Unlike admins, staff members are regular users that are recognized by the administration as users with more responsibility than average editors. Staff members are editors with expectations to keep the wiki up to date within their field of abilities and interests.

There are currently two different staff positions:

  • Janitors:
    Keep the Wiki clean by fixing coding errors, spelling and grammar, and keeping the articles on topic.
  • Chat Moderators:
    Regulate and monitor what is said on the Chat feature on the Wiki.

How do I become a registered staff member?

Submit a staff request to the Requests for Staff page. Once a user has been supported by eight votes, an administrator may give them permission to be a staff member and they will have the appropriate template for their position placed on their profile page.

List of staff members


  1. Natalie j
  2. Domitron3
  3. DalesRV

Chat Moderators

Administrative Chat Moderators

  1. Mistertrouble189
  2. Devinthe66
  3. Elfrax
  4. KeepOnKeepingOn
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