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Wang Lankui (Lankui Wang) is a character in The Walking Dead: Typhoon.



Not much is known about Lankui from before the outbreak began except he was an engineer.


At some point after the outbreak, Wang Lankui starts living at the Beacon of Light and becomes a windrunner. He also volunteers for many dangerous and unpleasant jobs which need doing to protect the settlement.


Wangfa and Hengyen discuss who could replace Linnang on their wind team. Wangfa suggests Lankui but Hengyen informs him that he was pulled off wind teams two months ago after they found out he had an engineering degree, he was forced to take a job behind a desk in the purification plant before he could protest. He's the only person who would rather scavenge than work in an office and sleep in a bed every night.

Lankui is one of twelve engineers from the treatment plant and ninety-two men overall who Hengyen leads to stop the typhoon. Lankui is one of four men on Hengyen's personal team performing the most dangerous job of blowing up the small bridge near Wuqiangxizhen village. Lankui steers the rudder on their fishing boat and almost capsizes it a few times as he struggles to navigate around the many crashed sailboats. Hengyen asks Haihong to look after the other engineer, Whiny, who looks ready to panic and flee. Lankui overhears this and jokes about how Whiny should be more scared of the windmaster than the dead. Hengyen asks him how it feels to be out in the field again, he heard he was fighting jiāngshī in the Charred Fields last week. Lankui salutes and explains how he volunteered to maintain the wall's eastern fortification.

Lankui distributes the C-4's to the rest of the team before they all join Hengyen on a jiāngshī infested ferry. After being on the move and fighting for seven hours, only Lankui seems to be eager to continue. They make it to the gravely shore and he promises to do his best to detonate the bridge given two or three hours to prepare the satchels. He informs Hengyen that the detonator only has a range of fifty meters, the resulting explosion could sink half the fleet, or could uncork the bottleneck and sweep everything downstream and the debris field could be huge. He suggests a third option where after the explosives are planted, everybody heads upstream besides one person who stays behind to detonate. Everybody except Whiny offers to lay their life down for the Living Revolution but Hengyen doesn't want to sacrifice anyone. They get to work on the explosives and figure out the rest later.

After the explosives are planted, the team gets roughly fifty meters away from the bridge. Lankui presses the detonator and blows up the bridge, raining shards of debris all around them and capsizing the raft. Lankui surfaces slumped over a wooden board furthest downstream. At mercy of the currents, Hengyen realises he can't reach both engineers and orders Weizhen and Haihong to save Whiny who's the closest, while Lankui still hadn't moved. After saving Whiny, Lankui's body disappears from view either having sunk or drifted too far away.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Lankui has killed:

  • Himself (Caused, Accidental)
  • Numerous counts of zombies


Killed By

After Lankui blew up the bridge with C-4s, the resulting explosion and debris capsized the group's raft sending most of them into the river. Lankui and Whiny were separated from the group and because the latter was closer, Hengyen ordered the group to prioritize saving him. Lankui was then lost to the river and presumed deceased.


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