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The Viskocil Public Library is a location in Season 6 of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is the home of a small community of survivors.


Before the apocalypse, this location was a public library in a small town in rural Virginia.


Sometime after the outbreak, the Library became the home of a small group of survivors. At some point, they were subjugated by the Saviors, who forced them to make tributes of supplies. Eventually, one of them decided to fight back, but Simon, second-in-command of the Saviors, had him hanged and left to turn as an example. This only encouraged his comrades to keep resisting, so Simon ordered his soldiers to wipe them out, though one man managed to escape.

Season 6

"Last Day on Earth"

Simon and his thugs pursue the sole survivor through the woods and eventually catch him. They beat him and hang him to serve as a threat to another group.

Carol Peletier and Morgan Jones spend the night at the library before moving on.



  • At least 5 unnamed people


TV Series

Season 6


  • The library was named in honor of the late special effects artist Joe Viskocil, who worked with series special effects creator and the episode's director Gregory Nicotero in the past.
  • Seeing as Negan typically opposes the mass killing of communities while Simon doesn't, it's possible that Negan was unaware of the massacre of the library community, and it was discreetly ordered by Simon.