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Walter is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He served as the primary antagonist of the episode "Truth or Dare".


When Walter is first encountered, he is immediately hostile, holding Hope as hostage, believing her and Huck to be part of the CRM. It's revealed that the CRM had taken everything from him. His brother had turned and bit him in the leg and he is slowly dying from the infection. It becomes apparent that Walter doesn't want to hurt anyone and is just scared and desperate. After some convincing, Walter lets Hope go but holds Huck at gunpoint. Walter believes it is too late for him to be saved, but Huck tells him that they will amputate his leg. In his final moments, Walter begins to break down and asks Huck if she can really save him. Huck tells him she can, but instead shoots him in the head.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Walter's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 1

"Truth or Dare"

Huck notices that Hope has disappeared and, with Hope not answering her calls, Huck draws her gun and begins looking for her friend. Huck finds Walter holding a terrified Hope hostage with a gun to her head and he demands that Huck drop her gun. Huck puts her gun away and advances on Walter, trying to calm him down, but he demands that she stop. Huck agrees and notices a wound on Walter's leg, asking what happened to it. However, Walter refuses to answer, stating that he asks the question and calling Huck one of the people with the helicopters, demanding to know how many more there are. Huck lies that it's just her and Hope and that they are just scavenging, but Walker accuses her of lying since both Hope and Huck have the CRM symbol on their jackets. Huck again asks what happened to Walter's leg and if the dead had taken a bite out of it.

Shaking a terrified and crying Hope, Walter tells her to shut up and that this place is "ours" and that the CRM had come and taken it and they took it back. Huck insists that they didn't take anything and that she's not a part of the CRM. Noting that Walter doesn't look too good, Huck tries to get him to talk about it and, calming down a little bit, Walter tells her that he doesn't know what happened: he woke up and his brother had somehow died and turned and bit him. Walter stabbed him and his brother is now dead in the next room. Huck tells Walter that he won't last much longer with his leg, but when Huck moves towards him again, Walter again threatens to shoot Hope. Huck introduces herself and Hope, stating that they are just passing through and asks for Walter's name. Walter finally introduces himself and Huck promises that she can help him, but first he has to let Hope go. Walter refuses and Huck tells him that Walter didn't let her finish: once Hope is free, he can train his sights on her. Hope protests, but Huck tells Walter that Hope is just a kid and harmless and he should focus on her.

Walter finally releases Hope and trains his gun on Huck who tells him that they now need to talk about how they are going to save him, but Walter believes it to be impossible. However, Huck tells Walter that they can do it and to trust her. Huck tells Walter that she's going to have to take his leg before his infection spreads any further. However, Walter tells Huck that it's been too long and that she shouldn't be there and maybe none of them should be. Walter apologizes, telling Huck that it's not personal, but Huck tells him that if he shoots her, Walter will take his life with that bullet too. Hesitating, Walter asks if Huck can really help him and Huck states that she's seen people survive amputations hours after infection. Walter again accuses Huck of lying, but she insists that she's not.

Huck notices just how much Walter is swaying and soothingly tells him that his gun is getting heavy and that no one would blame him for dropping it. Walter tells Huck that it wasn't supposed to go this way and, having slowly made her way closer to Walter while they were talking, Huck grabs him and disarms Walter, holding him from behind. Huck soothes a crying Walter who asks if she can save him and Huck says that she can save him. Huck shoots Walter in the head, killing him. Horrified, Hope tells Huck that she said that she could save him.

Season 2


Walter briefly appears in a flashback.


Killed By

After she disarms him, Huck shoots Walter in the head, despite promising to help him.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Walter has killed:

  • His brother (Zombified)
  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


World Beyond

Season 1

Season 2


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