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This article is about the webisode. You may be looking for the Comic Series volume.

"We Find Ourselves" is the sixth and final episode of The Walking Dead: Red Machete. It is the last episode of the web series overall. It premiered on April 9, 2018. It was written by Nick Bernardone and directed by Avi Youabian.


Mandy is camping alone. She looks at the red tape that wraps the machete handle and removes it, and then looks at her name embedded on the grip. Not very far she heard the walkers and looks and proceeds to kill the walkers stabbing them in the head.

Mandy is going back to her house. Upstairs, Mandy looks at the same bed where Alyssa and David were sleeping. She then looks at herself in a mirror: she is a survivor.

A walker tries to bite Mandy but she holds it, and then pushes it back before stabbing it in the head with the machete.

Later, Mandy goes to the gravestones of David and Alyssa, where she leaves her machete stuck into their graves and leaves.

At a later time, an unknown figure approaches the graves, and pulls the machete out of the ground.


  • None


  • Last appearance of Mandy.
  • Last appearance of David. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Alyssa. (Flashback)