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Attention! Please be aware that spoilers are not allowed on the wiki and a violation of this policy may result in a ban. Information (character deaths/fates, screenshots, etc.) from episodes released early on AMC+ may not be added to the wiki until the episode officially airs at 9pm EST on the Sunday it is scheduled for. Thank you.


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Walking Dead Wiki

The Official Spoiler Policy of The Walking Dead wiki is that we do not accept spoilers of any kind, especially relating to unreleased content (including but not limited to the Comic Series, All the TV Shows, Video Games, etc.).

TV Universe Spoilers

This policy covers information and content from unreleased TV Universe episodes, including but not limited to The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, World Beyond, Tales of the Walking Dead, Dead City, Daryl Dixon, and The Ones Who Live.

Adding information (edits, photos, cast/character credits, status updates, etc.) from leaked episodes online or episodes released early via AMC+ still counts as a spoiler as not everyone has access to the episode via these platforms. Episodic information can be added to the wiki once it airs at 9pm EST, on its air date.

At this time the only* early content allowed on the wiki are:

  1. Official promo photos by AMC for episode gallery pages.
*What if a new character is revealed in an official promo photo, a sneak peek video, or an episode promo video, can a page be created for them?
Yes, a page can be created for a named character if their name is revealed in an official promo photo, sneak peek, or episode promo, and a photo of the character can be added to their infobox, but that's it. No other information about the character can be added to the page until the episode premieres.

Sharing With Other Users

Additionally, sharing sneak peeks or promos with other users should be done with extreme caution, as the other user may not authorize being exposed to such content if avoiding spoilers. Be aware that some countries outside the United States are known to share spoilers/spoilery scenes in their promos and/or sneak peeks, so proceed with extreme caution if going to share with another user (with their consent).

When in doubt, ask a wiki administrator about upcoming content and be sure to not include spoilers in your message. Proceed with caution.


Offenders of the spoiler policy will receive either a warning or a block (of any duration) from the admin team at their discretion. Repeat offenders will be permanently blocked.