. Bonnie agrees, and asks Mike to hold AJ with him as she aids Luke's wound, along with Clementine. While doing so, Bonnie asks Luke what is it with the guys always trying to prove who is the alpha male. Luke tells Bonnie that he isn't one of 'those guys', but Bonnie disagrees, hinting him to the situation back at Howe's, mainly the disagreement between him and Carver at how they should run things there. Luke agrees, and says that he should work on it then. Bonnie then leave Luke to Clementine, tells Clementine to keep presurring Luke's wound, because she needs to take some bandages.
  • As Bonnie walks away, Luke apologizes to Bonnie for unknown reasons, when Bonnie asks what for, Luke doesn't say anything, leaving Bonnie in question. In Bonnie's absence, Luke tells Clementine about his partial guilt that he feels towards the death of his friends, asking to himself why is he still alive. Clementine can say that it's not his fault, to which Luke would reply that he knows it's not his fault, not all of it. Bonnie returns with a bandage, wraps the bandage around Luke's leg, as Luke mentions Jane succeeded on toning down the debate between Mike, and Kenny. Bonnie then tells Clementine to go over Kenny, and change his bandage, since Bonnie feels and knows it needs to be changed. Bonnie offered to do that, but Kenny refuses, to which Bonnie would take as Kenny is not comfortable for her doing so.
  • Clementine then goes to where Kenny is sitting with AJ. Kenny tells Clementine that he named the baby AJ, as in Alvin Jr. Clementine can say she likes it, and that that's what his parents would want. As Clementine cleans the wound, Kenny explains to Clementine how he feels about the baby, saying he can not forgive himself to what happened to Alvin, because he feels he is the one who's responsible for it. After Clementine cleans and rebandaged the wound, the group goes back on track to the place that Arvo mentioned and promised.
November 20/21, 2005 (Afternoon)

Day 855 or Day 856 (Continued)

  • The group is still moving, but once the group reaches a power station that stands in the woods, the group decides to rest up there for the night. Kenny and Jane secure the perimeter of the area, as Clementine takes watch over AJ. After calming him from his crying, Bonnie takes AJ.
November 20/21, 2005 (Night)

Day 855 or Day 856 (Continued)

  • The group is resting on the power station, all opened with only the fences that separate them from what might be there on the outside. While talking around the campfire, Luke mentions that it's his 27th birthday. The group members congratulate him, as Luke tells them the story of him being in an Art History major, and how he kept his 'old man' happy. After the conversation is briefly done, Bonnie tells the group of how Jane surprises her. She thought Jane left the group for good, but she returned and that surprised her the most. After realizing that Luke and Jane had sexual intercourse a day back then, Bonnie tells the group maybe Luke is the reason Jane returned to the group. Luke is unsure about that, and while saying so, Clementine has an option to say to Luke that she would return for him, to which Luke would be flattered, and says that he would return for her too. Mike remarks Luke is a regular cassanova, Bonnie then grudgingly reveals that she and Luke had a relationship before. Luke smiles, as Bonnie says it was a drink talk. Luke makes his toast, saying that he hopes they would meet up again with the loved ones that died someday. What Luke says reminds Kenny about what he wants, and his family, which makes Kenny decide to alienate himself with baby AJ, telling the group he will watch the area while the others are resting. The group thanks him for doing so.
  • Bonnie then tells Clementine to go and talk to Jane and ask her to join them around the campfire. Clementine goes to talk to Jane and gives her a bottle of Rum that Bonnie offered. Jane talks with Clementine, telling her the story of hers when she was young, she said that she was about to die, and had to be rushed to the hospital after she ate glasses. Clementine is shocked upon hearing that. Jane then will offer Clem some Rum, to which she can accept to drink it or not. After that short conversation, Jane decides to re-join the group, walking awkwardly towards where Luke, Mike, and Bonnie are. Realizing Jane is walking towards them, Bonnie offers her to sit right next to Luke, but Jane refuses, and sits near Mike instead. Jane caught Clementine smiling at her from far ahead, and she smiles back at her.
  • Clementine walks towards Kenny, who is trying to calm baby AJ down by kissing his head. Kenny is aware Clementine is standing near by, and sits besides him, telling Clementine that he just needs some air, but Clementine says air is everywhere, and there's no need to alienate himself from the group. After saying that, Kenny apologizes to Clementine for what he said to her regarding what happened to Sarita. Clemetine could either blame her for what happened to Sarita, or says to Kenny that he hurt her. Either way, Kenny would say that he mises his family, and swears he won't make the same mistakes he did to Duck whe he was alive, to AJ. Clementine just stays quiet. Clementine is freezing, Kenny realizes that, and tells her to come back. If Clementine managed to convince Kenny to join her and the group. Kenny will come with Clementine, while if Clementine did not manage to convince him, Kenny will stay in the same spot. Just as Clementine walks towards the fire, Clementine overhears Jane saying there was no time for kissing when she had sex with Luke, to which Luke admitted awkwardly. Bonnie tells the group to stay quiet and not bring the conversation again when Clementine is around. After the conversation falls quiet, Mike stands up, and offers Arvo the bottle of Rum, but Arvo refuses and yells at Mike to leave him alone while crying. if Kenny wasn't convinced to re-join the group around the campfire, Kenny would beat Arvo until he knocks him out. After this chain of events, Bonnie tells the group to rest up because they don't know how long the walk is gonna be tomorrow.
November 22/23, 2005 (Morning)

Day 856 or Day 857

  • The group continues their journey to the place that Arvo promised. Along the way, Clementine is seeing the transformers as she keeps on walking. Mike concerns about Luke and asks him whether he is able to walk on himself. Luke tells Mike that he can walk by himself, and tells Mike not to worry, because he will tell him if he went a little cranky. The group then stands by a frozen lake, and Arvo tells the group the place he promised is on the other side of the lake. When the group debates about whether or not it's safe to cross the lake, Arvo reassures them that it is safe. Arvo leads the group, with Luke falling behind. Clementine constantly checks on Luke, to which Luke would reply that everything will be okay, as he walks.
  • Realizing this could be his chance to escape, Arvo runs away, making Kenny to run for him. The rest of the group yells to Kenny not to hurt him. Arvo almost falls to his death from a cracked hole of the lake, but Kenny pulls him out. Kenny, Arvo, Mike, and AJ are the ones who reached the other side first. Bonnie, and Clementine then realizing Luke is trapped on a cracked surface of the ice. Bonnie, panicking, tells Clementine to save Luke, while Luke tells both of them that the ice is already thin enought to support his own weight. If Clementine chooses to help Luke for herself, Luke and Clementine will fall into the lake. As Clementine is about to get pounced by a drowning walker, Luke pulls the walker away from Clementine, thus saving Clementine's life. As Luke tries to swim back to the surface, the walker holds Luke's leg and drags him into the abyss, Clementine then sees him get swallowed by the dark parts of the lake. (Determinant) Jane saves Clementine by pulling her out from the freezing water, then carries her away from the lake with Bonnie visually saddened running behind them towards the house where the rest are.
  • If Clementine chose to cover for Luke, Bonnie will be the one who tries to get to Luke, panicked, them both fall to the freezing water. Luke would be then seen trying to break the ice that trapped him beneath--Clementine will have an option to break the ice, thus making her fall into the water, and discovers Luke is already dead because of the lack of oxygen. Jane would be the one who saves her, and carries her to the house. (Determinant) There's also a chance Bonnie get killed, if you didn't do anything when Clementine discovers Luke beneath the ice, Bonnie will also drown to her death.
  • Jane lights the fire with her matches or the nail file if Clementine accepts it back in "Amid The Ruins". Clementine can tell he group that it was her fault Luke get killed, she could've stayed with him. Either way, Kenny will beat Arvo to the ground, as Arvo repeatedly insult Kenny. Mike berates the two, Bonnie (Determinately) blames Kenny for everything that has happened. After Arvo is getting tied up by Kenny, Clementine sits by the fire, and sleeps away.
November 22/23, 2005 (Night)

Day 856 or Day 857 (Continued)

  • Clementine wakes up, seeing Jane sitting right next to her, giving her some food from the can foods that they found there. Arvo wasn't lying. As Clementine eats the food, Jane tells Clementine that she can not believe Luke is gone. Clementine can either tell her to move on or to reminds her Luke cared about her too, or telling her that Luke was a great guy. Either choice, Kenny would come in, and ask for Clem's help on fixing the truck outside, Jane says she will stay and watch for the baby, to which Kenny seems to not like. Meanwhile, Mike says to Arvo that he would clean his wounds, and as he walks away from Arvo, he murmurs that he is sick tired of Kenny's attitude.
  • Clementine walks out from the house with Kenny, walks towards the truck, and helps Kenny with it. As they're fixing the truck, Kenny says to Clementine that they need to keep moving to Wellington, for AJ. Clementine can either agree on Kenny, or says it is not the best thing to do. The truck cannot be fixed, and Kenny tells Clementine to go back to the house to check up on AJ, because he doesn't trust Jane with him. Clementine obeys, and meet with Bonnie as she walks towards the house. If Clementine tried to save Luke back on the frozen lake, Bonnie will offer Clementine a smoke, which Clementine can accept or refuse based on the player's decision. After that, Bonnie tells Clementine that she feels bad when they first met back at the lodge and reminds Clementine about what she said when she met her the first time. After the conversation, Bonnie asks Clementine about what she thinks about the people, and what's the thing she regrets the most. After Clementine answers those questions, Bonnie says she needs to go pee, before walking away into the woods. (Determinant)
  • Meanwhile, if you chose to cover Luke back on the frozen lake. Bonnie will ask Clementine what does she want. Clementine will answer, but Bonnie will start blaming Luke's death to her, before walking away into the forest. (Determinant)
  • Clementine back into the house, and joins Jane who is sitting by the window, observing Kenny fixing the truck. Clementine sits by, and Jane starts telling Clementine that Kenny is about to snap. Clementine could either agree on her or disagree, saying Kenny is going to be okay. Jane then tells Clementine what she endured during the first days of the outbreak, she was with a group down near DC, when a guy got trapped on a crosswalk, had to let 4 people die to save the guy, before finding out the guy himself already got bit. AJ then cries, Clementine nurtures him, and he stops. Clementine can offer AJ to Jane, to which Jane would try to refuse, but Clementine gives him to her anyway. After introducing herself to AJ, he pukes on her, before Clementine takes him away. The truck is fixed, much to Clementine's excitement. Clementine joins Bonnie, Jane, Mike, and Kenny, discussing where to go with the truck. Jane says they should go back to Howe's, while Kenny keeps saying they need to find Wellington. Mike tries to convince Kenny and the group to bring Arvo, while Bonnie stays quiet, visually still overwhelmed with Luke's sudden death. After the debate, Kenny alienates himself in the truck, while Jane returns back into the home. Bonnie, and Mike follows her afterwards, before leaving, Mike tells Clementine to talk some sense into Kenny, for his own sake.
  • Clementine talks to Kenny, she has an option to tell him that everyone is afraid of him. Later on the conversation, Kenny will tell Clementine that he wishes Lee was there, and asks Clementine what would Lee say if he was in their current situation. Clementine will say that Lee would say to keep moving on. Kenny agrees, then tells Clementine to take some rest, because tomorrow is gonna be a hard long journey. Clementine rests up, before being woken up by something outside. When she checks what's outside, she caught Mike, Arvo, and Bonnie trying to leave with the truck, and all of their supplies. Mike tells Clementine to calm down, and to give her gun to him. After Clementine doubts herself, she gives him the gun to Mike, only to be shot by Arvo on her shoulder. Clementine falls, blood pouring out from her wound. If you chose to save Luke yourself back on the frozen lake, Bonnie will say how sorry she is for what happened, adding that is not how she wanted it to be. Kenny would be heard yelling for Clementine, as Bonnie, Mike, and Arvo run away into the woods, and Clementine falls unconscious.
  • Clementine dreams of meeting Lee, inside the RV where Duck is bitten, and Lilly was held hostage (Determinant). Lee says to Clem that she's just having a bad dream, but somehow Clementine knows she is not, and tells Lee she knows Duck is gonna die. After that Lee asks Clementine what does she think about his decision of whether left Lilly behind or took her with them after what she did to Carley/Doug. Clementine will be given 4 options, to which none of them gives an answer of yes. Clementine will then say to Lee that she is scared, Lee asks Clementine what does she want him to say to make her better, again, this part is determinate by the player--either choice, Clementine will drift to sleep on Lee's arms.
November 23/24, 2005 (Morning)

Day 857 or Day 858

  • Clementine wakes up, finding herself to be in a car, with Kenny driving the vehicle, and Jane taking care of AJ. Jane tells Kenny that Clementine has woken up, and Kenny will tell how concerned they were after she got shot. the group will express their anger towards the 'seemingly' betrayal of Bonnie and Mike to side up with Arvo. Jane and Kenny then argue about how they should be going. Jane sticks to her plan of going back to Howe's, because she is skeptical about Wellington, while Keny sticks to the plan of going to Wellington, because he thinks it is the best chance for AJ. The arguments escalates quickly when Jane picks Kenny's family, saying that everyone is afraid of him, pointing, Sarita, Bonnie, Mike, herself, and Clementine. Kenny flips, before he turned the wheel when he notices the road ahead is blocked by abandoned vehicles. Clementine can offer to go with Kenny, but Kenny will leave her behind, thus making her stay nonetheless of player's choice with Jane, and leave Kenny when the walkers ambush them. Clementine drives the car, and accidentaly hits a walker--which went through the window and still alive, forcing the girls to get out from the car. Clementine got separated from Jane, and surviving on her own in a blizzard for some time, before meeting up with Kenny in a rest area, to which they would discover AJ is not with Jane when she reaches them. This snaps Kenny out from his sanity. Jane and Kenny fight, forcing Clementine to berates the two by either letting Kenny kill her, or shoot Kenny on the chest. Either choice, AJ will be heard crying, and to be discovered by Clementine and her companion inside of a car.
  • If Clementine is with Jane, Jane will explain to Clementine why she hid AJ the first time, it's because she wants Clementine to be convinced into coming with her, thus making Kenny as crazy as possible for Clementine to see that Kenny is none other than a liability, and a time bomb that would explode anytime soon... like he was back there. Clementine will be given two choices, to which she would forgive Jane and moves on with her, or left Jane alone, and be a lone wolf.
  • If Clementine is with Kenny after killing Jane, Clementine has an option to shoot Kenny in the head, thus killing him. But if Clementine decides to let Kenny live, Clementine and Kenny will discover Jane did not kill AJ. upon realizing what Jane planned, the two agrees that Jane was unstable. The same as if you saved Jane instead of letting Kenny kill her, you will be given two options. Stay with Kenny, or leave alone. If Clementine chooses to stay with Kenny, the two will hug each other, after Kenny says that everything he had done was for Clem, and that he won't hurt Clementine ever. But if you chose to let Clementine be alone with baby AJ, Kenny will agree on Clementine that AJ will have much bigger chance on survival with Clementine alone rather than with him, because he doesn't trust himself anymore to take care the two of them.

Season 2 Endings (Day 857 or Day 858 Continued)

Returns to Howe's Hardware

November 23/24, 2005 (Afternoon)

  • Clementine will return to Howe's Hardware with Jane and AJ. They discover what remains of Carver after the beating from Kenny from In Harm's Way. If Clementine chose to stay and watch Kenny kill Carver, Jane will ask how she was able to watch what Kenny did to Carver. Clementine has an option to say she's glad to watch it, or tells Jane to keep going. After checking out the greenhouse and finding that it's in a good state, Jane remarks that they might stay at Howe's for a while. The two then noticed a group of three is assisting each of them as they walk towards the building. Clementine and Jane confront them and ask what they want. The group consists of family with one child, who introduce themselves, their names are Randy, Patricia, and Gill. They ask Clementine and Jane whether the building is theirs or not. Clementine has an option to say yes, which Randy will reply that he and his family can help rebuild the community. Jane gives some doubts to Clementine about who those people might be, and the food is already too low to be spared for them. Patricia and Randy keep pleading for their life to be let inside the building and join them. Clementine is given a choice to whether let them join you or tell them to go away.
  • If you let them join you, Clementine will say to Randy and his family to walk towards the door around the building, as Jane and Clementine walk to the door Clementine mentioned to Randy and his family. Clementine has an option to say to Jane that they can start something there, and they will make it better. The family enters the building, Patricia hugs Jane and says thank you. Jane warmly hugs her back and says "of course." as Randy looks around the room. Gill walks towards Clementine and says "Cool hat." to which Clementine would reply "Yeah, thanks."
  • If you tell them to go away, Randy will threaten Clementine that they could be dangerous, forcing Clementine to rethink her decision of not letting them in. Clementine will threaten them back, saying "What if I am." and points her gun at them. The group then leave, with Gill continually looking at Clementine. Jane thanks Clementine for making them leave, as Clementine tells her that if they are indeed from a dangerous group, and will attack based on what they decide for them, they will be ready.
Reaches Wellington

November 23/24, 2005 (Afternoon)

  • Clementine, Kenny, and AJ are walking on a hill, to which they would climb up after they saw a smoke far ahead. Kenny says he wishes the smoke is from a fireplace with some food, because they all are hungry, Clementine asks to take baby AJ from him, and let Kenny to rest his arms a little, but Kenny refuses and dares Clementine to race to the top of the hill instead. They race, laughing. Kenny wins, Clementine isn't happy about it stating that Kenny cheated, playfully, before they both realized they have reached Wellington. Kenny, and Clementine immediately walk towards the big tall gate, Kenny says everything will be fine. A gunshot is heard, that's Edith from the top of the gate, telling them to stop, and throw away all of their weapons. Kenny tells Clementine to throw her gun away, and Clementine does so. Edith then lets the two to walk towards the gate, as they reached the gate. Clementine has an option to ask Edith about Christa, to which Edith will reply she doesn't think anyone named Christa is in her community. After the short conversation, Edith brings out the bad news for both Kenny and Clementine. Giving them two bag of supplies, she tells the two that her community isn't accepting new members for the time being because of the community being already full enough. It is also mentioned that Edith has been rejecting many families and groups before Clementine and Kenny reached there. Kenny then pleads to them to take only the children, because they won't have a chance to survive out there. Edith is slightly convinced and asks Kenny to let her ask her group about it. Meanwhile, Clementine is asking Kenny why is he doing that. Kenny answers that it is for her own and AJ's good. Edith returns, and tell the two that her group will allow Clementine and the baby join them, but not Kenny. Kenny is visually glad, and says goodbye to Clementine. Clementine will be given two options of whether she stays at Wellington with AJ, or sticks with Kenny.
  • If you stay at Wellington, Kenny will part his goodbyes to Clementine, gives her his hat, and made Clementine promise that she would give the hat to AJ once he grows up, and tells Clementine to not forget tell AJ about his father, and mother, and the people who protected him, and died trying to keep him safe, and alive. Clementine promises it, and the two depart. Kenny says he won't be looking back, because he doesn't want to change his mind about leaving Clementine and AJ all alone in Wellington. Edith tells Kenny that he can return in some months, and hoping they have a spot for him inside. Kenny asks Edith to take care of them for him.
  • If you chose to be with Kenny and leave with him, Kenny will say to Clementine how stubborn she is. Clementine will jokingly reply she wonders who she got that from. The two then take the bags of supplies Edith gave to them, and leave Wellington together.
Alone with AJ

November 23/24, 2005 (Afternoon)

  • Clementine is walking alone with AJ on her hand in a large field with a herd of walkers infront of them. Clementine notices a paralyzed walker on the ground, and uses its guts to cover herself and AJ from the walkers that she and AJ are about to walk through. As she finishes smearing the guts to both hers and AJ's, she continues to walk towards the herd, with the hatchet Luke gave to her on her hand.

Day 898 / Day 899

Day 898 / Day 899 (Approximately) - "Between No Going Back ans Ties That Bind - Part 1" (Determinant)

January 2nd / January 3rd

Returns to Howe's Hardware
  • Jane and Clementine will discuss AJ having a middle name. Jane hangs herself after her pregnancy test comes back positive.

Between Day 867 / Day 1257

Between Day 867 and Day 1257 (Approximately) - "Between No Going Back ans Ties That Bind - Part 1" (Determinant)

Between December 2nd, 2005 and December 27th, 2006

Go With Kenny
  • Kenny is devoured by walkers after being crippled in a car crash.
Alone with AJ
  • Clementine temporarily leaves AJ in a car so she can hunt without any distractions, however a group of walkers arrive and in an attempt to get them away from AJ, Clementine gets her ring finger crippled in the car's door and later has to remove it.
  • Clementine and AJ take refuge in an old shack in the middle of nowhere to avoid a group of walkers, shortly after, a woman will unsuccessfully attempt to unlock the door and will get in regardless of weather Clementine helps or not (Determinant) she introduces herself as Ava and invites Clementine and AJ to her group: The New Frontier which Clementine can accept or reject (Determinant) however she will join anyway for AJ's benefit.

Day 1257

Day 1257 - Before "Ties That Bind - Part 1" February 25th,2007 (Approximately)
Day 1257

February 25th


  • AJ is taken away from Clementine by The New Frontier.
  • Ava visits Clementine with a bag of supplies and informs her that they still care, she then gives Clementine directions to Prescott and a bag of supplies to help her out.

Day 1317

'Day 1317 - "Ties That Bind - Part 1" February 26th, 2007 (Approximately)
Day 1317 February 26th, 2007


  • Javier and Kate García are tracking a herd of Muertos
  • Javier, Kate, Gabriel, and Mariana arrive at a Junkyard, where they are eventually separated
  • Javier meets thirteen year old Clementine, after being separated from his family
  • Clementine and Javier arrive at a town called Prescott and spend the night to wait out the herd, meeting a man named Tripp and doctor Eleanor

Day 1318

Day 1318


27th, 2007


  • Javier, Clem and Eleanor or Tripp (Determinate) arrive at the Junkyard
  • Javier is reunited with his family. However, they are shot at by a group of people. Mariana is killed.
  • Kate is shot

Day 1318 February 28th, 2007


  • Javier and his remaining family members arrive at Prescott.
  • Eleanor works on treating Kate's wound.
  • A group called The New Frontier attacks Prescott, killing many people
  • Javier, Gabriel, Kate, Clementine, Tripp, Eleanor, and Conrad, manage to escape town and decide to head to a place called Richmond

Day 1319

Day 1319

March 1st, 2007


  • The group is forced to stop due to cars blocking their pathway. Javier and Tripp manage to clear the way, allow Kate and Eleanor to proceed forward, but a herd of walkers shows up, forcing the others to the roof.
  • They meet a man named Jesus, who informs them about a train tunnel that should lead to Richmond.
  • They go through the tunnel and learn Clementine was once a member of The New Frontier.
  • The group arrives at Richmond (With or without Clementine)
  • David García, Javier's brother is revealed to be a leader of The New Frontier
  • David brings Kate and Gabriel into town, as Kate is in need of a doctor. The others are taken to quarantine where Tripp is reunited with Eleanor. While the others wait in quarantine, David shows up and allows Javier to leave quarantine.
  • David tells Javier that Gabriel has informed him about what happened to Mariana.
  • After Javier visits Kate in the Richmond hospital, David takes him to meet the other leaders, Clint and Joan.
  • Javier is told he's welcome to stay, however Max enters upon Clint's calling. Max claims that Javier had stole from them. Clint gets upset and decides they should leave and after hearing about the "bad blood" between Javier, and The New Frontier soldiers, Joan agrees that Javier and the rest of his group should leave.
Day 1319

March 1st, 2007


  • David packs a bag, which Ava delivers to Javier and the group is sent on their way. Eleanor, Kate, and Gabriel remain in Richmond.
  • After checking the bag, Javier finds a bat with a map tied to it and some other weapons. The group decides to go north, towards an area David has marked on the map.
  • Once the group meets up, David informs Clementine that AJ is still alive.

Day 1320

Day 1320

March 2nd, 2007


  • Javier and David discuss a plan to form allies in Richmond, after hearing about Joan's betrayal.
  • Upon reaching Richmond, the group splits up to sneak inside.
  • Javier reunites with Gabe and Kate,while David seeks out help from Ava.
  • After being confronted, Joan admits to raiding other communities. However, everyone turns against Javier and David.
  • David and Javier are locked up. Joan demands to speak to David, leaving Javier alone. Javier searches for a way out and eventually escapes with Gabe's help.
  • Gabe explains that Eleanor found a place to hideout and the two head there.
  • Eleanor informs the others of a large herd, approaching town.
Day 1320

March 2nd, 2007


  • Javier, Gabe, and Ava come up with a plan to steal guns from the town armory.
  • They sneak into the armory and manage to get the weapons.
  • Javier gets injured during a fight and Ava suggest that he allows Doctor Lingard to treat the wound.
  • Javier reluctantly agrees and heads to the medical facility while Gabe and Ava keep watch. In there he finds Clementine, who is searching for something.
  • Clementine offers to stitch his wound since Lingard is passed out. She mentions how she once stitched her own arm up.
  • A moment passes and the girl groans in pain, then explains to Javier that she's bleeding, asking him why.
  • After stitching the wound, Clementine and Javier speak to Lingard, who request that they kill him, in exchange for info on where AJ is.
  • The group heads back to the house, where the others are.
  • They discuss a plan to get rid of Joan and then get out of town.

Ava suggest a truck, which they used to use for walker defense.

  • After finding the truck and starting the engine, they wait until the next morning to proceed with the plan.

Day 1321

Day 1321

March 3rd,2007


  • Javier and Kate wait for Ava to call on the walkie talkie.
  • Gabe teaches Clementine to play Euchre
  • Ava calls on the radio and tells Javier to come to the square, as Joan is planning to hang David.
  • Kate stays behind in the truck.
  • They arrive at the square where a crowd has formed, Joan is giving a speech, and David has a noose around his neck.
  • Joan calls Javier up, revealing that Eleanor tipped her off about their plan.
  • Tripp and Ava are both capture and one will be executed.
  • A shootout soon starts among the crowd.
  • Kate speeds through in the truck, but it crashes as a bomb is thrown inside.
  • Kate manages to escape.
Day 1321

March 3rd,2007


  • With walkers all over town the group does what they can to save the city.

Day 1324

Day 1324

March 6th, 2007


  • Upon request, Javier cuts Clementine's hair.
  • Clementine bids Javier and the surviving group members goodbye and heads on her journey to find AJ.


  • Many groups in Virginia find themselves at war.
  • Clementine finally reunites with AJ after a long search.
  • Clementine and AJ begin a journey to find a home