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Wal-Mart is a location that appears in the Here's Negan.




Here's Negan

More time then passes as Negan sits by a campfire with two other strangers who recall how their father told them that he would hold off the walkers for them and they left him thinking he would find another way out but say how they can still hear his screams. One of the strangers is then shown to be getting bit from behind while the other one watches in shock. Negan and the remaining girl are shown to be by a Walmart when she reveals to Negan that she was bit. Negan gets extremely upset with her about how she let her father and brother die and that because of all her trouble that she was going to die. Negan then explains how he is sick to death of all the people he's encountered as all they ever do is die, Negan then leaves her to die to her wound.