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This article is about the walker. You may be looking for his Comic Series counterpart. For other pages with the same name, see: Wayne

Wayne Dunlap is a zombified character in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a walker used by Rick Grimes and Glenn Rhee to disguise themselves as walkers.


Atlanta, Georgia

Very little is known about Wayne's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was born in 1979 and had a relative named Rachel. He is also an organ donor.


Season 1


When he died while attempting to be evacuated from the city, Wayne had 28 dollars in his pocket, as well as a picture of a girl named Rachel.

Wayne was part of the herd roaming Atlanta. He and another walker attacked Rick Grimes and Glenn Rhee in an alleyway, but were ambushed and beaten to death with baseball bats by Morales and T-Dog.

Later, in a desperate attempt to escape the department store, Wayne's corpse was dragged inside the store, and gutted and dismembered by Rick and Glenn, but not before Rick looked through the contents of his wallets to show that he used to be a human as well. They used his decomposing innards and blood to camouflage themselves in order to escape the store. Rick said that if he ever found his family he would tell them about Wayne, although it is unknown if he ever did.

Using Wayne's guts, Rick and Glenn managed to get most of the way to a nearby construction site before rain washed the guts off of them. However, it allowed them to get close enough to run the remaining distance and steal a cube van to rescue the others.


Killed By
  • Unknown Cause (Alive)

It is likely Wayne was among the residents killed by walker in Atlanta. He then reanimated.

As Glenn is bringing Rick back to the group, T-Dog comes up with a baseball bat and beats a zombified Wayne.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Wayne has killed:

  • At least 1 survivor (Infected)
  • Possibly a few zombies


TV Series

Season 1


  • Wayne was an organ donor before the outbreak took place.
    • This is ironic as Wayne's organs are then removed and smothered on Rick and Glenn to cover their scent. This may actually be what Glenn meant rather than that Wayne was an actual organ donor.
  • While using Wayne's guts to move through the walkers undetected, Glenn has Wayne's intestines slung around his neck while Rick has Wayne's cut-off hands.