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This article is about the Wall of the Lost in the TV Series. You may be looking for the Wall of the Lost in the Comic Series.

The Wall of the Lost, officially known as the Flag for Expedited Assessment and Admittance to the Commonwealth, is a notice board in the Commonwealth Admissions Center. It is used by its residents to post photos of their missing loved ones, whom they hope to be reunited with.


The wall was set up in the detainment center to be used as part of the admission process. If a refugee's name or photo is posted on the wall by a friend or family member searching for them, they are eligible for expedited processing and admission into the Commonwealth.

As Eugene, Yumiko, Juanita, and Ezekiel attempt to escape the detention facility, Juanita spots a photo with Yumiko in it. As Yumiko examines the photo closely, she sees that her brother Tomi is in it with her, and a note accompanying the photo reveals that Tomi is in the Commonwealth and looking for Yumiko.

People Who Posted on the Wall

People Pictured and Mentioned on the Wall

  • Heath[1]
  • Maria
  • Chris Morris
  • Pat
  • Gary
  • Jamie Stewart
  • Frank B.
  • Vera J.
  • Hannah T.
  • Becka T.
  • Miko
  • Baby David
  • Mike
  • Numerous unnamed people


TV Series

Season 11


  • According to the Inside the Walking Dead Season 11 (Part 1) special on AMC+, the photos used on the wall are all of the cast and crew as well as their families and friends.


  1. Although speculative, it's possible this name directly references Heath who vanished and was traded to the Civic Republic Military by the Scavengers for supplies back in Season 7, however such claims remain unconfirmed and the name could simply be an Easter egg.