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Wal-Mart is a mega-store located in Woodbury, Georgia.


Woodbury, Georgia

Presumably many people came here and raided the store for supplies as the epidemic occurred. Eventually after the Governor took control of Woodbury, the Woodbury survivors began using the store as a source of food and supplies.


The Road to Woodbury

While scavenging for supplies, a small group of survivors consisting of: Joshua Hamilton, Lilly Caul, Bob Stookey, Megan Lafferty and Scott Moon ran into a group of heavily armed men. After a short confrontation the group's leader, Martínez invited the five of them back to his community at Woodbury, Georgia.

The Governor Special

The Governor and Scott Moon arrive at this location to gather at least twenty-six fish tanks for the Governor's apartment. They killed one biter.

The Best Defense

This Wal-Mart is seen in the distance when Rick Grimes, Glenn and Michonne Hawthorne approach Woodbury.

The Calm Before

After destroying the National Guard Station, Maggie Greene asked to come to this store so they could quickly gather more supplies (notably two baby cribs). However before they leave they are interrupted when Bruce Cooper and three other men cornered them inside the store. After a brief stand-off Glenn is shot, but is uninjured thanks to the protective riot gear and Andrea retaliates by shooting Bruce straight through his neck. Michonne Hawthorne then cuts down two of the soldiers and the last remaining soldier, Sam, is told to surrender. He tries to grab his gun, but Andrea shoots him before he can get a shot off.

Made To Suffer

During the Governor's flashback, he arrives at this store along with Gabe, Rudy and Wes. They find the three mutilated bodies and Bruce Cooper barely alive among them. He tries to tell the Governor that the prison survivors came back but bleeds out and dies. The Governor quickly grabs Gabe's gun and shoots Bruce in the head before he can reanimate. He then orders Gabe, Rudy and Wes to find the prison immediately and drives back to Woodbury alone.




  • None


  • Elmer K. - Decapitated
  • Two unnamed Woodbury soldiers - Killed by Michonne
  • Sam Curtis - Shot in the head by Andrea
  • Bruce Cooper (Alive and Before Reanimation) - Shot in the neck by Andrea; Shot in the head by the Governor
  • At least one zombie
  • Possibly numerous employees, civilians, and later survivors


  • Wal-Mart is one of the few real-world locations.
    • Woodbury's real life counterpart does not have a local Wal-Mart. The nearest Wal-Mart is 15 miles away in Thomaston, Georgia.