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"Everything I have done, everything I've built... was so that nothing like what happened to me would ever happen to you. (...) I thought not knowing would protect you, the same way I thought Lawton would. The ugliness of this would, I tried to turn you away from it. To give you a different world to see. But what that took, that was ugly. I just saw it as work, as what I had to do. I've always loved you. I have always loved you, and I think I've found a way to give you a second chance that you deserve in the place you deserve, but you have to want it. You're gonna have to work for it, do you hear me?"
—Virginia to Dakota.[src]

Virginia, commonly referred to as Ginny, is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. She is the former leader of the Pioneers, as well as their headquarters in Lawton, Oklahoma, and is the mother of Dakota. Following the revelation of her actions, she is executed by June Dorie in revenge for Dakota murdering her husband. She served as the primary antagonist for the second half of Season 5 and the first half of Season 6.


Virginia is the intelligent, cunning, manipulative, and ruthless leader of the Pioneers. Virginia can be described as a well-intentioned extremist. She often resorts to murderous and brutal methods to get what she wants, including torture. She has Logan's entire crew killed after they outlive their usefulness and hires a bounty hunter to kill Morgan. However, she does seem to greatly care for her community, especially her daughter, Dakota. She has stated that her actions were done to help keep everyone alive.

Overtime, Virginia is shown to become more and more unhinged and desperate when threats arise, such as the Doomsday Cult and Morgan. When Dakota is with Morgan's group, she threatens to kill Grace if Dakota is not returned. When it is revealed that Virginia was covering up Dakota's murder of Cameron, many of her rangers defect and betray her. After being captured, she is shown to be genuinely impressed by Morgan's community. At first, Virginia is banished with her daughter Dakota and is allowed to leave. However, ultimately Dakota's murder of John would lead to Virginia's death at the hands of June.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Virginia's life prior to or as the outbreak began, other than she was an efficiency expert that was hired to assess what was redundant in a company and eliminate jobs that weren't necessary. She comes from a corporate climate where there is a clear chain of command. She also had a daughter named Dakota at a young age, which her parents were ashamed and so pretended to be Dakota's parents while she pretended to be Dakota's sister.


Season 5

"Leave What You Don't"

In a flashback, Virginia and some of her pioneers encounter a grieving Logan on the side of the road. She introduces herself and asks if Logan was the one who was trying to help a young woman, offering their condolences. She says she's been keeping tabs on him and shares his vision. "We can get from yesterday to tomorrow," Virginia says grinning as Logan's expression changes.

In the present, Virginia and her pioneers grow impatient of Logan's efforts to obtain control of the oil rigs and she decides to kill them. She then talks with members of the caravan and reveals she's been watching them and suggests they could all help each other. She can help each one of them in exchange for keeping the oil fields running. They refuse so she orders her people to prepare to kill them. Luciana offers to stay to help them make gas if she lets the rest go. Virginia agrees and tells everyone her offer's still on the table when they want to take it.

"Today and Tomorrow"

Virginia and her pioneers arrive at Paradise Ridge with one of the trucks of the convoy. She and her group then discover Morgan and Althea in a pool, and she sarcastically compliments them on their entrance. Virginia has them taken to an apartment. The next morning, Virginia visits them and introduces herself, explaining she watched their tapes. Morgan asks about Janis and Virginia explains she took off shortly after Tom. She also assures them their friends are fine, except for Logan.

Virginia tells Morgan he should speak to a psychologist on her community about losing his family. Al cuts in and asks if one of her settlements has helicopters, but Virginia asks where she got that crazy idea. Afterward, Virginia escorts them to the gate and hands Morgan his repaired staff as a gift. She reminds them they can always join her group but they ignore her and walk away.

"Channel 5"

In a video montage, Virginia interviews several people who praise her actions of helping those in need. She promises to build something bigger and better, claiming she and her group hold the key to a safer future where they can help each other. "Pick up the walkie, channel 5," she tells the viewers.

Sometime later, as Morgan's group tries to cross a bridge, Virginia drives up and offers to help, explaining she's been following them and can't believe they used extra resources to help Grace. She turns to Dwight and tells him that one of her people broke bread with Sherry a couple of months ago and that he should trust her since he didn't reveal Sherry's name in their tape. Dwight points his gun at her but Morgan talks him down.

Virginia insists what she is doing will keep more people alive and tells Morgan's group they can join her if they want, but no one steps forward. Strand mocks her, which leads Virginia to order her people to shoot their guns in the air so a nearby herd finds them. She reminds them to give her a holler if they need help and drives away.

"End of the Line"

Virginia answers Morgan's radio call and says she is happy to hear from him. She reveals she knew about the site because she tried to help the residents but they rejected her and got killed. Virginia then suggests she'll split them up in her settlements instead and Morgan agrees to let her help them. Unknowingly to them, Virginia also sends a group of horses to assist the group and ensure their survival.

Sometime later, Virginia and her pioneers arrive in a SWAT truck-leading caravan. Morgan asks her to take care of his people and not sacrifice any of them. She reluctantly agrees. That night, the group gets separated and driven away into different settlements. Virginia sends Grace away with a doctor to check on her as she and Morgan confess their mutual feeling, leaving them alone.

Virginia pulls out a revolver and tells Morgan he's staying. "You don't have to do this," Morgan says before swinging his stick at her. He connects with her face but gets shot through the chest in the process. Virginia tosses his staff as he crawls back towards the church. She points the gun at him again only to fire a blank. Virginia then gets a call from the doctor informing her Grace isn't sick, she's just pregnant and malnourished. Morgan tells her she was wrong to say they didn't have a future. She says she hopes he dies before jumping into her jeep and driving away as a small herd approaches the defenseless Morgan.

Season 6

"The End Is the Beginning"

Virginia is first heard on the radio contacting Emile LaRoux. She places a bounty on Morgan, stating that she does not know if he is dead or alive, and is assured by Emile that she will know soon.

Virginia is seen toward the end arriving at a roadblock of corpses. Stepping out of Althea's SWAT vehicle, she approaches the box with Morgan's name labeled on it and opens it, though, to her surprise, she is greeted with Emile's severed head, laughing in reaction. She makes contact with Emile's radio, threatening Morgan by saying she will kill his group one by one if Morgan attempts to make contact with them. She is left shocked when Morgan answers, telling her that he is dead and she is dealing with somebody else now.

"Welcome to the Club"

Virginia is first seen haircut from Daniel and has Strand and Alicia brought to her. They try to greet their friend, but to their shock, he doesn't recognize them. Virginia explains that Daniel was hellbent on getting Skidmark back, and lost his memory in the resulting altercation. Virginia then reprimands Victor for assaulting a ranger, and decrees that they will be assigned to a job that better suits their talents, pulling Alicia's sharpened gun mount out of the drawer. She hands it over to Hill, and warns Victor to not squander another opportunity, before leaving.

Virginia sends Alicia and Strand to a warehouse full of walkers covered in sticky Molasses as a punishment where she tests them. Later, she is seen with her group at the warehouse after being told her sister, Dakota was there. After the sisters are reunited, Victor tells Ginny that the others were acting on his behest, so she should only punish him. Virginia questions why she would do that, since he accomplished his mission and cleared the sugar plant. When Victor points out there was nothing in the plant, Ginny explains that what she wanted wasn't in the plant after all, but was him all along, i.e. a true leader. She congratulates him and the others on a job well done, and exemplifies this as how they survive. She also tells Victor that he just formed them an army. When asked what the army is for, she says that she will reveal it in time. Victor asks how she expects the workers to follow her, since she isn't very popular among them, but Ginny says that is his job, and hands him a key that authorizes him to use his soldiers however he sees fit, but that they need to be ready for when she calls upon them.

"The Key"

Virginia is seen when John secures the scene of Cameron's death, and stops a couple of rangers from removing his corpse. However, she overrules him, not wanting to rile people up. She also believes it to have been an accident, since she is familiar with Cameron's drinking habits. John thinks the death warrants investigation, but Virginia brushes it off, although she comments John for his diligence.

Virginia is visited by John and tells her that he doesn't believe the death was an accident, as the fence is too far from the house and it didn't seem like Cameron was drinking, since the bottle of moonshine he had in his house was full. When Virginia asks who could have pushed Cameron into the fence, John presents the earring he found, deducing that it belongs to the killer. Virginia recounts how, in the first settlement she lived in, a man murdered his friend over a can of tuna. To make an example, the town elders tied the murderer to a stake outside the walls and left him over night with loud music blasting from speakers next to him. Predictably, by morning he was completely devoured by the dead. Virginia asserts that she doesn't want this for Lawton, which John agrees with, but still wants to investigate the death. Virginia allows this, but asks John to keep it quiet, as the people are only as safe as they believe to be. John agrees that making people feel like they're safe is good, but thinks actually keeping them safe is better. Virginia concedes to this, and promises to double the patrols until they can figure it out.

When John is talking to Dakota about Cameron, Virginia cuts her off, who asks her sister to go home. The conversation is interrupted by the shouts of a ranger. When John and the others arrive to the scene, they find Janis being detained and held at gunpoint by Marcus and some other rangers. Marcus explains that they caught Janis trying to sneak out of the settlement. Virginia orders Hill to check Janis' bag. When he empties it, Virginia rummages through the contents and discovers a matching earring to the one John found earlier and orders Janis to be locked up.

Virginia offers John a strawberry sandwich, but he is unable to eat in due to his cavities. She congratulates John on a job well done, as they might have never caught Janis if she didn't take his advice and doubled the patrols. John, however, says that Janis denies the earrings are hers. She is unconvinced, reminding John that Janis tried to run during Cameron's funeral. Ha acknowledges how it looks, but wishes to investigate further, as he didn't even get to inspect the body. Virginia is unmoved, and hypothesizes that John has a personal interest in seeing Janis go free. She reveals that, thanks to Cameron, she knows about the letters John smuggled to June via Janis, and has read every single one of them. Virginia tells him not to worry, however, as the letters prove he is devoted to the Pioneer way of life. Switching topics, John asks what will happen to Janis, but Ginny simply replies that an example will need to be made. She urges John to go home and get some rest, and thinks his father would be proud of the work John has done. Outside, John is greeted by Dakota, but their conversation is interrupted by Virginia, who orders Dakota to get back into the house.

Virginia arrives for a confession, Janis willingly states she killed him and is scheduled to be executed in the morning. Afterwards, when asked why she would falsely admit to it, she tells John that she simply has nobody left to live for. John, in an effort to save Janis, plans to help release her overnight, telling Victor about his plan. However, Victor reveals the plan to Virginia before it can be carried out and Janis' execution is done prematurely. Later, John stand by Virginia as she sings his praises to the people of Lawton. She gives him a key and names him a Ranger. He accepts.

"Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg"

Virginia and her posse chase a woman through the woods. The woman trips and falls. Hill finds spray paint in the woman's backpack and points to a message spray-painted on a nearby tree, "The End is the Beginning". Virginia orders the woman to explain what the message means. The woman realizes that Virginia is scared of the group responsible for the messages. Virginia tells Hill to take the woman to Lawton for interrogation. The woman grabs a gun and shoots herself in the head.

Virginia arrives and orders her men to interrogate survivors about the explosion. June, Lucy and Sarah enter the quarry. Virginia sees a spray-painted message, "The End is the Beginning", and refuses to let anyone leave until she finds out who was responsible. June argues that they need to evacuate all the victims to give them medical attention. A walker attacks June. Virginia shoots the walker and finds nails taped to the walker's fingers. She vows to find out who put the nails on the walker's fingers.

Virginia tells June that she's wasting resources by treating a patient who is probably mortally wounded. June ignores Virginia. Wes screams in pain. June asks Lucy to get sedatives. Virginia refuses to let June sedate him until he's interrogated. June says Wes might die if they don't move him to the truck. Virginia insists on questioning him and reveals that Hill and Marcus found spray paint in Wes' bunk.

Virginia asks Wes how long he's been with the rebel group. Wes insists he only uses the spray paint for art and does not know what she's talking about. Virginia shoves her finger in his wound. Wes screams but still maintains that he knows nothing. June injects Wes with sedatives, angering Virginia. June opens the truck and finds that a number of the quarry victims have already died, turned and eaten other patients. Lucy loads Wes onto the truck and leaves the quarry as June and Virginia kill the walkers. Virginia ushers June inside a building as a well explodes. Virginia wakes up and finds a walker on top of her. The walker bites Virginia as she fights it off.

Someone radios Virginia and says they're trying to get back into the quarry. Virginia spots an axe and douses alcohol on her wound to amputate her hand. June grabs the axe before Virginia can get it. Virginia asks June to chop off her hand to prevent the infection from spreading, but June refuses. Virginia tackles June. June holds the axe to Virginia's neck and keeps it there as she radios Lucy with instructions to remove shrapnel from Wes' stomach. Virginia tells June that she's just trying to protect everyone from a dangerous group of rebels, then asks what June wants from her. Virginia insists that everything she does is for Dakota. June hacks off Virginia's hand.

Virginia wakes up and finds her amputated arm cauterized with hot metal. June tells Virginia that there is something she wants in exchange for helping Virginia. John digs through the rubble and rescues them. Virginia rests in a car and asks Hill to radio Dakota so that she can hear Dakota's voice. Lucy and Sarah ask June why she saved Virginia's life. June says that Virginia agreed to give her a hospital and that she also agreed to assign Wendell to the hospital.

"Damage From the Inside"

In Lawton, Strand tells Virginia that Dakota is with Alicia, Charlie and Morgan. He declares allegiance to Virginia. Virginia takes Strand to a secret room. Grace sits on a bed, still pregnant. Virginia tells Strand that she wants to hunt down everyone from his group.

"The Door"

Virginia calls Morgan, but he ignores her radio call and only picks up when he hears Grace's voice. Virginia threatens to kill Grace and all of Morgan's friends at Lawton if he does not return Dakota. She has Daniel, Grace, Sarah, Luciana, June, and Wes rounded up by the rangers and held in the Lawton town jail as bargaining chips for Virginia as she attempts to get her sister back.

Morgan radios Virginia and tells her to meet him at the general store. He also tells her about John's cabin to prevent John from going back. Virginia arrives at John's cabin with June and Hill. Morgan radios Virginia and explains that John is floating toward the cabin after Dakota shot him. He offers to talk with Virginia only after she finds John and helps him.

"Things Left to Do"

Following John's murder, the heartbroken June digs a grave for her husband outside of his cabin while Virginia desperately attempts to contact Morgan on the radio. After finishing, a crying June looks at John's blood on her hands and rolls John's body into the grave. June notices that John's remaining gun has fallen out of his holster and takes it and contemplates shooting Virginia, but is stopped by Hill who takes the gun. June demands to know why Dakota killed John, reminding Virginia that June had saved her life and that it's the only reason that Virginia is still breathing and John isn't. Virginia claims not to know why Dakota killed John, but June doesn't buy it. Virginia silently walks away and June fills in John's grave.

Virginia, June and Hill arrive at Lawton with her rangers as several caravan survivors are lined up outside in the street. She attempts to get the survivors to reveal Dakota and Morgan's locations, but she is unsuccessful as no one knows anything. Growing increasingly desperate, she calls Morgan over the radio and gets ready to execute Grace when he appears on a horse. He begins to reveal the truth about her protecting Dakota over Cameron's murder, prompting her to go around in a panic attempting to convince each of her rangers to listen to her and ignore Morgan. She orders Victor that his time has come and he needs to execute Daniel to prove his allegiance and bring the situation under control. Instead, Victor turns on Virginia and a number of her rangers defect. Having lost her army and seemingly overwhelmed, Virginia attempts to shoot Victor but is shot in the shoulder instead. A gunfight ensues as Victor's rangers fire against Virginia's loyalists, including Hill. She manages to take Grace hostage and Hill grabs Daniel hostage and the pair back their way to a station wagon where Hill is ordered to take the captives to a rendezvous. Before Virginia and another ranger can escape, Morgan kills the ranger and takes an injured Virginia captive, choosing to drive away in a car with her instead of handing her over to Victor.

Virginia is taken by Morgan to the fallen water tower that he once prepared as a hideout and maternity ward for Grace. As she is interrogated by Morgan, she breaks down and reveals that she is actually Dakota's mother, not her sister, and is very upset to read the note Dakota left for Morgan. She begs Morgan to take her to Dakota and that she needs to talk to her one last time. Morgan takes the high road and agrees, going as far as to save her life when Sherry and the Outcasts arrive in the SWAT van. She is amazed to see the dam wall and comments that Morgan really has been at work lately. She is in awe as she enters through the dam wall and sees the gardens and a village being built by a few dozen survivors. While Virginia is excited to see Rachel and her newborn baby, Rachel is angry and declares that Virginia should not be there. As Morgan, Alicia, and Dwight discuss what should be done with Virginia and Dakota, Althea radios in that Victor and a group of Lawton residents have arrived along with the SWAT van of Outcasts. It is decided that Virginia would be executed in front of the three communities as a means of ending her reign of brutality on everyone. However, Morgan has a change of heart and brings Virginia back into the dam community, much to the anger of Victor, Sherry, and their followers. Ultimately, the survivors decide to banish Virginia and Dakota and they prepare for them to take a back exit out of the basin to find home elsewhere. However, June executes Virginia before she can be reunited with Dakota and freed from her captivity.


Killed By

Enraged by the murder of her husband and blaming Virginia as the reason for John's death, June shoots her in the head with the same gun that Dakota killed John with, killing Virginia.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Virginia has killed:


Morgan Jones

Due to their differing ideologies and methods, Morgan and Virginia are mortal enemies with Virginia recognizing Morgan as a threat to her power and Morgan seeing Virginia as a threat to the peaceful life that he wants to build for himself and his friends. However, Virginia is shown to possess a degree of respect for Morgan and his skills as a leader and a fighter and to fear him to a degree. Despite being enemies, when in situations where they are not actively trying to fight each other such as in "Today and Tomorrow" and "Things Left to Do", Morgan and Virginia have shown the ability to share amicable and almost friendly conversations with each other, a rare thing for enemies to be able to accomplish.

During their first real meeting in "Today and Tomorrow", Virginia attempts to peacefully convince Morgan to join with her and is obviously frustrated by his refusal. However, in an apparent genuine gesture of kindness, Virginia has Morgan's broken staff repaired for him before letting Morgan and Al go.

Throughout "Channel 5" and "End of the Line", Virginia works to undermine Morgan and The Caravan's work and to bring them under her control. Upon facing off with Morgan directly, Virginia tries to kill him due to knowing the threat that he poses to her power, wounding Morgan in the shoulder but failing to kill him with a second shot. Rather than trying to finish Morgan off, Virginia expresses a hope that he dies, but states that its not the point anymore before leaving. As revealed in "Things Left to Do", Virginia spared Morgan because a small part of Morgan and what he was doing actually reminded Virginia of herself.

In "The End Is the Beginning", Virginia sends Emile LaRoux to kill Morgan, only to have Morgan take out the bounty hunter. Virginia threatens to kill all of Morgan's friends if he reveals his survival, but Morgan warns her that "Morgan Jones is dead. And you are dealing with somebody else now," visibly worrying her. Subsequently, Morgan spends the first half of season 6 working to hunt down and kill Virginia. Although Virginia keeps his friends as collateral, including a hidden Grace, she doesn't mistreat them and even keeps the imprisoned Grace safe.

In "Things Left to Do", Virginia threatens to execute several of Morgan's friends to draw him out, only to have Morgan reveal her coverup of Cameron's murder. With Hill taking Daniel and Grace as hostages, Morgan is forced to take Virginia with him and protect her from her own people and the Outcasts. While on the run with Morgan, the two have an amicable discussion about their rivalry, acting almost friendly towards each other when they are in a setting where they are not outright enemies. Virginia allows Morgan to speak to Grace and although she reveals their location to Hill, Virginia simply tells him to stay put rather than trying something more drastic. Morgan becomes the first person that Virginia tells the truth to about Dakota being her daughter and Morgan questions if she is trying to manipulate him as she knows that Morgan himself was a father, but she insists that she is telling the truth and Morgan believes her.

After being taken to Valley Town, Virginia is visibly astonished and impressed with what Morgan has accomplished. Surrounded by enemies who want her dead, Virginia chooses Morgan to be her executioner as she knows that he at least will make her death quick. Morgan chooses to spare Virginia as Dakota needs her and instead banishes her, leaving Virginia genuinely grateful to him and understanding her position with Morgan and his people.


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  • Virginia and her group are the first antagonists on Fear The Walking Dead to kill another group of antagonists, namely Logan and his crew.
  • Virginia and her group are the first antagonists of Fear The Walking Dead to succeed more than half of a season as primary antagonists.
  • Virginia is currently the only primary antagonist to die before the secondary antagonist in Fear The Walking Dead.
  • Virginia is the first main antagonist in the entire franchise to survive a zombie bite through amputation.
  • In "Things Left to Do", Virginia is visibly confused by Morgan's mention of Isaac and he has to clarify who he means, suggesting that Virginia has no idea who Isaac was. However, she instantly recognizes Isaac's wife Rachel shortly thereafter and vice versa.
    • It's possible that she simply didn't understand who Isaac was supposed to be until Morgan identified him as one of her former Rangers and only then made the connection.
  • Virginia's death is ironic, as she was saved and killed by the same person, June Dorie.
    • She is also the first living character that June has killed.

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